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First Love – Part 12

First Love coverMaddie knows that Claire hates her, though she doesn’t understand why. However, she is completely unprepared for the vicious nature of Claire’s attacks. Her nastiness is escalating rapidly and her next trick is to plant an open box of condoms in Maddie’s purse. Predictably, Polly doesn’t believe Madison, but Craig does.

Craig smiled at Patti. “I believe we might have room for you if we rearrange things in the luggage area. Interested?”

“Oh, yes, sir!” She grabbed her bag and followed him to the other station wagon.

Daniel and Richard had already started repacking the back so there was more room behind the seats. Some of the bigger items went into Leslie and Caroline’s car.

“You’re welcome to join me,” Clayton offered since it was his turn in the rear.

“I think that Brad should join you back there,” Craig said. “Ladies should sit on actual seats.”

“I’ll sit in the middle with Richard and Daniel,” Patti decided. “Sorry, Clayton. You’re cute and all, but I don’t want to sit back there with the suitcases.”

They rode the rest of the day in happy companionship. Polly and the girls would hardly speak to Craig and his group. She was furious with him for taking Maddie’s side and he couldn’t understand why she took up for Claire.

“I’m really sorry I got you in trouble with Mrs. C,” Maddie told Craig.

“Nonsense. She’ll calm down once we’re there. Don’t let it worry you, Maddie. I know that box of condoms wasn’t yours. The way you looked—like it was gonna bite you.” He laughed quietly. “I knew right then you weren’t expecting them. Anyone in her right mind would do her best to hide them, not throw them at me.”

“Thanks, Craig. That means a lot to me.” She hugged him.

He patted her on the hair. “Anytime.”

Clayton finally convinced Patti to ride in the back with him. He told her all about a new game he’d started playing, Dungeons and Dragons. They talked about the different types of characters and soon all of them were discussing the fantasy role playing game. Even Craig thought it sounded fun.

“We can get together and try a game when we get home. I have to have my stuff to run a scenario,” Clayton stated. “I wish I could do one now, cause it would be a great way to pass the time.”

“We can talk about it and imagine it,” Patti suggested. “I want to be an elf mage. My name is Anduval. Maddie, what about you?”

“I want to be a human druid named Storm.”

“Like in X-Men?” Brad asked, excited.

“Yeah. I always liked her.”

“Okay,” Clayton agreed. “Brad?”

“I’d love Batman, but I’m guessing that’s not appropriate. How about a barbarian warrior named—Ax Man?”

“I’m an elf bard named—Carlos Page,” Daniel declared.

“Then I want to be a dwarf rogue named Robert Mercury,” Richard stated.

“I’ll go with a monk named Bruce Lee,” Craig said, making Bruce Lee’s distinctive, high pitched screech.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes


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