Dellani Oakes

Making People Fall in Love One Couple at a Time

First Love – Part 8

First Love coverThe group from Nebraska arrives for their overnight stop in Denver. They meet Reverend Davis and find their spots for the night.

“Boys in here,” Reverend Davis pointed to one room. “Girls are down the hall. Restrooms are in the middle.”

Maddie groaned inwardly. She’d forgotten she would have to sleep with the girls. Her stomach tied in knots, wondering what they would do to her in her sleep. They got their sleeping bags from the cars, along with their overnight things. They got settled in their rooms, then followed their noses back to the fellowship hall for dinner.

The ladies had fixed a meal of spaghetti, with huge meatballs, fresh garlic bread, salad and thickly iced chocolate layer cake for dessert. Maddie served her food and sat at a table. Patti came and sat with her. The other girls glared in their direction, taking the table furthest from the two girls.

“I’m sorry I didn’t speak up,” Patti said quietly. “Claire told me she’d say I’d given Clayton a blow job if I said anything. I didn’t!” she said quickly. “I’d never—ever do something like that.”

“What’s Claire’s problem anyway? What did I ever do to her?”

Maddie looked at Claire, who was pointedly ignoring her. She was tall, willowy, clear complected with long, curly platinum blonde hair that fell to her waist. In comparison, Maddie was frumpy, short and dumpy. Her dark blonde hair was in a shoulder length cut and hung straight as a board. Her complexion didn’t tan like Claire’s. Until recently, she’d worn braces and been flat chested. She got the braces off six months earlier and her boobs seemed to take that as the signal to grow. She went from 32A to 36C nearly overnight.

Patti sniffed, shrugging one shoulder. “Look at her,” she said, tossing long auburn hair over her shoulder.

“I did. She’s perfect.”

Her friend giggled. “Now look at the guys. No direct eye contact. They’re like deer, you’ll scare them off.”

Maddie let her gaze travel to where the boys were sitting. None of them were looking at Claire and the others. They stared openly at Maddie and Patti. Patti caught Brad’s eye and smiled, tossing her hair once more. He nearly poked himself in the eye with his fork. Giggling, she went back to her food.

That’s why,” Patti whispered. “Jealous as hell. You know how bad she wants those guys to drool over her the way they are over you?”

“Over us, you mean. I see Clayton. He needs a bib.”

“He’s kinda cute, for sure.”

“Beverly likes him.”

“Don’t I know it. She talks about nothing else. She tries to make it sound like they’re an item.”

“Not according to him. And you know how guys talk. Is he more likely to deny he’s slept with her or more likely to brag that he has?”

“Good point.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes


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