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Something New – Part 14

something new coverAustin finds himself in a quandary. He’s highly attracted to Liat, which is made all too plain when he kisses her. Flustered by his reaction, he has a mild panic attack. Here is a woman he likes and respects, has to get naked with, and knows he will embarrass himself. Fortunately, Sandy understands, and agrees to dispense with the naked love scene, something they’d been wanting to work away from in any case.

Liat wandered to his table as Robert and Sandy walked away. Austin invited her to sit.

“What was that all about?”

“We’ve decided to rewrite the love scene.”

“Oh? Why?”

“I’ve been trying all this season, and half of last, to drift away from the tits and ass—mostly my ass—aspect of the show. We got the idea, already. He’s a playboy who roams the universe shagging anything with remotely the right stuff. How likely is it that every alien female has a vagina?” He realized what he’d said and blushed. “Sorry.”

Liat giggled, enjoying his misery for a moment. “Precisely what I’ve always asked myself. And how many are genetically compatible? Might there be a lot of little alien babies out there looking for Daddy?”

“I know! And it’s a miracle he hasn’t ended up with something. A withering alien grunge that makes his naughty bits fall off.” He shuddered. “So, Sandy agreed to rewrite the scene a bit so I don’t have to go naked. It will fade to black with us kissing.”

“So, in effect, we still do it.”

“Yes, but it’s very Seneca-esque.”

“Takes place off stage.” She nodded, smiling. “It works. Not taking him completely out of the convoluted alien vaginas, then.”

“Gradual reduction,” he replied seriously. “Can’t send him cold turkey. His man parts might fall off from lack of use.” He wiggled his fingers distastefully.

“Or he’d develop carpel tunnel.” Her dark eyes twinkled as she smiled at him.

It took Austin a moment to catch up with what she’d said. When he did, he laughed loudly. “There’s that. But we won’t be seeing my arse this time, except tastefully clothed in boxers. I’m thinking with smiley faces. Those are irresistible to women.”

Sponge Bob, he’s ever so much sexier, with his—nose.”

Austin laughed again. “Be sure to mention that to the costumer.”

“I shall.”

He made to rise, but she took his hand. “Austin, that was a fantastic kiss, by the way. And I hope we’ll be able to enjoy more of those.”

“I—you—yes, please.” He got up, rushing away. He headed toward his trailer once more.

This time, no one followed him. They would fetch him before the next scene.

Liat was toying with the idea of going after him, when Naomi wandered over with a platter of coconut shrimp.

“A little birdie told me you like these.”

“Love them! How did you know?”

“I have ways and means.” She scooted closer. “When do you intend to tell him?”

“Tell him what?” Liat tried to look innocent.

“Secret’s out—just with Dex and me. Did you really think you could pull this off without being discovered?”

Liat looked uncomfortable. “I was hoping no one would know.”

Naomi leaned close, whispering. “When my husband’s cousin comes to town unannounced, he gets curious.”

“I haven’t seen him in ages, not since we were small.”

“Nope, but did you really think he wouldn’t recognize the family crest?” She pointed to Liat’s necklace.

Liat put her hand over it, sighing. “Does anyone else know?”

“Not at the moment, but the second the producer marches in the door, that will all change. Don’t you think you’d better warn him before she arrives?”


“He already likes you, that’s blatantly obvious. Don’t lie to him any longer.”

Liat nodded. Squaring her shoulders, she headed to Austin’s trailer.

Loud guitar music blared from the trailer. It wasn’t a tune Liat recognized, but it was amazing, with a hard driving rhythm. It was highly charged and emotional. Knowing he’d never hear her, she didn’t bother to knock, merely let herself in. The music continued. She didn’t see Austin in the living room area, so she wandered further in. There was an area between the living room and bedroom that had been outfitted as a music room. There was an electric drum set, a bongo, three guitars, a bass and a keyboard.

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