First Love – Part 45

First Love coverFinally confronted, Clayton tells Maddie that he wants to be her first love. He confesses that he loves her.

Madison didn’t know what to say. She loved Clayton—kind of like a crazy cousin or a lunatic brother. He made her feel safe and happy. She knew where she stood with him. They didn’t have secrets, they shared everything. He wanted to take their relationship further and she didn’t know if she could do it. Not because she didn’t love him, but because it was hard for her to make the transition from brother to lover.

Clayton took her face gently in his hands, lowering his mouth to hers. Their lips touched. Maddie sighed. It felt good. Clayton teased her mouth with his, licking her lower lip. The tip of his tongue flickered between her lips. Maddie gasped, opening her mouth further. Clayton took full advantage, deepening the kiss.

Maddie’s arms snaked around his waist. Their chests pressed tightly together as they kissed. A warm tingling started low in her belly, setting her insides on fire. It felt so good to kiss him. At that moment, something inside her clicked. Suddenly, she became aware of her feelings for Clayton and how they had matured and changed over the last few years. She’d never seriously considered having sex with anyone, but the idea of making love to him suddenly held considerable appeal.

They stood in the restroom, kissing and touching for quite some time. Neither of them heard the door open, nor did they see Patti standing there until she cleared her throat. Embarrassed and flustered, they stepped apart. Maddie wasn’t sure what to say. She’d never been this bad before.

“Hi,” Maddie said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Hello,” Patti replied. “I came looking because Craig decided to do a head count and you two were missing. I told him you were probably down here getting ready for bed—alone—in separate rooms. Not together.”

“Not together,” Madison promised. “I’m sorry if we scared anyone.”

“He’s understandably jumpy right now.”

“We’ll be up shortly.”

“I’ll wait here,” Patti said, leaning against the wall with her arms and ankles crossed.

“I’ll get my things,” Maddie said, heading to the women’s restroom across the hall.

“Good idea,” Patti called. She whirled on Clayton. “If you hurt her, so help me god!”

“What hurt? Who’s hurting—define hurting?”

“You’re impossible.”


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