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Christmas and a Vampire – Part 6

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Christmas and a Vampire coverAlthough she’s willing to give him a gift of her blood, Rafaela also has no qualms about telling him when he’s had enough. Dirk has very little self-control in most things, but Rafaela is his addiction of choice.

“Enough! Leave more for later.”

“Why?” he gasped. “You never—”

“Merry Christmas, my love. I had no other gift for you.”

“This is the best gift,” he moaned as his climax neared.

“The best,” she agreed.

They came together with a loud scream. Collapsing on the bed, they laughed as they struggled to pull up the blankets. Both sweaty, they suddenly felt cold in the cool bedroom. Snuggling together, they kissed deeply.

“Thank you, Rafaela. That was a great gift. Alas, I have nothing for you.”

Her fingers stroked him under the covers. “Yes, you do. I’ll take this in abundance.”

Dirk chuckled, pulling her closer. “And I’ll gladly give it as…

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