Something New – Part 37

something new coverHeat Alert! This scene is somewhat spicy. If such things get your pulse racing, go for it. If you’re offended by intimate displays on the page, please wait for episode #39, because the next episode is hot too. Not intended for readers under 17.

Their interviews over, Austin and Liat end up at the studio at his trailer. They’ve made promises to one another all week. Now, they are finally alone.

The sound stage was silent. It was still early in the day, but they had finally come to a spot where they could no longer film around Liat and Austin, so Sandy gave them a day off.

“I want to change,” Liat said. “I have a bag in my car.”

“Come on in. That sounds like a spiffy idea.”

“Spiffy?” Liat smirked, scoffing at him.

“I sense disapproval of my word choice, Miss Vogel.”

“Since when does anyone under sixty say spiffy?”

“I thought I’d start a new trend.” He unlocked his trailer and led her inside.

Normally, he didn’t lock his trailer during the day, since he’d been gone so much lately, he’d taken to locking it. He latched the door behind them, feeling slightly vulnerable with no one else around.

“I’m going to start tea. I’ve got some biscuits,” he called after her as she went to the bedroom.

“Sounds grand!”

He puttered around in the kitchen, starting the tea kettle and setting out mugs. Liat came out in soft yoga pants and a loose sweater. Austin thought she looked more beautiful in that than she did in a fancy dress. He couldn’t stop staring.

“Go get comfy. I’ll watch the tea kettle.”

Nodding speechlessly, he went to his room and changed into jeans and a T-shirt before heading back out. He was barefoot, nearly silent. Liat didn’t hear him as he came out. He stood a few feet away, watching her. She fit into his life so smoothly, carving out a niche in his heart without even trying. Her movements in his tiny kitchen, were dance-like. He couldn’t get enough of watching her. The tea kettle whistled, jolting him back to reality.

“Austin!” she called, without turning around. “Tea.”

Instead of answering her, he walked up close, putting his arms around her from behind. She took the water off the heat, turning off the burner, before snuggling against him. His broad chest and muscular arms cradled her as his soft lips dropped to her shoulder. He nuzzled and nibbled, inhaling her scent. Liat shivered, clasping his arms around her.

He swayed to some unheard melody, crooning as his hips moved behind her. It took a moment to recognize the tune and she smiled, moving with him to the slow, sultry tune. Austin continued to nuzzle her neck as his hands drifted to her waist.

“I made certain promises this week,” he hummed the tune a moment. “Which I’ve yet to keep.”

“There’s hot water.”

“I don’t want hot water,” he mumbled against her throat. “You know what I want.” He turned her to face him, putting her arms around his waist as he stepped closer. “The question burning in everyone’s minds is—what do you want?”

Liat rose on her toes, kissing his chin. He chuckled seductively, his voice rumbling in his chest. He lowered his head, meeting her mouth with his own. The touch of his lips was so soft, she almost didn’t feel it. His breath was warm on her skin, sending a tingle down her spine. He licked her lower lip, nipping and teasing her mouth. They stopped kissing, sharing a smile.

Austin took her hand and led her to the bedroom. He had a queen sized bed, television and sound system. With the click of a remote, he started soft, seductive music playing. He cupped her face, his lips lowering to hers once more. He seemed content to kiss her by the bed, but Liat wasn’t. Deciding to take charge, she took a step forward, forcing him to move until his knees hit the bed. He sat heavily, laughing when she straddled him.

“I do enjoy when a woman tells me what she wants. Especially when it’s me.”

Her hands drifted to his pants and he chuckled as he untucked his shirt. It ended up somewhere across the room. Hers followed, landing in a tangled heap with his. His hands slipped into her jeans. She stood, shimmied and discarded them. She stood before him in her underwear.

Austin stopped, admiring her trim figure. Her breasts were as beautiful as he imagined. He reached out, caressing one, then the other. His mouth would have followed, but Liat decided if she was going to get naked, so was he. She shoved him on his back, stripped off his jeans and burst out laughing.

“Sponge Bob pants! You remembered!”

He pulled her down to straddle him once more. “He is awfully sexy. His nose, and all.”

“You’re awfully sexy. Your nose—and all. . . .” She leaned over, licking his throat.

Austin groaned. His hands rose, deftly releasing her bra. It fell off nearly in his face, exposing her breasts. They bounced, enjoying the added freedom. Momentarily distracted, he didn’t hear her question the first time. Liat snapped her fingers under his nose.

“Condom?” she asked.

Still mesmerized by her breasts, he pointed to a drawer by the bed. She opened it and found an unopened box.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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