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And Itza Danced – Part 1

Introducing And Itza Danced, another Lone Wolf short story.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

And Itza Danced coverThis story is associated with my sci-fi series. The character of Itza is introduced in The Kahlea (not yet published). She is an interesting character and I decided I needed to explore her origin’s more. She is the First Champion of the people of Bankaywan. She is also a distant relative of Mai’s. This story begins before Itza became the First Champion, even before the Duelist’s Guild came to be. This is set when Bankaywan was still a primitive, backwater planet in the middle of absolute nowhere. It is a time when only the strong survive and peace must be won with the strength of the fist.

Itza stood in a defensive pose, facing down the most recent bunch of marauders. So for this month, there had been three, each more brutal and grasping than the last. Every time, her village had fought them and won—just barely. Today, she didn’t…

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