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Christmas and a Vampire – Part 10

Cereal Authors

Christmas and a Vampire coverAfter driving for several days straight, Rafaela and Dirk end up in a dismal motel in the middle of nowhere. As she’s sleeping, Dirk leaves, buying a used car at a nearby garage, before heading back the way they came, into the heart of the Vampire Lord’s territory.

Rafaela woke with a start, a scream forming on her lips. She looked around the darkened room and saw no sign of Dirk. She had expected that. What she didn’t know was Dirk’s motive. Had he set her up from the beginning—used her in a power play between himself and this vampire lord? It wouldn’t surprise her to find out that he had. Though he loved her, it was his nature to use those around him for his own purposes. He’d never done anything quite that underhanded, but she’d been a player in his games before. Never one to be a pawn…

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