First Love – Part 63

First Love coverSurprised when the lights go out, the teens quickly regroup and find candles and a flashlight. Half the teens are upstairs with Les, who is resting after a cardiac episode. Maddie, Clayton, Patti and Daniel are downstairs looking for a fuse box. They decide they have to go to the basement.

“Being quiet might be good?” Clayton said.


Maddie stopped him before he moved away. “If this is our last moment before we die—” She crushed him to her, kissing him deeply.

Clayton nearly dropped the lantern. Maddie’s body melded to his, filling in the contours with her soft, feminine parts.

“Promise me,” he gasped afterward. “When this is over, we’ll find a quiet spot and you can fuck me stupid.”

Maddie smirked, shoving him away. “That won’t take long. You’re over halfway there.” Swishing her hips, she sashayed off.

“Smooth,” Daniel mumbled. “Very.”

“Smooth flew out the window with that kiss.”

“Who’s going downstairs?” Daniel asked.

Patti clung to him. “I can’t go into that creepy, spider ridden basement. Not at night. Not in the dark.”

“We’ll be together,” Daniel soothed.

“Have I mentioned an irrational fear of the dark?”

“It’s okay. The dark can’t hurt you.”

“It’s—Irrational!” She shook him off.

“Okay, Clayton. Let’s do this,” Daniel said. “The girls can stay here.”

“No! It’s no better up here!”

“Sorry, dude. You’re on your own.”

“I’ll go,” Maddie whispered.

“We’ll be okay.” Clayton kissed her. “Nothing to be scared of.”

“Sure. Perfectly safe. I’m beyond terrified, but I have a lifetime invested in you.”

They left the lantern with Patti to make her feel better. She and Daniel huddled in corner furthest from the basement steps, between the dishwasher and the stove, the wall at their backs. Maddie let Clayton go first with a flashlight, but kept one hand on his shoulder, the other gripped the railing.

“I think I see it,” Clayton whispered. “Jesus, could they make this any harder to get to?” He examined the box that was nearly eight feet off the floor.

“Maybe there’s a step ladder or something.”

They examined the immediate area, too nervous to move far apart.

“There’s nothing,” Clayton said. “Get on my shoulders.”


“Like water polo. Climb up.” He crouched so she could sit on his shoulders.

Holding the light, Maddie mounted his broad shoulders. He stood slowly, gripping her legs. She was high enough to reach the fuse box if she rose up slightly and leaned well forward.

“This must have been installed by a giant,” she complained. She leaned further, fully extending her body to reach the panel.


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