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Snowed – Part 49

snowed cover image for blogThe police come over, yet again, to investigate the rock through the window and the damage to Mikes’ Jeep. The female police officer isn’t sure whether to lecture and condemn him for his behavior or not. Mike does his best to convince her that he’s not as big a jerk as he seems.

I was suddenly very glad I hadn’t let my baser instincts take over with Deidre. I could look this woman in the face and not have to lie to her.

“You got that thing under control?” She stared at my pants like I had a lethal weapon in there.

“I’m working on it,” I said with a cocky smirk.

“But you still got another woman? This is woman number three?”

“Yes. But if things work out, she’s my one and only.”

“Mm hm.” She looked skeptical.

“Look, I made some mistakes over the last week. I just had a birthday, I was drunk, lonely. . . . horny,” I added in a whisper. “Haven’t you done something a little bit stupid under those circumstances?”

I could see by the subtle shift of her body that she had.

“In the meantime, I have to work tomorrow and I’ve got a huge hole in my window that I have to patch up and glass to clear off the carpet. As well as a girlfriend who’s probably hysterical next door. So, are we done?”

“We’re done,” she said. “I’ll have someone call you tomorrow about that note. Maybe we’ll get lucky.”

“Thanks.” I held out my hand to shake hers.

She glanced at my hand rather suspiciously, then took it in a firm grip.

“You behave yourself, you hear?”

“Scout’s honor.” I saluted her like a Boyscout.

“You weren’t ever a Boyscout,” she teased, walking to her squad car.

“Was too,” I called after her. “Eagle Scout.”

She smiled at me, got in her car and left.

I cleaned up the mess in my living room and found a piece of cardboard to tape over the hole. It would be sufficient until tomorrow. In the meantime, we’d make due. As for my Jeep, I had to quit looking at it or I was going to cry. That was my pride and joy and now it looked like it had been in a wreck.

I picked up Molly’s camera, not wanting to leave it in my place. Locking the door behind me, I walked over to Molly’s. Sarena was on the couch with Angie and Jesse. Steve was on the phone, with my mother as it turned out. Now why in hell would anyone call her? I didn’t ask.

“The cops will call tomorrow with an update. Meanwhile, I need some sleep if I’m gonna get to work in the morning.”

“Go get some stuff from your place,” Angie said. “You’re staying here the rest of the night. Sarena’s upset. She can’t go back over there.”

I could see by Sarena’s face that Angie was right. I couldn’t ask her to go under those circumstances. Steve and I got some things from my place and moved into Molly’s guest room.

“If this keeps up, I’ll move her back to the motel,” I said with conviction. “I can’t stay in Molly’s guest room forever.”

“If you take her to the motel, you stay with her. I don’t like this, Mike. The paint was bad enough. It’s almost kind of funny. But a brick in the window and the damage to your Jeep? That’s getting personal.”

“And painting DICK on the side of my home wasn’t?”

He started to laugh. “Not as much. I know it’s not funny, but it is all the same.”

“You might not think so if it was you,” I replied, tossing my shaving things into a Ziploc bag.

“No. You’re right.”

“Why were you talking to Ma?”

“Jesse’s idea. She thought Chester should know.”

“Oh. They coming over?”

“No. I talked them out of it. I figured we have enough of a crowd.”

“Thanks. I hate dragging you into this mess. I’m sorry I didn’t have better self-control.”

“In your defense, bro, in the same circumstances, I’d have done the same thing. Let’s get back so you can get some sleep.”

Sarena was already in bed when I got back. Jesse was home and Angie was cleaning up when we came in. I bid them goodnight and went to join Sarena. She was curled up in a ball, crying piteously.

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