First Love – Part 43

First Love coverThe group decides to give the money they earned for their ski trip, to the church, in order to help them rebuild. Right before they go to bed, they find out that arson is confirmed and that Ramon and his men are suspects.

“Everyone is to stay inside tonight. No going out for any reason. I’ve double checked all the doors and windows,” Craig said. “Jose and I don’t expect trouble, but we aren’t going to risk it. The police are out in force, they called in the sheriff’s department for reinforcements.”

“Are they planning a raid on Ramon’s hangout?” Claire wanted to know.

“I don’t know and I don’t expect they would tell me. He’d surely be expecting that tonight. If I were in charge, I’d wait until he got sloppy. Now, lights out. We’ve had a couple of very exciting days.”

“Wait until we get home and tell everyone,” Richard said, his eyes wide with excitement. “No one will believe us!”

“Of course they will. Everyone will want to come next year,” Beverly said.

“When this gets out, we may not have a trip next year,” Craig pointed out. “Parents aren’t wild about their children being in harm’s way. We may end up leaving early.”

“What? No! You can’t do that,” Daniel protested.

“Not me,” Craig said. “Other parents. I haven’t called anyone yet, and I probably should. Reverend Michaels really should know.”

“Do you think he’ll make us go home early?” Maddie said. She suddenly saw any chance of getting to know Gabe evaporate. She couldn’t believe how much that thought upset her.

“I don’t know, Maddie. We can hope, right? They could use our help clearing away debris. Maybe Reverend Michaels will let us stay.”

“I hope so!”

The others agreed with her. Talking among themselves, they headed to their rooms. Maddie tried once more to get Clayton alone, but he continued to evade her. She knew he had the right to be annoyed, but felt he was carrying things too far. It wasn’t as if she’d really, fully kissed Gabe. She wasn’t dating Clayton, so he had no claim on her. His attitude made her angry. Maddie was brushing her teeth in the downstairs bathroom, when she saw Clayton go into the boy’s restroom. Spitting and rinsing, she went to the men’s restroom and tapped on the door.

“Yeah? What?”

Maddie opened the door a crack. Clayton was shirtless, dressed only in his boxers. He stood in front of the sink, flossing.

“Oh, my God, Maddie!” He grabbed his shirt, holding it in front of him like a shield. “What are you doing in here?”

“We need to talk.”

“Okay, but maybe not when I’m naked?”

“You’re not naked. I can’t see your—” She gestured toward his groin. “Thing,” she concluded lamely.

“God, Maddie. Do you have to look?” He couldn’t meet her eyes.


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