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A Little White Lie – Part 16

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

white lie coverThey successfully get into the castle grounds, but a few difficulties arise, not the least of which is a soldier who wants to fight Wil in single combat. Never one to avoid an opportunity to show off, he agrees.

Wil dodged the swinging knife, ducking under the other man’s guard. A sharp blow to the ribs sent his opponent reeling a few steps. Wil heard three ribs shatter. Breath coming in gasps, the guard prepared more carefully. His next attack was better planned as he took a running leap, his booted foot aiming for Wil’s mid-section. Breaking stride, he dropped onto the lead foot, weaving an intricate pattern with the other; a powerful arc caught Wil behind the knee.

A lesser man would have been howling, his knee dislocated. Wil dropped and rolled sideways, using the momentum of the kick to propel him away from his attacker. Landing on both…

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