Meet the Fellicians from Lone Wolf

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

lone wolf frontThe Fellician warriors, nicknamed The Cats – because they are giant, sentient felines– are some of my favorite characters. There are five of them and they have known Wil for many years. He’s often worked with them and enjoys their outrageous conversation and uninhibited actions. He, Marc and Matilda are invited to dinner with them at a quiet and subdued restaurant – or it is until The Cats show up. Caprilla is the leader of The Cats. Escascia, Cavitus, Errollic and Ariella all work for him.

Caprilla looked into Matilda’s face with his clear, blue eyes. “Friend Wil, this is an amazing lady you have here. Were I an evil fellow, I’d fight you for her.” He purred over the last word, his tongue trilling seductively.

“Aw, hell, Cap. It’s not polite to kill your friend before dinner. I guess you’ll just have to leave her with me for…

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