He Thought He Saw – Part 33

He Thought He Saw redThey decide to go to the ice cream parlor and meet up with the Louisiana group. They want to discuss what happened with the fire elementals and the ice. Brian also wants to introduce Jordan to the others.

“Good. I want you to meet Jordan and I’ve got a story that’ll turn you white.”

Andre’s laugh was tense. “Man, that only works for a brown skinned boy like me. But I feel ya. We’ll be there soon. I finally gave into the impulse and hopped in the truck forty-five minutes ago. Meet at the same place?”

“No, the Miracle Moon Café on Main Street.”

“You seriously have a Main Street there? Didn’t think it was big enough.”

“Aw, shut up and drive. We’ll see you soon.”

Laughing, the boys hung up. The smile faded from Brian’s face when he thought about the implications of that conversation. Something had prompted Andre to drive up for a visit. Had he sent out a psychic message and not realized it? Forty-five minutes ago, he and Jordan had opened the first of his father’s files and started to read. Could Andre have sensed that somehow? Had the amulet Brian wore projected his fears?

Whatever was the case, they had a more immediate danger facing them. Evil was in Jordan’s home and it was up to them to drive it out. But what could four teenagers do against something like Gavin Deidrich?

On an impulse, he called Chase. His friend answered breathlessly. “Are you okay?”

“For the moment, why?”

“Cause I’m itching all over. Something isn’t right. Are you sure?”

Brian filled him in on Mr. Deidrich.

“I saw that guy around town when Dad and I were at the gun store. He asked us where you were staying. We said we didn’t know—hell, we didn’t. But Old Ms. Hooper said you were at Jordan’s.”

Ms. Hooper was the Casey’s next door neighbor and a terrible, gossiping, busybody.

“Dammit! Thanks for letting me know. Jordan and I are on the way to the café. Can you get here? Andre’s coming from Louisiana.”

“Yeah. Give me a minute. Dad will bring me.”

“Ask if he can stay. Chase—I think Mr. Deidrich drugged our folks. We could sure use an adult right now.”

“After what happened at the fire, my dad’s totally behind you. You and Jordan are his heroes.”

“Thanks, Chase.”

“Anything for a friend.”

At the café, Jordan and Brian ordered hot chocolate. By the time it arrived, so had Chase and his father. Brian rapidly filled them in on what had happened the night before and all about Gavin Deidrich.

“That sounds like the tramp I’ve seen hanging about the last few weeks,” Mr. Finley said. “He stays out in the swamp not far from us. That’s why I give Chase a ride every day. His bus stop is remote and he’s the only one who goes there.”

“I’m kind of worried about tomorrow,” Brian said. “If he’s around and our parents aren’t acting right, what are we gonna do?”

“I’ll come get you,” Cliff Finley said. “And I’ll make it a point not to associate with this Deidrich person. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a few errands to run. Call me when you’re ready to go home. I’ll give you a lift.”

“What if he’s still there?” Jordan asked, her eyes wide with fear.

Mr. Finley pursed his lips, thinking. “I’ll have to study some about that, Jordan. Maybe we can figure a way to get him to cut loose.”

“I doubt that,” Brian said. “But thanks.”

Cliff Finley clapped Brian on the shoulder. “Don’t give up before you start, son.” He nodded and left.

Andre walked in shortly after Mr. Finley left. Ginnifer, dressed all in black, with heavy kohl around her eyes and blood red lipstick, joined him. She gave Jordan a once over with a snooty sniff.

“Who’s the perky one?”

Jordan was dressed in low riding jeans and a clinging, dark pink sweater. Her expression wasn’t exactly perky, unless one compared it to Ginnifer’s morose one.

“Andre, Ginnifer, this is Jordan. She’s had the same things happen to her that we have. She and I fought a fire elemental last night. This is Chase. It happened at his house. And he helped.”

© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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