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Something New – Part 34

something new coverLiat and Austin are sharing a few quiet moments after the interview. He would like to take things further, but she puts him off by saying her parents will be waiting for them soon. Austin finds the idea of her father knowing they’ve been intimate, a bit off putting.

Liat pulled the pillow away, laughing at him. “Daddy won’t kill you.”

“He’ll want to. Believe me. My first girlfriend’s father threatened me with a cleaver.”


“Thought I was having my way.”

“Were you?”

Austin chuckled, pouting saucily. “Yes. He had every right to threaten me. I was being very inappropriate.”

“Have you been—inappropriate a lot?”

He shrugged, shaking his head against the couch. “Let’s see. I’m thirty-two, been active—a good few years. Maybe ten girls in all that time? About that. Why?”

She wouldn’t answer. Austin touched her cheek.

“I’m not like him,” he told her. “I don’t run about sticking it to every woman I meet. No one night stands, no fly by night affairs. I can’t say I’ve always had the best sense where women are concerned. But I think my taste has improved considerably over the last three days or so.”

“You’re wickedly charming, you know. Virtually irresistible.”

He struggled to a sitting position. “Virtually, not completely?”

“Completely. I didn’t want to seem slutty.”


His lips brushed hers once more, before drifting down her throat. He nibbled her earlobe, licking behind it. His breath was hot, his tongue rough on her soft skin.

Liat shivered, leaning into him, her breasts pressing against his chest temptingly. Austin let his mouth drop to the curve of her shoulder as his hands slid up her sides. Long, lean fingers teased her breasts, not quite touching them. She shivered again as his mouth met hers. She knew she was letting it go too far, but she couldn’t seem to find the strength to tell him no. Even thinking about dinner with her parents didn’t sufficiently put the brakes on. Austin could kiss like no one else she’d ever met and it made her wonder, again, what sex with him would be like. She wanted to know, wanted to grasp his lean hips with both hands and clamp down tight.

“Someone’s at the door,” Austin gasped when he heard the latch click. “Fuck!”

Dwight stepped in carrying another suit and shirt. He stopped halfway through the door when he saw Austin and Liat. She was on her back on the couch. Austin lay partly on top of her, between her legs. Their clothing was on, but they were obviously well on their way to getting naked.

“Ooops,” Dwight said. “I am so sorry! I had no idea. You’re the first woman he’s had up here,” he babbled. “I’m so used to just coming in and out. I live across the hall. . . .”

Liat started laughing. “It’s okay, Dwight. We probably shouldn’t be doing this anyway.”

“But it’s such a smashing idea, we were anyway,” Austin concluded. “Until you showed up.”

“You now have an effective cock block,” Dwight replied, smugly. “Imagine me walking in and seeing your lovely ass in the air. See what that does for you.” He winked, hung the suit and shirt on the back of the door, and left.

Austin got up, helping Liat rise to a sitting position. “Hell! Dwight has the Devil’s own timing.”

She smoothed his hair. “Look at it this way. Us being together is a given.”

“What you’re saying is that eventually, at the appropriate point in time, when all the stars align properly, I can shag you?”

Liat giggled, nodding. “Yes, you goof. At the appropriate point in time, when all the stars align, you can shag me.”

“Yay!” He did a silly, happy dance.

She glance at the clock. “But right now, I need to dash home and get ready for dinner. Hair, makeup, all that girlie stuff.”

“I think you look gorgeous without all that girlie stuff. But if it makes you feel better, go for it.”

“Thank you. I’ll see you downstairs at eight.”

“I’ll be there. I’ll miss you.”

Taking her leave, she gave him a quick kiss and headed toward the elevator. He wanted to go with her, but she assured him she’d be fine. The door closed and she rode down to the parking garage.

Dwight heard Liat leave. He tapped on Austin’s door. His friend answered, smiling.

“Sorry about that. I didn’t know she was here.”

“Not a big deal. At least we weren’t naked. Bit soon for that anyway.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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