Something New – Part 8

something new coverAfter saving Liat from Irving, he invites her to share catering leftovers in his trailer, and run lines after. Liat graciously accepts.

They ran their scenes a few times, talking about how to say the lines. An hour and a half later, they decided to call it a night.

“I’ll call you a car,” Austin offered.

“No need. I have a car.”

“I’ll walk you to it. No one should be out and about in the dark. I know it’s a closed theatrical set, but—why take chances?”

“Thank you. How are you getting home?”

“I’ve got a driver at my disposal. I don’t like driving like an American. It makes me nervous. Besides, I like to go over the day in my head while I travel.”

“Good idea.”

He grabbed up the food and followed her out to her car. She’d had to park rather far from the sound stage, so it took several minutes to walk to her car. She drove a sleek sports car.

“It was a gift from my father when I took up acting,” she admitted. “He said they would take me seriously if I drove up in a vintage Jaguar.”

“It makes quite the impression. Rather I don’t need you, but you’d do well to hire me posh.”

“Exactly!” She put her hand on his cheek. “Thank you, Austin. I’ve had a great first day. You make this look so easy.”

“It’s fun. As soon as it stops being fun, I’ll quit and move on to something else.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that. Here, take the rest of the pud and sauce. I can’t eat it all.”

“Thank you.” She smiled, getting behind the wheel.

Austin closed her door and watched her drive away, grinning. His car and driver appeared out of nowhere, pulling up beside him.

“Thought you’d have company?”

“Just dinner and lines. She’s a quality lady, Stu. Can’t rush quality.”

“True. Ready for home?”

“Yeah. Oh, ribs.” He pulled out the few leftovers for his driver. “And salad with all the fixings.”

“Thanks, the wife will love that. That’s all the ribs?” He sounded disappointed.

“Fed two.”

“Of course. Thanks, man. Appreciate it.”

The two men chatted quietly as they headed to Austin’s apartment. He thanked his driver and headed upstairs. The door was open and he heard music playing. Chuckling, he knew from the music choice, it was Dwight. Besides, only his assistant had a key to his place. The strains of Lover’s Leap by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones wafted on the air conditioned breeze. Dwight had introduced Austin to the jazz musician’s music.

“I knew you wouldn’t have company,” Dwight said as the door closed. “But please tell me you kissed her.”

“No. Ran lines. Ate dinner. It was a good evening.”

“So, no action.”

“Must an evening end in bed for it to be a good one?”

“Most men, gay or straight, would say yes.”

Austin laughed. “Progress was made. More will be made tomorrow. Thanks for the script.”

“Very welcome. Did it go well?”

“It did. She’s good. I hope they keep this one. I rather like her.”

“Speak up. You’re the star. You’ve got some pull.”

“I don’t know who to tell. Can’t go through Irving, he hates me now.”

“Sandy, the assistant. She can pass it along.”

“Good idea. Thanks.”

“Anything else you need?”

“No. I’m fine. Thank you.”

“Okay, set your alarm and wake up to it this time!”

“Would you like to watch me?” He went to his room, inviting Dwight to follow. At the side of the bed, he picked up his alarm clock and set it.

Dwight leaned in the door, watching, hands deep in his pockets. “Good. Now, bed. I want to go to sleep and I don’t want to be worrying about you.”

“I’m fine. No worrying, Mum.” Austin winked at his friend.

“Shut up and go to sleep.”

“Yes, Mum.”

Dwight walked out, closing the door behind him, smiling.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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