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First Love – Part 21

First Love coverThe mean girls finally get the hint and leave. Patti inadvertently admits that Claire said she’d tell everyone that Patti gave Clayton a blow job unless she lied about Maddie. Clayton tells everyone, in the crudest possible terms, that he and Patti had never been intimate. Angry about his rude comment, Maddie hits him.

“Damn, that hurt! What the hell? How do you know how to punch like that?”

“I have two older brothers who thought their baby sister should know how to defend herself against dweebs and perverts.” She punched him again. “And their friends too.”

“Stop that! I’m sticking up for her!”

“In a totally gross way,” Gabriel said, watching the exchange with amusement. “Could have done without the man juice bit.”

“That was a little over the top,” Clayton agreed. “But I wanted it clear.”

“We got it,” Luis said. “No oral pleasuring transpired. Too bad, though. Cause you’re one hot mama,” he stated honestly.

Patti didn’t know whether to be flattered or disgusted. “Thank you,” she muttered. “But I don’t do any of that. Ever.” That was enough true confessions for one night. She wanted to leave, but wasn’t going to face the girls on her own.

“Me either,” Maddie said, backing up her friend. “And it’s going to stay that way,” she announced, glaring at the men.

They all held up their hands, holding them like Maddie had a gun on them.

“I swear, it hadn’t crossed my mind,” Luis said. “Well, I lied, it did. But only because I’m a guy and that’s all we think about.”

The others nodded, agreeing. Patti and Maddie had to laugh. They looked like bobble heads, their chins bouncing in unison.

“Is that really all you think about?” Patti asked. “I don’t have any brothers to ask.”

“Oh, I never ask my brothers,” Maddie said. “Just like you shouldn’t ask this bunch.”


“Because they’ll tell you,” Maddie stated. “And there are some things better off not knowing.”

“Like the fact I had sex with Beverly?” Daniel said.

Brad punched him. “You had to bring that up again? Are you nuts?”

“Drunk and horny,” Daniel said by way of explanation.

“Wait, you drink? You’re a minister’s kid,” Patti said.

Daniel shrugged. “We’re worse than anyone, just better at hiding it. Don’t suppose you guys can score some party supplies, can you?”

Luis and Gabriel exchanged a glance.

“No, man. I mean, we could, but if my dad found out, he’d beat the hell out of us,” Gabriel replied.

“I get it, man. Mine would, too,” Daniel conceded.

“We have to pretend we can behave,” Gabriel added. “I mean, preacher’s kids got to stick together.”

“You’re Jose’s son?” Maddie grinned. “I didn’t realize. I do see a slight resemblance, especially around the chiseled jawline.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Gabriel said.

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First Love – Part 20

First Love coverAfter dinner, Maddie’s group hangs out with some of the teens from the New Mexico group. They make friends with Gabe and Luis, who are very handsome and friendly. Unfortunately, Jane and Claire think that they are hot and do everything they can to entice the young men. They make it clear, by speaking Spanish to Maddie, that they want nothing to do with the girls. Clayton joins in, surprising everyone further, with the fact that he, too, knows Spanish and is fluent. Maddie gets angry with him when he insinuates that he and Beverly might have had sex.

“You haven’t! You didn’t!” Maddie was disgusted with Clayton for having sex with Beverly. “I just lost all respect for you, Clayton Ash.”

“No, no, no. Guys exaggerate,” he assured her. “Nothing that interesting. Little second base, that’s it, I swear.”

“It’s really rude to talk in a language not everyone understands,” Jane said stiffly. “You’re going to make it seem like you’re talking about us.”

Luis couldn’t control his laugh. It burst from him loudly and convulsively. Sputtering, he leaned over while Gabriel whacked him on the back.

“Oh, you mean like how I feel every time you start talking about your stupid Job’s Daughters stuff,” Patti said. “You know I quit. But you talk about it anyway.”

“It’s not stupid! It’s sacred,” Claire protested loudly.

“My dad says Masons are a cult,” Patti continued. “And all that crap, all those rituals, they’re wrong. They aren’t sacred at all.”

“If it’s so awful, why were you in?” Claire tried to sound superior.

“Because I thought it would be fun and interesting,” Patti replied. “But I didn’t know I’d have to be around such obnoxious bitches as you.”

“What? We were nice to you!” Beverly said weakly.

“Nice? You call talking about me and laughing behind my back nice? I don’t need your kind of nice. It feels so good to tell you all to stuff it.”

“Come on, girls,” Claire said. “It’s obvious this riffraff don’t deserve to hang around us.” She got up with forced bravado. Tossing her hair, she tried to hop gracefully from the back of the pickup, but lost her balance, tipping to one side as she landed.

The others followed her reluctantly, not wanting to leave the boys behind. Claire insisted, walking into the fellowship hall as quickly as she could.

“She’s gonna pee in your shampoo,” Clayton said as he watched them walk away. “Or whatever it is evil bitches from hell do to get even.”

“Put condoms in your purse,” Maddie said.

“Or threaten to tell people you gave someone a blow job,” Patti added, not thinking of her audience.

The men all perked up with that announcement.

“Do tell,” Brad said quickly. “Who was the lucky guy?”

“There wasn’t one. She was going to lie and say I gave one to Cl—” She snapped her lips shut, but it was too late.

“Wow, Clay—way to go, dude!” Brad and Clayton did a complicated handshake.

“Wish I could say we had,” Clayton said kindly. “Cause I’m sure it would have been great. But no. Patti hasn’t sucked my man juice.”

Maddie, who was closer, punched him—hard. He rubbed his arm, protesting loudly.

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Red River Radio What’s Write for Me – January 27, 2016 Hebby, Marsha and Whit

red river radio logoWednesday, January 27 Dellani and Christina are delighted to welcome back Marsha Capser Cook, author of I Wish I was a Brownie, Virginia Templeton Stories, Snack Attack and many more. They also are pleased to have Whit McClendon, author of Mage’s Burden back for another visit. New to the show is romance author, Hebby Roman, author of Princess and the Templar, Tempt Fortune, Summer Dreams, among others. 

Show starts at 4:00 PM Eastern time (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST) Link below will take you to the show, or the podcast if you can’t join us live.

Welcome to all three wonderful authors. We’re going to have a great time!

Please note times will be a bit different on this show, due to authors’ schedules.

Whit McClendon will be on 4:00 to 4:40 Eastern (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST)

Hebby Roman will be on 4:40 to 5:20 Eastern (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST)

Marsha Casper Cook will be on 5:20 to 6:00 Eastern (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST)

WW4Me-Jan27_2016 This is the transcript for the show so you can read the comments made in chat while the show was going on.

What’s Write for Me January 27, 2016

First Love – Part 19

First Love coverMaddie intercedes with Claire and the church ladies, telling her what different foods are. She speaks in Spanish with the ladies, surprising Clayton and her other friends, who had no idea she spoke Spanish.

After dinner was done and cleared away, the teenagers were allowed to do what they liked until bedtime. Some of the local youth group members came by and they sat around talking, drinking sodas in the back of pickup trucks in the parking lot.

“You don’t want to go outside the church grounds,” Jose cautioned. “This isn’t like back home. The area not far from here is dangerous. There are drug dealers and all kinds of bad people around.”

“You’re just trying to scare us so we’ll stay put,” Jane said, nose in the air.

“I’m telling you because I don’t want you hurt or killed,” Jose said. “These people don’t care where you’re from or who you are. They see you in their territory, you’ll be a victim. Simple as that.”

“You heard the man,” Craig said. “No one goes off church grounds. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” they agreed.

Maddie noticed that Claire didn’t agree. She pointedly ignored the warning. She was far more interested in a couple of the local boys. Gabriel was a swarthy blend of Indian and Mexican. His black hair was straight and thick, hanging to his waist. He was average height and had a lean, muscular build. He was very handsome and his eyes were so brown, they looked black in the dim lights of the parking lot.

Gabriel’s friend was Luis. He hardly looked half Mexican, having red hair and hazel eyes. He was tanned, but he also had a thick scattering of freckles. He was a little taller than Gabriel and just as well built. He wasn’t quite as good looking, but he was funny and charming.

Claire set her sights on Gabriel right away. He was by far the best looking guy in the bunch. He was smart and had a good sense of humor. He also moved with confidence and carried himself like a man, not a boy.

Luis was a little goofier than his friend, but still very charming. Jane was decidedly interested in him. Beverly tried to get cozy with Clayton, but he pointedly got up and walked away from her. He moved to sit by Maddie on the other side of the truck.

“So, Madison, my mom says you speak Spanish,” Gabriel said. “Do any of your friends speak?” he asked in Spanish.

“Patti does pretty well, I don’t know about anyone else,” she replied.

“Good.” He grinned, toasting her with his root beer. “Could you get this puta away from me?” He spoke with a smile, laughing.

Luis chuckled, ducking his head. He scooted a little further from Jane, but she followed him. Maddie had the impression he felt the same way. Clayton choked on his Coke, spewing a liberal amount on the bed of the pickup.

“I think your buddy hablas,” Luis said, saluting Clayton with his soda bottle.

“Yeah! Geesh, warn a guy, huh?” He flung liquid from his hands, making the others protest loudly. “Good luck with that,” he added in Spanish. “I’ve been trying to get rid of the brunette for a month. I know I’m good, but not that good.”

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First Love – Part 18

First Love coverThe crisis with the spider averted, the group heads to dinner in the fellowship hall where the church ladies have set up a veritable feast. The food is, predictably, Mexican. Though Maddie thinks it looks delicious, Claire and her cronies aren’t so sure.

Claire and her friends wandered along the buffet line, eyeing the food suspiciously.

“Do you have anything—American?” Claire asked one of the women.

The woman was so surprised, she said nothing for a moment. Turning to her companions, she spoke rapidly in Spanish. Claire frowned, obviously not understanding.

Maddie watched the exchange. With Mexican grandparents on her mother’s side, she was fluent and knew exactly what the women were saying. Something extremely uncomplimentary about the dumb blonde.

“This is it,” the first woman said. “Our food isn’t good enough for you?” She folded her arms over her ample chest, glaring at Claire.

“I just don’t know what any of it is,” Claire replied, actually figuring out she’d insulted the woman. “I don’t eat Mexican at home. Our cook always fixes American food.”

“You got a Mexican cook?” the woman asked her.

“Of course, who else would fix the meals?”

The women exchanged another look of disgust. “I hope she poisons you,” the woman said in Spanish. The others laughed.

Maddie approached the table, speaking politely to the women as she served herself. “That’s enchiladas,” she explained to Jane, but ignoring Claire. “That is pallea, a dish with chicken, rice and vegetables. Sometimes seafood.” She continued to explain the various foods, giving a brief description of each. “It’s really good. Just take a little bit of everything and see what you like. Then you can come back for seconds.”

“Thanks,” Jane said with a slight smile. “That’s really nice of you.” She took Maddie’s advice and put small amounts of everything on her plate.

“You speak Spanish well,” one of the ladies said in that language.

“My grandparents are from La Paz. I’ve been a few times to visit relatives.”

“They taught you well. Do you cook?” She switched to English.

“Mom has tried. Honestly, I do better with pasta. Dad’s half Italian and half Irish.”

The women nodded, smiling. You ask your abuela to teach you,” one woman told her. “She can tell you so you remember.”

“I will. Thank you. The food smells delicious.”

“Go eat before it gets cold.” They shooed her away.

“I didn’t know you spoke Spanish,” Clayton said.

“You didn’t ask.” She smirked, tossing her hair.

“Ya think ya know a person,” he said in a distinctive New York accent. His family was originally from Brooklyn.

“And I didn’t know you spoke Yankee,” Brad let his native Texas accent show.

“We can’t all be wonderful and born in Nebraska,” Patti said, tossing her head.

The others laughed at her exaggerated accent. She really piled on the nasal, pinched quality so many of their contemporaries had.

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Sea of Destiny – Part 43

sea of destiny cover

Horrified with what he’s done, Kyle decides he needs someone to talk to who may be able to offer him some advice. He decides to visit the ship’s chaplain.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Scott?” The minister shook Kyle’s hand, inviting him to sit.

“I know you’re not a priest,” Kyle began without preamble. “But I need to make a confession.”

“Have you committed a crime?”

“No, sir. But I have committed a sin.”

“I can’t give you absolution.”

“I know, but I need to talk to someone.”


Kyle told him everything that had happened the night before, in as great detail as he could remember, leaving out Vera’s name. It was making the other man extremely uncomfortable, but he didn’t care. He had to get it off his chest. When he got to Fr. Michael’s confession, the chaplain stopped him.

“Back up a second. Father Mike’s your biological father?”

“Yeah. He was married to my mom until I was seven. Then he left. Understandably, I harbor some resentment.”

“Yes. So it was rather a shock to hear this from him.”


“I see. Wow, I can see why you did what you did. Not that it excuses it, but in your position I’d have probably done the same.”

“Even the woman?”

The chaplain shrugged, nodding, then shaking his head. “I’m not a priest, I’m not married. Honest answer? Yeah, even the woman. Not to belittle what you’ve got started with Ms. Geraci, because she’s a wonderful woman and a great boss, but Kyle, you aren’t married to her. You aren’t engaged, you aren’t even officially a couple.” He held up his hand to stop Kyle’s protest.

“That doesn’t mean that what you did wasn’t sin, it doesn’t mean that she’s not going to be pissed, cause she is. It doesn’t even mean that you can forgive yourself, or she can forgive you, but it gives you a perspective.”

“Yeah, it shows me what a dick I am.”

“It shows you that you’re human. You had a very human reaction to a lot of stress, more than most people ever have. You’re still grieving and you find yourself in a new relationship that could potentially end as tragically as the first. You have three kids who need you. You’ve just found your father after twenty-six years. Man, I’d have fallen apart months ago. In a moment of desperation and weakness you reached out to another person who reached back. You aren’t a saint, Kyle. Don’t expect to react like one.”

“Thanks, Daniel. You’ve put it in perspective for me. I appreciate that.”

They shook hands. Daniel held his hand a moment longer, gazing into his eyes. “Emily has a temper and she is going to get angry. Be prepared for that. But know too, no matter how mad she is at first, when she calms down, she’ll find it in her heart to forgive you.”

“How do you know that?”

“Cause she’s my cousin and I’ve seen it happen more times than I can tell you. Be patient, ride out the storm. I guarantee it will work out. And call me if you ever need a sympathetic ear.”

“Thanks, Daniel.”

Kyle spent the rest of the day in a daze. The only good thing that came from it was the fact that he didn’t notice his hangover. He ate lunch on automatic, hardly paying attention to what he was eating. Cindy’s eyes held less of a reprimand. He wondered if Adam had spoken to her or if she’d just gotten over it. Not that it mattered. She was going to be plenty pissed at him soon.

* * *

Emily was due to arrive in about half an hour. Kyle took another shower and changed into fresh clothing. She was just being brought to the gangplank when he came out. Waving, he started down the ramp and walked beside her wheelchair as Dr. West pushed her up.

The crew and many of the passengers gathered on the deck to welcome her home. A fancy reception, to which everyone was invited, was held in the dining room. Emily sat at the captain’s table officiating over the party like a queen. Kyle could hardly get near her because of the crew members and other guests, many of whom knew her.

Dr. West made a point of taking him aside when Emily was busy with a large group. “Now talk.”

Kyle sighed. “I’ve been through this way too many times today, Doc. I want the next person I talk to about it to be Emily. But you need to be there.”

The doctor frowned. “It’s that bad?”

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First Love – Part 17

First Love coverAfter demanding a shower, Claire marches off with her friends. Suddenly, terrified screams come from the basement. Everyone rushes down to find Claire frightened, but still commanding, rather than asking, for help.

Claire was crying and shivering, clutching a towel around herself. “There’s something in there!” She ran to hide behind Polly who was several inches shorter.

Craig walked bravely over to the curtains, shoving them aside. He started laughing. “It’s a fake spider.” He sobered slightly. “On, no it’s not! Wow, that’s a big sucker.” He took off his shoe, smacking about in the curtained enclosure. “Got him!” Water ran for a moment and he scraped the bottom of his shoe on the tile. “All gone. It’s safe now.” He gestured gallantly.

“Don’t you think one of us should stay down here—you know, for protection?” Daniel asked his father eagerly.

Craig laughed loudly. “Nice try, son! No.” He waved at the crowd. “Anyone with testicles, upstairs. Ladies, I leave you to it. And Jose said no more than five minutes each, or we run out of hot water.”

“I can’t bathe in five minutes,” Claire stated. “Someone else will just have to wait for the water to reheat.”

“You’ll bathe in five minutes if I have to stand here with a stopwatch,” Craig said. “Or rather, I’ll have one of the girls do it. But you will take the same amount of time as anyone else. You aren’t anymore special than the rest of us.”

Stamping her foot, Claire started the water running. “Time me,” she told Jane.

Her friend nodded, glancing at Craig, who was eyeing his own watch. “Five minutes from the time you step in until you shut the water off. I’ll send someone to check,” he told her.

They all wandered back upstairs, heading the directions they were before. The boys, along with Maddie and Patti, found the game room. There was a card table and, surprisingly, a poker set. The pool table was a nice one with dark green felt and a beautiful stained glass light above it. There was a small refrigerator stocked with every imaginable soft drink. The games and puzzles were neatly stacked on shelves and in cabinets. Jose was right, there was virtually every imaginable game there.

“They have Mousetrap,” Brad said gleefully. “Score!” He took it off the shelf. “Who wants to play?”

It seemed to have all the pieces, so they started playing. About twenty minutes later, Jose called them to dinner.

The fellowship hall was laid out like a restaurant with red and white checkered tablecloths. Flowers adorned each table. Delightful smells filled the air, making their mouths water expectantly. A buffet of Mexican food greeted them. Everything was on steam tables—another donation from a restaurant closing. Jose offered blessing and they all served themselves. The boys loaded their plates, delighted to see that this church also had a milk dispenser.

“We’ve got to get one of these, Dad,” Daniel told his father.

“I’ll be sure to tell Reverend Michaels,” his father assured him. He happily sipped his third glass of icy cold milk.

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First Love – Part 16

First Love coverAfter being shown around, the teens settle in to entertain themselves. Brad asks if there is a TV anywhere.

“In the game room,” Jose replied. “I’m afraid it doesn’t get much. The mountains and hills keep us from getting very good reception. We’ve got a stereo and tape player with a pretty good album collection. That’s if you can decide on what music you want to listen to.” He chuckled. “There’s a large selection of games and we’ve got a ping pong table.”

“Pool?” Clayton asked hopefully.

“What, the Devil’s Game?” Jose asked. He sounded so serious, they thought he meant it until he started laughing. “Yes, we’ve got a nice pool table. Also donated. Anything else you need?”

“We’re fine for now,” Craig replied.

“Great. I’m going to go check on the progress of dinner and I’ll come get you when it’s set up in the fellowship hall.” He tipped his hat and walked quickly to the back of the building.

“Well,” Craig said, grinning. “Let’s get washed up.”

“I want a shower,” Claire declared. “Where is it?”

“I don’t know,” Craig replied. “Why don’t you go look. He said it was downstairs.”

“Ugh!” She shuddered. “There’s a downstairs? Is that where they keep the rats and dead bodies?”

“Yes,” Clayton said, leaning close, his voice dropping nearly an octave as he spoke. “There are dead bodies of tall, blonde girls. Their dead eyes staring at nothing as the rats eat their once beautiful faces.” He pretended to take a bite of something, chewing noisily.

Claire looked as if she wanted to slap him. Instead, she huffed and turned on her heel, carrying her bag with her. Jane followed, dragging Beverly and Denise along with them.

“That wasn’t necessary,” Craig said, but his dark eyes twinkled.

“Oh, no, sir—but it was fun.”

“Let’s explore,” Patti said to Madison. “I want to see the rest of this place. I have a feeling it’s going to be interesting.”

“I’ll go with,” Brad volunteered.

“I’m just looking for the pool table,” Daniel declared.

“I want music,” Richard added.

“Sounds good,” Clayton said.

They trooped off, finding different things to distract them. They hadn’t been gone ten minutes when blood curdling screams ripped through the quiet. It took several minutes to located the door to the basement. Finally, it was discovered, but the screaming had stopped. Instead, there was loud, angry arguing, followed by what sounded like a slap.

They clamored down narrow wooden stairs and found themselves in a dimly lit basement. A few scattered windows at ground level, added to the light of scattered light bulbs. Jane stood in the middle of the room, clutching her cheek. Beverly held her while she cried. Denise also gave what comfort she could. Claire stood several feet away in front of a precarious structure of pipe and cheap plastic curtains. A small tiled area could be seen under the edge of the plastic. The floor was wet and water gurgled as it curled down the drain.

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Dellani’s Tea Time January 11, 2016

red river radio logoJoin Dellani and her cohost, Christina (Rachel Rueben) for the first Dellani’s Tea Time of 2016 at 4:00 PM EST today! There’s no telling what we’ll talk about, but you can be sure to get a laugh (or even two) while we talk about all things book and writing related. We will probably get off subject and talk about a lot of other things too – who knows?

To catch us live, or listen to the podcast, follow the link:

First Love – Part 15


First Love coverThe group finally reaches its destination in small town New Mexico. Reverend Jose Fajardo meets them and takes them to the adjacent building which houses the Sunday school rooms and fellowship hall.

“This was a hotel built back in the late 1800s, built in the style of Henry Flagler. Unfortunately, the builder ran out of money to finish it. But there are a few nice things here, like the staircase.” He led them upstairs. “To the right is the girls’ room. To the left, down the hall, is where the boys will sleep. There’s a couple restrooms up here, another set downstairs. Unfortunately, the shower is in the basement. One problem with this place, the hot water heater needs replacing. We’re hoping to work out a deal with a local business, but so far he’s being stubborn. Presbyterians aren’t as popular as Catholics in these parts. If I went by Father Fajardo instead of Reverend, I’d have it already.” He shrugged.

They put their things in the rooms and followed him around the rest of the sprawling building. He showed them to the kitchen. It was big, dimly lit and looked more like a converted laundry room than a kitchen. It had wonderful appliances, very modern for the surroundings.

“Our youth group raised a lot of money doing raffles and car washes to pay for these things. The appliance store sold them at cost. You’ll be meeting some of the members while you’re here.”

“We look forward to it,” Craig said. “Meanwhile, let’s get the kids settled and we’ll get some dinner going.”

“No worries on dinner,” Jose said. “The church ladies are cooking tonight. They’ll bring it by in about half an hour and set it all up for you. After that, you’re on your own.” He grinned, rubbing his hands together.

“Is there a TV in this place?” Brad asked.

“In the game room,” Jose replied. “I’m afraid it doesn’t get much. The mountains and hills keep us from getting very good reception. We’ve got a stereo and tape player with a pretty good album collection. That’s if you can decide on what music you want to listen to.” He chuckled. “There’s a large selection of games and we’ve got a ping pong table.”

“Pool?” Clayton asked hopefully.

“What, the Devil’s Game?” Jose asked. He sounded so serious, they thought he meant it until he started laughing. “Yes, we’ve got a nice pool table. Also donated. Anything else you need?”

“We’re fine for now,” Craig replied.

“Great. I’m going to go check on the progress of dinner and I’ll come get you when it’s set up in the fellowship hall.” He tipped his hat and walked quickly to the back of the building.

“Well,” Craig said, grinning. “Let’s get washed up.”

“I want a shower,” Claire declared. “Where is it?”

“I don’t know,” Craig replied. “Why don’t you go look. He said it was downstairs.”

“Ugh!” She shuddered. “There’s a downstairs? Is that where they keep the rats and dead bodies?”

“Yes,” Clayton said, leaning close, his voice dropping nearly an octave as he spoke. “There are dead bodies of tall, blonde girls. Their dead eyes staring at nothing as the rats eat their once beautiful faces.” He pretended to take a bite of something, chewing noisily.

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