He Thought He Saw – Part 38

He Thought He Saw redJordan wants to spend the night in with Brian, because he makes her feel safe. He objects, knowing that her father will be upset if she does. She disagrees, loudly.

“How do you know? You’re not my dad.”

“I’m a guy! That’s how we think. And he’d assume—Oh, never mind. I can’t explain it.”

“If you think I’m staying in that creepy room by myself, you’re totally wrong.”

Brian angrily threw a blanket at her. “Then you can sleep in the chair.”

“Me? Why should I?”

“Because you’re the one who wants you in here.”

“A gentleman would let the lady have the bed.”

Brian pounded the pillows and lay down. “Well, when you see either of those, let me know. Get the lamp, would you?” He turned his back to Jordan and closed his eyes.

The light went out and Jordan pulled the blanket around her. A few minutes later, Brian heard her sniffling. He put the pillow over his head and hunkered down in the bed. He could still hear Jordan. His anger melted and he rolled over. Folding back the blanket, he turned over on his side again. The bed gave a little bounce when Jordan sat down. She curled up on the edge of the bed, pulling the covers to her chin. Neither of them said a word, but Brain could feel her relax and fall asleep.

Brian couldn’t get comfortable. In spite of the fact that it had been a long day, he wasn’t tired. He wanted to sleep, but couldn’t drop off. He felt compelled to get up and do something, but he wasn’t sure what. It felt like someone was calling his name, faraway and faint. He took Jordan’s blanket from the chair and wrapped it around his shoulders as he walked into the living room. His bare feet made no noise as he walked across the scattered area rugs.

The compulsion continued to pull him to the far corner of the room. This was the area the Barretts had for their meditation space. A tall quartz crystal sat on the floor, surrounded by other polished stones and small, carved stone skulls. His hands reached for one of the skulls. He picked it up without consciously intending to. It was a brilliant purple, but he knew it wasn’t amethyst because it wasn’t translucent.

The stone skull resonated in his hand. He could feel a strong vibration from it. He’d seen Jackie hold a skull on her palm as she concentrated on it. Brian did the same, placing it on his outstretched, left palm. The skull vibrated and jumped on his hand. Brian jumped too, nearly dropping the stone skull. His muffled cry of astonishment sounded loud to him. Sitting up straight, he tried again. This time, the stone hummed and vibrated comfortingly.

“He likes you,” Jackie said from across the dimly lit room.

Mrs. Barrett’s voice startled Brian, but at least he didn’t cry out or drop the stone.

Jackie sat across from Brian, smiling. “I never got a reaction from him before. He must have been waiting for you. He likes you.”

“It’s a rock,” Brian said, puzzled. “How does it like anything?”

“That would take too much time to explain. Think of it as a spirit in the stone. He reacts to vibrations and energy in us.”

“Why is he a he?”

Jackie giggled. “Because he is. Some skulls and stones have female energy. This one is decidedly male.”

“Does he have a name?”

“He’s pretty new. He doesn’t have one yet. What do you think his name is?”

Brian held the skull in his hand and gazed into its eyes. A name drifted into his mind. He waited a moment to see if anything else came up. When it didn’t, he glanced at Jackie.

“Lester,” he whispered. “His name is Lester.”

Jackie smiled at Brian. “Welcome, Lester. Did you call us for a reason?”

The stone shivered and Brian thought he saw it glow. A comforting, quiet hum surrounded them.

“Lester is very responsive,” Jackie breathed, smiling.

“Do you just ask questions? Like a Magic Eight Ball?”

Jackie laughed. “Not necessarily. But you can. It just depends. Lester called us both for a reason. Let’s see if we can figure out what he wants to say.” She lit a a stick of incense and put it in a holder. “Sit closer to the mother stone. Hold Lester in your left palm and take my hand with the other.”

“What do I do?”

Jackie smiled, closing her eyes as she took his hand. “Breathe.”

“That’s it?” His eyes widened. “Really?”

“And listen. He wants to tell you something. Clear your mind and be open to it.”

© 2016 Dellani Oakes 

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