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Something New – Part 20

something new coverLiat drives Austin home. He invites her upstairs of a cup of tea, but instead, ends up kissing her.

Rubbing his mouth across hers soothed the sting, he licked her lips. She invited him to take more, which he did, kissing her tenderly. Austin stood less than a foot, but more than six inches from Liat. He could feel her body heat buffet against him, exciting him. Somehow, it was even more thrilling having her a few inches away than it would have been having her against him. He thought that until she closed the gap between them and her hips pressed against his.

No, that’s ever so much better, he concluded.

Her hands crept around his back, dropping so she could put her hands on his back pockets. A playful squeeze made him laugh, breaking the hypnotic lure of her mouth.

“I see what it is, you’re after my arse. All this is a clever ruse to cop a feel.”

“You have a magnificent bum,” she countered. “Highly squeezable.” She squeezed again.

“Best watch that,” he cautioned. “Too much bum squeezing and I can’t be responsible.”

She kindly moved her hands to his waist. He smiled, relieved that she understood, but disappointed that she’d stopped. In his mind, he knew it would be rushing things if he took her to bed right away. The logical part of him knew that, but the illogical, Magician part, who often reared his ugly, horny head, did not.

“Problem is,” he murmured against her forehead. He didn’t continue, merely held her close, her head on his chest as he stroked her hair. “Problem is, you aren’t a player and neither am I.”

“Mm hmm. . . .”

“Because it would be incredibly easy.”


Liat slowly stepped back. His arms slid away to dangle at his sides. She smiled up at him. “You are a wonderful man and I’m wildly attracted to you.”


“But we’ve only just met.”


“And I’m not like that.”


“Therefore, perhaps I should go rather than torturing us anymore.”

“Perhaps you should,” he chuckled. “Forgot to start the kettle in any case. Thank you. I had a marvelous time tonight.”

“I should thank you. You convinced my mother to let me keep this job.”

“I’m very good at that,” he whispered near her ear. “I am a Magician, you see.”

Austin walked her back to her car and watched until she drove away. He wandered around the downstairs, deciding to go workout in the weight room. He’d neglected his workouts for the last couple of days, preferring to spend his down time with Liat. He kept a bag of clean clothing and a change of shoes in a locker, so he headed to the locker room to change.

He walked into the weight room and saw one of the attendants, Todd. The young man nodded at him and came over.

“Hey, Austin. Haven’t seen you in a couple days. Everything okay?”

“Yeah. New companion.”

“Ooh. Another one? How many is this now?”

“Twelve. But she’s staying awhile.”

“On the show or with you?”

Austin lay down on the bench. Todd spotted him as he lifted the bar.

“Both, I hope.”

“Good luck, my friend.”


They talked while Austin worked out. The gym was quiet, not surprising for that hour on a Friday night. He preferred to workout late or very early. He avoided the crowds and didn’t have total strangers coming up saying, Hey, you look familiar.

Todd closed up as Austin left. He also lived in the building, a floor up from Austin. He was a personable young man and Austin had helped him get a part time job working as a personal trainer with the network. They said goodnight when Austin got to his floor.

Music was playing in one of the apartments and several doors were open. Children dashed back and forth, laughing and playing. A dark haired man dashed across, following one of the children, who was naked and wet.

Austin stopped, watching the antics. He knew that two brothers lived in apartments across the hall from one another. Their third brother lived in a house not far away. Both of them had three year old twins, as multiple births ran in the family. The brothers were triplets and the eldest had triplets of his own. They must be visiting, because there were far more children than usual.

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