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Snowed – Part 48

snowed cover image for blogMike and Sarena talk a little while about Mystery Date. She is concerned, voicing his mothers misgivings about the other woman. Knowing that her ex-husband was a womanizing jerk, Mike tries to assure her he’s not the same way.

Giggling, she pretended to shove me away, but managed to stay right where I wanted her. A little tickling, some groping and kissing later, we were back in the bed making hot monkey love. I never in my life felt what I did with her. Mystery Date was amazing, but something about Sarena intoxicated me like a fine wine. I couldn’t get enough of her body. If I could have made love to her continuously, the entire night, without a break, I would have.

However, the previous night had caught up with me and and I couldn’t keep up the pace. The hour’s nap hadn’t been enough to completely revive me and I conked out after three times. It was just as well, since I had to get up and be conscious for work the next day. I set the alarm and we went to sleep, curled up around one another. It felt good having her in my arms.

The sound of glass breaking woke us around 3:00. Grabbing my pants, I dashed out to the front room. There was a brick with a piece of paper tapped around it. I didn’t pick it up, figuring that whoever threw it might have left fingerprints. All of a sudden, there was a huge crash outside and the alarm on my Jeep went off. I pulled on boots, grabbing my jacket, as I ran outside. Tripping over my own feet, I saw someone running away. There was no way I was gonna catch up half barefoot. Besides my Jeep, my pride and joy, had a huge hole in the windshield. The lights flashed, the horn honked and nothing I did turned the damn thing off.

Sarena brought me the phone, dressed in her coat and leggings. She’d pulled on her boots, and I suspected, nothing else. I wanted her back in the house, but she wouldn’t go. By this time, Steve was there, and Angie. Jesse waited on her porch, shivering. I sent Sarena over there to be with them while I waited for the cops. Steve did something that got the alarm to stop blaring, which was good, cause my neighbors were starting to complain.

The first to show up were the guys behind me. They were pissed, but got over it when they saw what had happened. The cops got there next and ran off most of the onlookers. I showed them inside, where the brick was, and assured them we hadn’t touched it. They got pictures and did their thing, taking the brick with them in an evidence bag.

“Can you think of anyone who would want to harm you, Mr. Reuben?” The first officer on the scene asked me. She was an elegant black woman who was probably close to my mother’s age.

“Yeah,” I said quietly. “I wouldn’t of thought so, even after the paint.” I gestured at the house. “But now, obviously, someone is pissed. And I think it’s a woman I had a thing with.”

“A thing?” The female officer drew herself up, staring at me in that hard way a woman does when anything of dubious sexual content gets pulled into a conversation.

“One night stand?” I shrugged, running my fingers through my hair. “Look. I don’t want to offend you or piss you off, but that’s what it was.” I explained to her about Mystery Date and Simone, without telling her name.

“And now you’ve got another woman staying with you?”

I nodded.

“And the night after you were with this mysterious girl, you had yet a different woman here for the night?”

I nodded again. She gave me an even harder look. I thought I was in for a lecture, but she didn’t say everything I knew she was thinking. Again, I didn’t mention Shelly, feeling I was in enough of a mess without adding to it.

“Normally, I don’t get so much action,” I said. “It was exceptional circumstances and I didn’t initiate either encounter. Just so you know.”

“It doesn’t matter what I believe, Mr. Reuben.”

“It would make me feel a little less like a worm, if you would.”

Her expression softened. “This other woman, the second one, you don’t think she had anything to do with this?”

“No, ma’am. She’s not the jealous or violent kind. We get together once in awhile when we both feel the itch.” I had to resist the urge to fidget. “It was an amicable parting of the ways. She has a teenage daughter who rode my bus, and that got a little awkward. I know her daughter pretty well.”

“You aren’t sleeping with her too, are you?”

“Oh, no ma’am!” I held up my hands like she had a gun on me. “Trust me! Under twenty-one, I’m not interested.”

“That’s a good thing, Mr. Reuben.”

© Dellani Oakes 2014

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