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First Love – Part 21

First Love coverThe mean girls finally get the hint and leave. Patti inadvertently admits that Claire said she’d tell everyone that Patti gave Clayton a blow job unless she lied about Maddie. Clayton tells everyone, in the crudest possible terms, that he and Patti had never been intimate. Angry about his rude comment, Maddie hits him.

“Damn, that hurt! What the hell? How do you know how to punch like that?”

“I have two older brothers who thought their baby sister should know how to defend herself against dweebs and perverts.” She punched him again. “And their friends too.”

“Stop that! I’m sticking up for her!”

“In a totally gross way,” Gabriel said, watching the exchange with amusement. “Could have done without the man juice bit.”

“That was a little over the top,” Clayton agreed. “But I wanted it clear.”

“We got it,” Luis said. “No oral pleasuring transpired. Too bad, though. Cause you’re one hot mama,” he stated honestly.

Patti didn’t know whether to be flattered or disgusted. “Thank you,” she muttered. “But I don’t do any of that. Ever.” That was enough true confessions for one night. She wanted to leave, but wasn’t going to face the girls on her own.

“Me either,” Maddie said, backing up her friend. “And it’s going to stay that way,” she announced, glaring at the men.

They all held up their hands, holding them like Maddie had a gun on them.

“I swear, it hadn’t crossed my mind,” Luis said. “Well, I lied, it did. But only because I’m a guy and that’s all we think about.”

The others nodded, agreeing. Patti and Maddie had to laugh. They looked like bobble heads, their chins bouncing in unison.

“Is that really all you think about?” Patti asked. “I don’t have any brothers to ask.”

“Oh, I never ask my brothers,” Maddie said. “Just like you shouldn’t ask this bunch.”


“Because they’ll tell you,” Maddie stated. “And there are some things better off not knowing.”

“Like the fact I had sex with Beverly?” Daniel said.

Brad punched him. “You had to bring that up again? Are you nuts?”

“Drunk and horny,” Daniel said by way of explanation.

“Wait, you drink? You’re a minister’s kid,” Patti said.

Daniel shrugged. “We’re worse than anyone, just better at hiding it. Don’t suppose you guys can score some party supplies, can you?”

Luis and Gabriel exchanged a glance.

“No, man. I mean, we could, but if my dad found out, he’d beat the hell out of us,” Gabriel replied.

“I get it, man. Mine would, too,” Daniel conceded.

“We have to pretend we can behave,” Gabriel added. “I mean, preacher’s kids got to stick together.”

“You’re Jose’s son?” Maddie grinned. “I didn’t realize. I do see a slight resemblance, especially around the chiseled jawline.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Gabriel said.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes


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