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First Love – Part 11

First Love coverTheir first night on the road, they youth group stays over at a church in Denver. Maddie wakes during the night to find Claire and her friends sneaking back in from being out drinking and smoking.

Breakfast was served as a buffet. There was plenty of fruit, donuts of every variety, little boxes of cereal and a milk dispenser. This was extremely popular. The milk not only came out foamy, it was so cold that it had ice chips in it. The boys were especially taken with it and drank glass after glass.

They did a final check of their possessions and loaded into the cars. Maddie opened her bag to get out her sunglasses and found a box at the bottom. She knew it wasn’t hers, so she decided to look at it. The boys got in the car and Craig opened his door as she pulled it out. Screeching, she threw it across the front seat. It landed right where Craig was about to sit down. He stared at the box.

“Um, Madison, you want to explain that?”

“I found it in my purse! It’s not mine, I swear! I wouldn’t, I haven’t—” Instead of crying, she grabbed the box and got out of the car. She marched over to the girls’ car and banged on the door. Polly opened her window.

“Someone left these in my bag,” Madison glared right at Claire. “They aren’t mine, but I suspect that the real owner is going to need them again.” She threw them across the seat. The open box landed in Claire’s lap, scattering foil packets all over her lap, the seat and the floor.

“Stay away from me,” Madison pointed at Claire. “You don’t want to start something you can’t finish. Because I assure you, I can.” She whirled around, storming back to the boys’ car.

Polly rushed after her. She pulled the door open, reaching in for Maddie. “That was uncalled for, young lady! How dare you make such accusations.”

“Do you believe Claire, Mom?” Daniel said, getting out of the car. “Cause she’s a lying hag. Maddie would never do anything like that unless she was provoked. You should know that. Claire’s mad because I won’t have sex with her. She thinks I like Maddie, so she’s doing all this to make her look bad.” He said it with such a straight face, Madison knew it was true.

Polly gaped. “You’re making that up! To protect Maddie.”

Daniel shrugged. “Believe what you want. I know what I know. Ask any of the guys in this car, they’ll tell you about Claire. Oh, and precious Beverly too. Her, I didn’t say no to.”

Polly blanched, fanning herself with her hand. “You’re saying—?”

“Yes, Mom. I’m saying Beverly and I had intercourse. Several times. On more than one occasion.”

“You’ll say anything to protect her, won’t you?” She pointed at Maddie.

“If you mean I’ll tell the truth, yes. I won’t lie for anyone.” He turned to his father. “I told you not to let that heathen bitch come along.” He shrugged. “But what do I know? I’m just a kid.” He got in the car, shutting the door practically in his mother’s face.

“If you’re done here,” Craig said, tight lipped. “We should get on the road.”

“Aren’t you going to do anything about this?” Daniel demanded.

“Yes.” Craig took the box of condoms and went to the other car. He handed them to Claire with a tight smile. “I believe these are yours. If you and your friends sneak out again for a smoke or whatever, I will catch you and I’ll take great pleasure in sending you home. Clear?”

They nodded.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes


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