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Something New – Part 13

something new coverWith Irving gone, everyone is able to relax and get some serious work done. In the infamous scene 5, Austin and Liat exchange a kiss. He completely loses himself in the moment. His professional aplomb shaken, he excuses himself, nearly running to his trailer.

Dwight went into Austin’s trailer without knocking. His friend paced from one end to the other, muttering. He nodded when Dwight entered, but kept pacing.

“You okay?”

“Yes.” He walked past. “No.” He turned and went the other way.

“That was some kiss.”

“Yes.” He repeated the pacing, back and forth with long, quick steps.

“What’s wrong?”

“Did that look real? Like really real—not television real—but I want to shag her real.”


“Damn. I was afraid of that.”


“Because, I want to shag her. It was bloody wonderful! She tasted like strawberries and—and chocolate and simply amazing, tantalizing girl. I want to snog her and I want to shag her. And sometime in the next few days I have to get virtually naked with her and pretend to shag her—only I can’t really—and. . . . Misery!”

Dwight saw horror in his friend’s face, but he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Because, obviously, I’ve got to tromp around with my ass out and pretend to shag and this—!” He gestured angrily at his groin. “This!”

For the first time, Dwight let his gaze travel down to the level of his friend’s zipper. He raised an interested eyebrow.

“That poses a problem. A rather large problem.”

“You’re not helping.”

“You need an effective cock block,” Dwight suggested. “Something to think about when you’re pretending to shag her so you won’t want to shag her.”

“Like what? Fuzzy kittens? Little, cute puppies? Charming antics?” He frolicked around a moment before pacing again.

Dwight bit his lip. “Oh, I don’t think puppies and kittens are enough. Zombies, dead burnt bodies. Car wrecks. Train derailings. Mom finding your porn stash.”

“I don’t have a Mom and I haven’t a porn stash. I’ve always hated mummies.” He concentrated a moment. “Nope. Nothing.”

“You could shag her before hand,” Dwight suggested.

“Oh, because that would make it so much easier,” Austin replied. “Has that ever worked for you?”

“Nope. I’m grasping at straws.”

“What works for you?”

His friend blinked rapidly. “I don’t know. Um—I don’t usually need one, because I’m not in this unwieldy position. The porn stash was my best bet. If Mom had found gay porn, she’d have a conniption.”

There was a tap at the door. Sandy’s assistant, a fresh faced young man named Robert, opened the door. “Sorry to bother you, but Liat’s worried. Are you okay?”

Austin turned away, growling with frustration. “Nothing that castration wouldn’t solve.”

The assistant, a man about his age, chuckled. “Yeah. Love scene tomorrow.” He paused. “How attached are you to that scene?”

“You mean the one where I bare my arse yet again, moon the camera and shag a beautiful woman? I could do without it completely.”

“Let me talk to Sandy. Maybe we can rewrite it. Cause, dude, I get it. She’s hot. And if that kiss was any indication—”

“Exactly!” Austin’s eyes held desperation.

“Come have lunch. Everyone’s worrying about you. We’ll chat with Sandy.” He tipped his head.

Austin followed. Dwight brought up the rear, walking beside the assistant, Robert.

“Thank you,” he murmured.

“Man, been there myself. I knew exactly what was wrong.”

“Every man in the place did.”

Austin sat at his table alone, his plate virtually untouched. Naomi came over with all his favorites and finally was able to persuade him to eat. Liat sat by Sandy, talking quietly, but earnestly. When Robert came over, Liat went back to the catering table and talked to Naomi while she got more to eat.

Sandy and Robert wandered over to Austin’s table. They huddled together, talking quietly. After a few moments, Austin jumped up, kissing Sandy’s cheeks.

“Thank you! Yes, marvelous. Thank you!” He kissed her smack on the mouth.

“We’ll have the new pages by morning,” Robert assured him.

“If you were a girl, I’d kiss you too,” Austin said, shaking his hand. “Thank you.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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