Something New – Part 40

something new coverAfter a lovely time together, Liat and Austin are relaxing when they hear noises outside. Foolishly, perhaps, Austin goes to investigate and finds Irving breaking into the sound stage. Armed only with a cellphone and a nine iron, he confronts the former director.

Irving turned. Austin pressed the button, eyes averted. He shone the light in Irving’s eyes. With a scream, the man rushed him. My some magic, Austin clicked the strobe, illuminating the room in flashing, blue-white light. Irving tried to tackle him, but he dodged. Swinging with his nine iron, he connected with Irving’s flabby middle. Austin wasn’t prepared for Irving to grab the golf club and yank it away, which he did on the second swing.

One meaty fist wrapped around Austin’s wrist. Irving grappled Austin, trying to choke him by using the golf club across his throat. Dropping to a crouch, Austin used Irving’s weight against him. He ducked under the club, grabbing it in both hands. He tugged, knocking the other man off balance. Irving fell awkwardly, cracking his head on the table. Items scattered with a clatter.

“Hands up!” Someone yelled from a few yards away. “Don’t move.”

“I’m Austin Templeton,” he said calmly. “My girlfriend called you. This bloke was trying to set the place on fire.” He nudged Irving with his toe.

“Stand down,” a loud female voice said. The woman from the front gate walked into view. “Hi, Austin. You okay?”

“I think? Hello.” He staggered, but she caught him in a surprisingly strong grip.

“You’re bleeding all down your back. Hold still.” She got on her radio and called someone.

Other security officers moved forward. They found Irving in the dark by the desk. He was bleeding heavily from a head wound. The shaft of the nine iron was bent, still gripped in his hand.

Moments later, an ambulance arrived. Austin wandered out, helped by the female guard. She was amazingly strong, or maybe he was just weak. They loaded up Irving, who was still unconscious.

Liat ran over. “Are you all right? You’re bleeding!”

“You ride along, buddy,” the EMT said to Austin. “Only got one truck, but we can take you both.”

“I’ll follow,” Liat said. “I’ll see you there.”

“Call Dwight.”

“I will.”

The doors to the ambulance slammed shut and she watched it drive away. The female security officer came over with a woman police detective.

“Are you all right, Miss Fogleberg?” the guard asked.

“I’m a little shaken up. But I’m not hurt. Is Austin okay?”

“Looks like he took some glass from the sign. Mind if I ask what you were doing here tonight? He doesn’t usually stay over without telling us.”

They took seats in the outdoor smoking area. Someone put a blanket around Liat’s shoulders.

“We hadn’t intended to stay. We—got carried away.”

Both women smiled, nodding. They’d had their share of getting carried away.

“We heard banging and Austin went out to see what was wrong. I called security.”

“Why didn’t he wait for us?”

“I don’t know. I suspect he was trying to keep me safe. Can you imagine what would have happened if Irving had successfully blown up the sound stage? I doubt we’d be sitting here right now. May I go to the hospital? I’m worried about Austin and he’ll be asking after me.”

“Sure,” the police detective said.

“I’ll take her,” the security guard volunteered. “Can we call anyone for you?”

“I’ll call,” Liat said. “I need to tell his friend and call my parents.” She pulled out her phone and dialed Dwight’s number.

“You’re on the news!” he screeched. “Is he all right? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine. He’s headed to St. Mary’s. I’m following. Irma, from the front gate, is taking me.”

“I’m on my way. See you there.”

“Be safe. I don’t want you injured too.”

“I’m fine, baby. No worries. See you soon.”

The call to her parents was more difficult. They were so worried about her, they barely listened to details. They decided against going to the hospital, but told her to call if they were needed.

Irma turned in at the emergency room door, dropping Liat off. “You’ll be okay from here?”

“Yes, I can get a ride. Thank you so much!”

“Call me when you know something.” She handed Liat a card with her name and number.

“I will. Thanks.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes


Please Note: Part 41 of Something New will be on Thursday, October 29 as I have a new book coming out on October 28th. Be sure to look for One Night in Daytona, available for pre-orders now!

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