Dellani Oakes

Making People Fall in Love One Couple at a Time

First Love – Part 10

First Love coverAfter a game of Monopoly, which they capitulated, Maddie and Patti play charades with some of the others. Overly excited, they mess up playing, but everyone has a good time anyway. Once they are ready for bed, Maddie gets ready for bed.

Maddie actually fell asleep. She felt safe with Patti on one side and Caroline on the other. Her dreams were strange, full of the boys running through a field of daisies, leaping and capering like a bunch of idiots. It took her a little while to realize that none of them were wearing clothing. Embarrassed, Maddie woke herself up. She stared at the ceiling, wondering where those thoughts had come from. She wasn’t interested in any of the boys like that.

Naked? They had to be naked!

She mentally castigated herself. She had never seen any of them without their clothing, but she had seen a few naked men. She had brothers and they weren’t always picky about closing doors, dropping towels or jeans in her presence. She knew what men had in their pants and, though it didn’t bother her per se, looking at her friends like that, made her uncomfortable. It didn’t occur to her right away, they probably looked at her like that, and enjoyed it. But that was guys. All men were pervs—at least that’s what every woman she knew said.

Trying to find a more comfortable position, she rolled on her side. It was then that she noticed that the other girls were gone. Their sleeping bags were laid out, stuffed with their pillows, but they were gone.

Snuck out after curfew? Are they nuts?

What could they be doing at this time of night—more importantly, who were they doing it with? Surely not the guys from their group. They knew better. Besides, they knew what Craig would do if he even suspected they’d been up to no good.

Would they go out with some of the Denver boys? She didn’t even want to know. If Claire found out that Maddie knew, she’d make her life a living hell. It was unpleasant now, but Claire could ratchet it up a few notches. Maddie preferred not to put herself through that.

The door creaked. She pretended she was asleep as the girls crept back in. Maddie didn’t want to sniff too loudly, but she was pretty sure she smelled alcohol and cigarette smoke. Or was that strictly cigarettes? It smelled more pungent. She’d never smelled marijuana, but suspected that was the odor she detected. Soon, the other girls were asleep. Maddie did her best to get more sleep, but her mind was a turmoil of all the lies she would have to tell to keep them from finding out what she knew.

What if they find out? What will they do to me then? Craig and Polly probably won’t believe me. Hell, I wouldn’t even believe me if I hadn’t seen it. Claire is Miss Perfect. She and her friends are beauty queens. You can bet if they lied about me, everyone would believe it.

Eventually, Maddie fell asleep once more and didn’t wake until Patti nudged her.

“Time to get up, sleepy.”

“Yeah. One minute.” She stayed in her sleeping bag.

Patti tugged at the zipper, yanking it down.

“Okay, I’m up!”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes


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