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And Itza Danced – Part 2

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

And Itza Danced coverBecause of the death of her parents, Itza is now head woman of her village. She has led her people in more than one battle, but they grow weary of having to protect themselves against every bandit and brigand who thinks he can get what he wants from them. This newest threat, Elveric, has struck a deal with Itza. The two of them will fight. If she wins, they leave them in peace and tell others to stay away. If he wins, he and his men take what they want.

One of the bandits and oldest of the farmers were to judge. Each of the combatants took their stance and waited. The signal came and they prepared their attacks. Elveric circled to his left, looking for an opening. Itza countered his moves, eying him critically, waiting for a betraying movement which would herald his attack. He lumbered around facing her…

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Something New – Part 15

something new cover

Austin stood in the middle of the room, a black Ibanez on a strap around his neck. His fingers flew over the strings. He wore a pair of headphones and had his back to her. She didn’t want to sneak up on him, but he had his eyes closed. Something alerted him, perhaps the scent of her perfume, or an awareness that he was being watched. He turned, surprised. He took off the headphones and she heard other instruments playing. He turned off the music and set the guitar on a stand.

“I’m a freak,” he said, holding his arms wide. “Forgive me?”

“Of course,” she replied, stepping into the circle of his arms.

“Do they need me?”

“Not at the moment. I came to talk to you for a minute. Can we chat?”

“Sure. Sounds ominous.”

“Depends on your perspective.” She took him by the hand, leading him to the living room.

“Are you mad—about the kiss? Or the love scene?”

“Not at all. If you’ll recall, I was enjoying that kiss as much as you.”

He smirked. “I noticed.”

They sat.

“I haven’t been entirely honest with you.”

“You’re secretly a man,” he blurted.

“Of course not! Why would you even think of that?”

“It was the worst thing I could think of. If I found out I’d been snogging a bloke, I might have to swallow bleach.”

“Nothing like that, I promise.” She took a deep breath. “This is harder than I thought.”

“What is? Why?”

“I like you so much, Austin. You’re funny and smart and so—cute!” She blushed.

“You didn’t think so when you first arrived. You thought I was conceited. I do have great hair, though.”

“Oh, you heard that? I’m so ashamed. I didn’t mean it. The other girls were ogling you and I was jealous.”


“Because I was sure you’d rather have one of them than me.”

Austin didn’t know what to say. Instead, he pulled her close, his lips brushing hers once more. Liat knew she had to tell him, she wanted to tell him, but she couldn’t stop that kiss. It had taken on a life of its own, igniting her senses, making her tingle from head to foot. His scent filled her nostrils, making her dizzy. Or maybe it was the power of his kiss itself that made her senses reel. He felt so good in her arms, his lips locked with hers, his tongue teasing hers as it flickered in and out.

An insistent knocking on the door finally penetrated their little world of two. Separating slowly, they tried to straighten their clothing and fix their hair. It was a lost cause and they both knew it. Austin adjusted his tie and jacket before opening the door.

Sandy stood on the pavement, gazing up at him. A woman with sleek brown hair, dark brown eyes and a very familiar face glared at him. She was dressed in a well tailored black suit with red soled shoes with metal heels. She took the first step, grabbing his limp hand so he’d pull her up. He did so automatically, taking her weight with a shift of his stance. When she was inside, Sandy and Robert followed.

“Mr. Templeton, I presume.”

“Yes. Austin, yes.”

“You’ve got something on your face, Austin.” She pointed to his mouth and cheeks.

Too late, Liat realized her lipstick had rubbed off on him. He wiped with a tissue, managing to miss all the smeared red spots. She dabbed at him with a damp tissue, but it didn’t do much good.

“Never mind,” the woman said haughtily. “Sit down, both of you.”

“I’m assuming you’re our producer,” Austin said. “I don’t believe we’ve met before.”

“No, we haven’t. You’ve dealt with my assistants, but not me directly. I’m Elaine Vogel.”

“Pleased to meet you, ma’am.”

He held out his hand, but she didn’t take it. Her eyes shifted to Liat.

“And this is your new leading lady, of whom I’ve heard so much?”

“Yes, ma’am. Liat Fogleberg—” he began.

“We’ve met—a time or two. Hello, Liat, darling. Did you think you could pop up without calling me? And get a job on my show without me finding out?”

“What?” Austin stood up. “What?”

“Didn’t she tell you? Liat is my youngest daughter. Only her name isn’t Fogleberg, it’s Vogel.”

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Something New – Part 14

something new coverAustin finds himself in a quandary. He’s highly attracted to Liat, which is made all too plain when he kisses her. Flustered by his reaction, he has a mild panic attack. Here is a woman he likes and respects, has to get naked with, and knows he will embarrass himself. Fortunately, Sandy understands, and agrees to dispense with the naked love scene, something they’d been wanting to work away from in any case.

Liat wandered to his table as Robert and Sandy walked away. Austin invited her to sit.

“What was that all about?”

“We’ve decided to rewrite the love scene.”

“Oh? Why?”

“I’ve been trying all this season, and half of last, to drift away from the tits and ass—mostly my ass—aspect of the show. We got the idea, already. He’s a playboy who roams the universe shagging anything with remotely the right stuff. How likely is it that every alien female has a vagina?” He realized what he’d said and blushed. “Sorry.”

Liat giggled, enjoying his misery for a moment. “Precisely what I’ve always asked myself. And how many are genetically compatible? Might there be a lot of little alien babies out there looking for Daddy?”

“I know! And it’s a miracle he hasn’t ended up with something. A withering alien grunge that makes his naughty bits fall off.” He shuddered. “So, Sandy agreed to rewrite the scene a bit so I don’t have to go naked. It will fade to black with us kissing.”

“So, in effect, we still do it.”

“Yes, but it’s very Seneca-esque.”

“Takes place off stage.” She nodded, smiling. “It works. Not taking him completely out of the convoluted alien vaginas, then.”

“Gradual reduction,” he replied seriously. “Can’t send him cold turkey. His man parts might fall off from lack of use.” He wiggled his fingers distastefully.

“Or he’d develop carpel tunnel.” Her dark eyes twinkled as she smiled at him.

It took Austin a moment to catch up with what she’d said. When he did, he laughed loudly. “There’s that. But we won’t be seeing my arse this time, except tastefully clothed in boxers. I’m thinking with smiley faces. Those are irresistible to women.”

Sponge Bob, he’s ever so much sexier, with his—nose.”

Austin laughed again. “Be sure to mention that to the costumer.”

“I shall.”

He made to rise, but she took his hand. “Austin, that was a fantastic kiss, by the way. And I hope we’ll be able to enjoy more of those.”

“I—you—yes, please.” He got up, rushing away. He headed toward his trailer once more.

This time, no one followed him. They would fetch him before the next scene.

Liat was toying with the idea of going after him, when Naomi wandered over with a platter of coconut shrimp.

“A little birdie told me you like these.”

“Love them! How did you know?”

“I have ways and means.” She scooted closer. “When do you intend to tell him?”

“Tell him what?” Liat tried to look innocent.

“Secret’s out—just with Dex and me. Did you really think you could pull this off without being discovered?”

Liat looked uncomfortable. “I was hoping no one would know.”

Naomi leaned close, whispering. “When my husband’s cousin comes to town unannounced, he gets curious.”

“I haven’t seen him in ages, not since we were small.”

“Nope, but did you really think he wouldn’t recognize the family crest?” She pointed to Liat’s necklace.

Liat put her hand over it, sighing. “Does anyone else know?”

“Not at the moment, but the second the producer marches in the door, that will all change. Don’t you think you’d better warn him before she arrives?”


“He already likes you, that’s blatantly obvious. Don’t lie to him any longer.”

Liat nodded. Squaring her shoulders, she headed to Austin’s trailer.

Loud guitar music blared from the trailer. It wasn’t a tune Liat recognized, but it was amazing, with a hard driving rhythm. It was highly charged and emotional. Knowing he’d never hear her, she didn’t bother to knock, merely let herself in. The music continued. She didn’t see Austin in the living room area, so she wandered further in. There was an area between the living room and bedroom that had been outfitted as a music room. There was an electric drum set, a bongo, three guitars, a bass and a keyboard.

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And Itza Danced – Part 1

Introducing And Itza Danced, another Lone Wolf short story.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

And Itza Danced coverThis story is associated with my sci-fi series. The character of Itza is introduced in The Kahlea (not yet published). She is an interesting character and I decided I needed to explore her origin’s more. She is the First Champion of the people of Bankaywan. She is also a distant relative of Mai’s. This story begins before Itza became the First Champion, even before the Duelist’s Guild came to be. This is set when Bankaywan was still a primitive, backwater planet in the middle of absolute nowhere. It is a time when only the strong survive and peace must be won with the strength of the fist.

Itza stood in a defensive pose, facing down the most recent bunch of marauders. So for this month, there had been three, each more brutal and grasping than the last. Every time, her village had fought them and won—just barely. Today, she didn’t…

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Something New – Part 13

something new coverWith Irving gone, everyone is able to relax and get some serious work done. In the infamous scene 5, Austin and Liat exchange a kiss. He completely loses himself in the moment. His professional aplomb shaken, he excuses himself, nearly running to his trailer.

Dwight went into Austin’s trailer without knocking. His friend paced from one end to the other, muttering. He nodded when Dwight entered, but kept pacing.

“You okay?”

“Yes.” He walked past. “No.” He turned and went the other way.

“That was some kiss.”

“Yes.” He repeated the pacing, back and forth with long, quick steps.

“What’s wrong?”

“Did that look real? Like really real—not television real—but I want to shag her real.”


“Damn. I was afraid of that.”


“Because, I want to shag her. It was bloody wonderful! She tasted like strawberries and—and chocolate and simply amazing, tantalizing girl. I want to snog her and I want to shag her. And sometime in the next few days I have to get virtually naked with her and pretend to shag her—only I can’t really—and. . . . Misery!”

Dwight saw horror in his friend’s face, but he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Because, obviously, I’ve got to tromp around with my ass out and pretend to shag and this—!” He gestured angrily at his groin. “This!”

For the first time, Dwight let his gaze travel down to the level of his friend’s zipper. He raised an interested eyebrow.

“That poses a problem. A rather large problem.”

“You’re not helping.”

“You need an effective cock block,” Dwight suggested. “Something to think about when you’re pretending to shag her so you won’t want to shag her.”

“Like what? Fuzzy kittens? Little, cute puppies? Charming antics?” He frolicked around a moment before pacing again.

Dwight bit his lip. “Oh, I don’t think puppies and kittens are enough. Zombies, dead burnt bodies. Car wrecks. Train derailings. Mom finding your porn stash.”

“I don’t have a Mom and I haven’t a porn stash. I’ve always hated mummies.” He concentrated a moment. “Nope. Nothing.”

“You could shag her before hand,” Dwight suggested.

“Oh, because that would make it so much easier,” Austin replied. “Has that ever worked for you?”

“Nope. I’m grasping at straws.”

“What works for you?”

His friend blinked rapidly. “I don’t know. Um—I don’t usually need one, because I’m not in this unwieldy position. The porn stash was my best bet. If Mom had found gay porn, she’d have a conniption.”

There was a tap at the door. Sandy’s assistant, a fresh faced young man named Robert, opened the door. “Sorry to bother you, but Liat’s worried. Are you okay?”

Austin turned away, growling with frustration. “Nothing that castration wouldn’t solve.”

The assistant, a man about his age, chuckled. “Yeah. Love scene tomorrow.” He paused. “How attached are you to that scene?”

“You mean the one where I bare my arse yet again, moon the camera and shag a beautiful woman? I could do without it completely.”

“Let me talk to Sandy. Maybe we can rewrite it. Cause, dude, I get it. She’s hot. And if that kiss was any indication—”

“Exactly!” Austin’s eyes held desperation.

“Come have lunch. Everyone’s worrying about you. We’ll chat with Sandy.” He tipped his head.

Austin followed. Dwight brought up the rear, walking beside the assistant, Robert.

“Thank you,” he murmured.

“Man, been there myself. I knew exactly what was wrong.”

“Every man in the place did.”

Austin sat at his table alone, his plate virtually untouched. Naomi came over with all his favorites and finally was able to persuade him to eat. Liat sat by Sandy, talking quietly, but earnestly. When Robert came over, Liat went back to the catering table and talked to Naomi while she got more to eat.

Sandy and Robert wandered over to Austin’s table. They huddled together, talking quietly. After a few moments, Austin jumped up, kissing Sandy’s cheeks.

“Thank you! Yes, marvelous. Thank you!” He kissed her smack on the mouth.

“We’ll have the new pages by morning,” Robert assured him.

“If you were a girl, I’d kiss you too,” Austin said, shaking his hand. “Thank you.”

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Something New – Part 12

something new coverIrving is history, much to everyone’s delight. Sandy, the assistant, is now taking over as director.

Austin took his place, grinning at Liat. He pulled a serious face, trying not to smile, because the scene was a dramatic one. After several attempts, he finally had to turn his back and take a deep breath. Liat saw the change come over him as he became The Magician once more. She took the time to center herself. When he turned around and took his mark, he was his character—interstellar hero.

The scene went remarkably well, with no screw ups. Sandy watched a playback. “I don’t think we can improve on that. Wow, we never did a scene in one take before. Good job! Take a short break while we reset for scene five.”

Austin and Liat made a quick trip to the loo and met up at the catering table. She had a plate full of fruit and he piled on a few scones and a stack of pineapple.

“Love this stuff. Isn’t it brilliant?” He took a bite, closing his eyes.

“I never saw anyone enjoy his food so much,” Liat remarked.

“Remember the starving thing? Wasn’t an exaggeration. Oi, Naomi. Have any chocolate?”

She giggled. “You got away from me before I had a chance to melt it.” She brought over a bowl of melted chocolate.

Austin tipped some on his plate and offered the rest to Liat. She accepted with a grin, dipping a strawberry in hers. He dipped his pineapple, rolled his eyes and moaned softly. She giggled.

“Gee, Austin. You need a girlfriend, mate.”

He smiled, eyes softening. “Yeah, well. Waiting for the right girl to say yes to that.” He finished his pineapple in silence.

Liat wasn’t quite sure what to say. She wasn’t used to men like Austin, who were funny and shy, a mixture of ultimate confidence and absolute terror. She knew he was interested, but he didn’t make a direct move like the other men she knew. She liked his shyness, but realized she would have to show her interest and give him an opening. They waited for the final lighting changes, standing together off to the side. Austin watched, arms crossed.

“Scene five, eh?”


“You know what happens in scene five?”

She shook her head. He smiled, winking before taking his place. Another quick transition and he was all business. Liat watched him, fascinated, concentrating hard on the scene ahead. The prior scene had been one of havoc and mayhem. They hadn’t filmed it yet, since it took place outside and wasn’t scheduled for several more days.

The two of them were in a warehouse, hiding from the bad guys, a race of sentient robots, a cross between the Star Trek Borg and Whovian Cybermen. All hell was about to erupt around them, but they had a small lull in the action.

As they stood there, terrified for their lives, The Magician touched her cheek, brushing her hair behind her ear.

“If we’re going to die, I simply must—”

His lips lightly brushed hers, making them tingle. Liat was so surprised, she didn’t react right away. Then, her arms came up, wrapping around his neck by habit rather than design. His arms pulled her close and the kiss deepened, intensified. Liat sensed that it was no longer Morgana and The Magician kissing, but her and Austin. Kissing him felt so right. She opened her mouth her tongue sweeping across his and she trembled.

“And cut!” Sandy yelled. “Austin! Yo, Austin!”

“Sorry.” His eyes focused on her gradually. Realizing he still held Liat in his arms, he slowly let her go, taking a step back.

No one said anything. They’d never seen Austin lose his professional aplomb with a woman before. He’d kissed a dozen women and pretended to get his freak on with eleven, all in the course of the show. Never had he completely lost himself in the moment.

“Excuse me,” he mumbled, heading for his trailer.

Dwight followed, saying nothing.

“Break! That’s lunch,” Sandy said.

Liat looked nearly as flustered as Austin. Naomi approached her, speaking quietly.

“I’ve got fresh scones and tea,” she offered. “Would you like some?”

“Yes, thanks.”

“You okay, honey?”

“Yeah. Yeah.”

“You don’t look all right.”

“Wow,” Liat mumbled. “No words. . . .”

Naomi chuckled. “I know the feeling. Dex still has that effect on me three years later.”

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Dellani’s Alphabet Challenge Letter L – Lone Wolf


ABC ChallengeThe following scene is from Lone Wolf, book 1 of my sci-fi series. Wil VanLipsig has recently reunited with his friend, Marc Slatterly, after a long absence. He’s just started dating Matilda Dulac and finds out that some very old friends, the giant cat warriors, The Fellicians, are on planet. He takes Matilda to meet them. These characters are some of my favorites, especially Caprilla and Cavitus. I think after this brief scene, you will understand why. (Some of this scene was edited out in the book)

Wil’s understanding of the Fellician language was limited. He simply didn’t have the capacity to accurately mimic their speech. Their language was very musical in nature and Wil was virtually tone deaf. The same words could have different meanings. Depending on how they were pitched and the clicks and trills accompanying them, dictated the context. It was a very subtle form of communication.

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Sea of Destiny – Part 37 by Dellani Oakes

Sea of Destiny continues. Emily gets her healing, but Fr. Michael has something to tell Kyle that could change his life forever.

Indigo Sea Press Blog

sea of destiny coverThe healing complete, Father Michael has to recover his strength. Although it seriously tests his faith, Kyle has to admit that Emily looks better. He can only hope and pray that she truly is healed.

“I’m not the one you should thank. Your Heavenly Father is responsible for this, not me. I’m just the conduit.”

Kyle dropped to his knees, praying quietly, giving thanks to God for Emily’s healing. He knew she was well, he could feel it. Underneath his joy, something lurked. There was the matter of payment that the priest had mentioned.

“You told me at the mission there was something I must do for you.” Kyle rose, his eyes wary.

“Yes. Gentlemen, I beg your indulge once more. I need to speak to Kyle alone.”

“Certainly, Father.” Pablo bowed respectfully, leaving immediately.

Sighing heavily, Dr. West followed him. Once the door was closed, Fr. Michael focused on…

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Something New – Part 11

something new cover

She eyed him critically. “Nope, can’t be cute anymore. You’ll have to settle for handsome.”

“I suppose I’ll have to sacrifice, then. Pity. I liked being cute.” He pulled a ridiculous pout, tossing his magnificent mane of hair.

“Austin!” Irving yelled. He gave the impression that he’d spoken to the leading actor more than once. Glowering, he waited several seconds before continuing. “Do I have your full attention?”

“As full as it’s likely to get. You’ll have to settle for semi-divided with an excuse,” Austin replied, holding up a finger. “I’m standing next to the world’s most beautiful woman.” He gestured to Liat. “You can’t expect to win my full attention, mate. Not possible.”

Irving glared at him, clearly furious. He didn’t like how close Liat stood to Austin or the fact he put his hand over hers.

“Ready for blocking,” Irving commanded. “Where’s your script?” He glared at Austin.

Dwight scurried forward, handing it to him. He’d tossed it aside to do his squats. Grinning, Austin waved it and clicked open a mechanical pencil.

“Armed and ready, sir,” Austin replied, wielding the script like a sword.

Liat hid a smile. He sounded less than deferential. In fact, he managed to make sir sound like an insult instead of a term of respect.

They worked on blocking for nearly an hour before Irving was satisfied. He kept changing his mind, then yelled at the actors for getting it wrong.

“Break! Everyone take ten.” He threw up his hands. “I can’t work like this. I can’t work with him. He’s impossible.”

Austin scurried over to Dwight. “Does he mean me?”


“What did I do? I thought I was doing well.”

“You’re fine. He’s trying to make you look bad and he can’t.”

“What’s he doing now?”

Irving was on the phone, talking heatedly, gesturing wildly, from time to time he pointed at Austin. Red in the face, he did everything but yell. He was furious, but controlled. It was terrifying. Had he lost his temper and hollered, it would have been less intimidating.

“I imagine he’s complaining about you.”

“Me? Whatever for?”

“Saving an innocent woman from his dastardly clutches.”

“Oh that. He’s still pissed about that?”

“Guess his ego couldn’t handle it.”

“Do I need to worry about my job?”

Dwight put his hands on Austin’s shoulders. “Have you seen your numbers? Do you know how well loved you are?”

“No. I don’t pay attention. I just want to work.”

“You’re the network’s golden boy. Who do you think they’re more likely to fire, the pain in the ass director who’s inordinately difficult to work with and pisses off the entire cast and crew—or you?”

Austin chuckled. “When you put it that way—guess I’d best pack my bags.”

Dwight laughed loudly, pulling Austin into an unexpected hug. They watched as Irving thrust the phone at the assistant director and stormed off. Sandy took the offending phone, putting it to her ear. She nodded, smiling shakily.

“Yes, ma’am. Yes. I completely understand. You bet. And thank you.” She hung up, grinning. “Everyone, gather round.”

They grouped around her expectantly.

“I just got off the phone with the producer. She’s very interested in what’s been going on over here and plans to visit later today. In the meantime, I’m in charge. It’s Friday. What does that mean?”

“Everyone works on Friday,” they chorused loudly.

“That’s right! Now, you lot!” She put on a fair imitation of Austin’s accent. “Time to work! Hustle, now! Chop chop. Time is money, and all that.”

Austin stepped forward, taking her hand to his lips. “Congratulations. You deserve this.” He raised her hand above her head. “Huzzah!” He yelled. “Hip hip!”

The others yelled “Hooray!”

They repeated that three times, clapped and took their places.

“What’s happening to Irving?” Austin asked her quietly.

“Lost his job in disgrace. Seems she didn’t like what he was saying about you and a certain brunette.”

“What? We didn’t do anything. We had dinner and ran lines.”

“Which is why she didn’t appreciate what he was saying. Go on, get to work!”

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