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Dellani’s Alphabet Challenge Letter S – Shakazhan


ABC ChallengeShakazhanis book 2 in my Lone WolfSeries. Having traveled out of the known galaxy into another that doesn’t even remotely resemble their own, the crews of Hannibal and Flotilla are orbiting the mystical and legendary planet Iyundo, when it something goes horribly wrong.

Hannibal 1350 GMT

Ben sat in his ready room, feet on the desk, cap over his eyes. Something woke him and he stood quickly, fully alert, listening. Had someone called his name? Suddenly, he grew dizzy. The walls swirled together, the floor gaped threatening to drag him under and he felt a great sweep of fear as if a million voices had suddenly cried out in terror!

Vertigo overcame him and he dropped to the floor on his hands and knees, gagging and vomiting. His vision cleared and his ears stopped ringing. Small cleaning bots scuttled around him, vacuuming up the mess. His door…

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2 responses to “Dellani’s Alphabet Challenge Letter S – Shakazhan”

  1. Dear Delani,  We’ve both been busy. GOOD-BYE RUSSIA, HELLO AMERICA was published a few days ago. It’s a saga about a family that comes to America in the Roaring Twenties. Jacov and Reuben (now Jack and Rubin) get jobs, find romance, enjoy burlesque and bagels under the disapproving eye of Mama Ida who bemoans the fate of her eldest son who stayed behind in Russia. The depression followed by WWII changes everything. Jack, now a soldier, is parachuted into Europe where, on his way to Berlin, he mingles with the bedraggled survivors fleeing from the recently liberated concentration camps as he continues his search for Yehuda. Now available as a paperback or e-book from Amazon, B&N and Kobo. Take a look at the broader description on-line. Have  Happy Labor Day weekend. Regards, Janet 


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