Something New – Part 12

something new coverIrving is history, much to everyone’s delight. Sandy, the assistant, is now taking over as director.

Austin took his place, grinning at Liat. He pulled a serious face, trying not to smile, because the scene was a dramatic one. After several attempts, he finally had to turn his back and take a deep breath. Liat saw the change come over him as he became The Magician once more. She took the time to center herself. When he turned around and took his mark, he was his character—interstellar hero.

The scene went remarkably well, with no screw ups. Sandy watched a playback. “I don’t think we can improve on that. Wow, we never did a scene in one take before. Good job! Take a short break while we reset for scene five.”

Austin and Liat made a quick trip to the loo and met up at the catering table. She had a plate full of fruit and he piled on a few scones and a stack of pineapple.

“Love this stuff. Isn’t it brilliant?” He took a bite, closing his eyes.

“I never saw anyone enjoy his food so much,” Liat remarked.

“Remember the starving thing? Wasn’t an exaggeration. Oi, Naomi. Have any chocolate?”

She giggled. “You got away from me before I had a chance to melt it.” She brought over a bowl of melted chocolate.

Austin tipped some on his plate and offered the rest to Liat. She accepted with a grin, dipping a strawberry in hers. He dipped his pineapple, rolled his eyes and moaned softly. She giggled.

“Gee, Austin. You need a girlfriend, mate.”

He smiled, eyes softening. “Yeah, well. Waiting for the right girl to say yes to that.” He finished his pineapple in silence.

Liat wasn’t quite sure what to say. She wasn’t used to men like Austin, who were funny and shy, a mixture of ultimate confidence and absolute terror. She knew he was interested, but he didn’t make a direct move like the other men she knew. She liked his shyness, but realized she would have to show her interest and give him an opening. They waited for the final lighting changes, standing together off to the side. Austin watched, arms crossed.

“Scene five, eh?”


“You know what happens in scene five?”

She shook her head. He smiled, winking before taking his place. Another quick transition and he was all business. Liat watched him, fascinated, concentrating hard on the scene ahead. The prior scene had been one of havoc and mayhem. They hadn’t filmed it yet, since it took place outside and wasn’t scheduled for several more days.

The two of them were in a warehouse, hiding from the bad guys, a race of sentient robots, a cross between the Star Trek Borg and Whovian Cybermen. All hell was about to erupt around them, but they had a small lull in the action.

As they stood there, terrified for their lives, The Magician touched her cheek, brushing her hair behind her ear.

“If we’re going to die, I simply must—”

His lips lightly brushed hers, making them tingle. Liat was so surprised, she didn’t react right away. Then, her arms came up, wrapping around his neck by habit rather than design. His arms pulled her close and the kiss deepened, intensified. Liat sensed that it was no longer Morgana and The Magician kissing, but her and Austin. Kissing him felt so right. She opened her mouth her tongue sweeping across his and she trembled.

“And cut!” Sandy yelled. “Austin! Yo, Austin!”

“Sorry.” His eyes focused on her gradually. Realizing he still held Liat in his arms, he slowly let her go, taking a step back.

No one said anything. They’d never seen Austin lose his professional aplomb with a woman before. He’d kissed a dozen women and pretended to get his freak on with eleven, all in the course of the show. Never had he completely lost himself in the moment.

“Excuse me,” he mumbled, heading for his trailer.

Dwight followed, saying nothing.

“Break! That’s lunch,” Sandy said.

Liat looked nearly as flustered as Austin. Naomi approached her, speaking quietly.

“I’ve got fresh scones and tea,” she offered. “Would you like some?”

“Yes, thanks.”

“You okay, honey?”

“Yeah. Yeah.”

“You don’t look all right.”

“Wow,” Liat mumbled. “No words. . . .”

Naomi chuckled. “I know the feeling. Dex still has that effect on me three years later.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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