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A Little White Lie – Part 18

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

white lie coverWhile in the castle, Wil and Ben split up. Wil finds a beautiful woman who claims to be a princess of the royal family. She has an old man with her who, she says, is Aurialonus. The one that Ben and Wil found in the basement was a double.

“You could have killed him yourself,” Wil walked over to the bed, wondering what he was going to do with a naked old man.

“Yes, but then no one would have believed that he was dead when you discovered the imposter. I’ll help you carry him out. He’s disgusting, but we can wrap a sheet around his nakedness.” She grimaced slightly at the idea, handling the sheet delicately.

Wil roughly bound Aurialonus in the sheet and hoisted him casually over his shoulder. Turning, he saw the princess eyeing him speculatively.

“All men are not created equal,” she said, smirking, her eyes…

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