Dellani Oakes

Making People Fall in Love One Couple at a Time

First Love – Part 6

First Love coverThe boys can’t resist getting in one more comment about Maddie’s chest. All of them agree that she’s very well built. Using poultry euphemisms, they compliment her upper dimensions and tell her to take the comment in the spirit in which it’s intended—Lust.

Laughing, Maddie kicked up her heels, tipping backward against the door. She laughed so hard, she could hardly breathe. The car full of girls pulled up next to them and she excused herself. Badly needing a restroom, she trotted ahead of the girls, disappearing into a stall before they got to the door. She heard them come in, talking loudly and laughing in that ugly tone that mean girls had when they talked about someone they didn’t like.

“I heard she slept with half the football team,” Claire Coventry said with a nasty sniff.

The door next to Madison thumped and she knew Claire was beside her. She stayed quiet, wondering who they were discussing.

“Just the football team? I heard she did at least half the baseball team too,” Claire’s best friend, Jane Porter said from the stall on the other side.

“Oh, come on, girls, you’re making that up,” Patti, the only nice one in the bunch, said.

“You don’t know her as well as we do. We’ve been in school with her since second grade. You just moved here last year, Patti. You don’t know,” Claire replied.

“I still don’t believe it. You just don’t like her.”

“Have you seen the way she looks at Clayton? Positively scandalous,” Beverly Quinn complained. “She practically sticks her boobs in his face when they talk. All the boys are all over her because of her big breasts.”

“Everyone knows that girls built like that are easy,” Denise Carballo added.

It had taken a moment to realize, but it finally dawned on Madison that they were talking about her! This reputation bashing was most likely for her benefit. They had to know she was in the restroom with them, yet they talked about her as if she weren’t there.

The other stall doors banged shut. Maddie rushed out, rinsing her fingers before running blindly for the car. The only person in the car was Clayton. He sat with the back door open, a soda in his hand. She flung herself on the front seat, weeping bitterly.

“Maddie?” he hopped up, dropping his soda can on the ground. “Madison?” He pulled the door open, crouching by the car.

He tried to get a straight story from her, but Maddie couldn’t stop crying. The other boys came up with Craig and Polly. Maddie wept hysterically. The other girls lingered near the bathroom, watching the drama unfold from a distance. Claire smiled at Madison’s anguish.

It took a long time to calm Maddie enough for her to speak. Everything sounded like unfounded accusation. She didn’t think any of the adults believed her. The girls strolled over to the car, getting in unconcernedly, glaring at Maddie as they closed their doors. Only Patti looked distressed, but she said nothing.

“I shouldn’t have come,” Maddie gulped. “It was stupid. So stupid to even think they would let me be one of them.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes


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