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Snowed – Part 39

snowed cover image for blogSteve and Mike go outside so Steve can have a smoke. While there, Mike sees Miss Parker, who works there part time. He realizes, too late, that she has a crush on him. Mike calls Polly to let her know that surgery went well. Instead, he talks to Sarena who teases that he doesn’t want to talk dirty to her because he’ll get a boner in public.

“Pretty much guessed it in one,” I said with an uncomfortable laugh. “I miss you.”

“Me too. Be good.”

“Baby, I’m always good,” I countered and hung up as she laughed.

“That better not have been my sister-in-law you were talking to like that,” Steve said, pretending to frown.

“Oh, sure. I’m gonna talk dirty to a nursing mother.”

I punched him, satisfied that I knocked him back a step. Steve is built a lot like me, maybe an inch or so shorter, but probably stronger. He laughed, punching me back. I staggered.

“Hey, I’m off duty,” one of the nurses called after us. “Don’t make me come over there!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt him—much,” I replied.

“Male bonding,” one of the other women smirked.

“There’s only one way to bond with a male,” another countered. “And he sure as hell better not hit me in the process!” That got some laughs.

We bid the smokers a fond farewell and headed back to the waiting room. The girls were packed up and ready to hit the road. We went by to pick up Sarena and Polly. Jesse wanted her nap, so we agreed to take her by later during visiting hours. I called Ma to let her and Chester know we were going to lunch and they joined us at the same restaurant where we had dinner.

Steve lingered behind with me as we let the ladies in the door. “So, who was the quiet one you were talking to? Pretty thing.”

“She’s a teacher at one of the elementary schools. Miss Parker. Funny, I don’t know her first name. I think it’s something like Annette, Annie? Very pleasant, shy.”

“Has she got a thing for you?”

“I didn’t think so until today, but yeah. Damn, I wish I’d known before all this. . . .” He gestured at the chatty group of women.

“She’s sweet, but could you see her hold her own with this group? Now, Sarena, she fits right in like a long lost sister.”

We watched the women organizing the tables, getting the waiters to pull them together so we could sit in a big group. The guys were all over themselves to help out. Even the gay one was flirting with Sarena. I had to laugh. What was I gonna do? She was the only one obviously not married. Besides, she was pouring it on like a fiend.

I made sure I sat by her. When we had all ordered, she got up to go to the restroom with the others, I held her back a moment.

“You should get your luggage and check out of your room,” I whispered.

“Your mother did that for me last night. Since all I did was have my bags in there and use one towel, they didn’t even charge for the room. Daddy brought my things to your place after the cookware episode.”

“Sweet. . . .” My lips naturally dropped on hers. I didn’t have eyes for anyone else in the room. Time screeched to a sudden halt as my heart did a few flips flops.

“I really do need to run to the bathroom,” she giggled, kissing my nose. “Save my spot?”

“It is my one desire,” I said with a smirk.

“No, it’s not,” she countered, flashing me a glimpse of her chest as she got up. “But it will have to do for now.”

Sarena followed the babbling crowd of sisters.

“So, who’s staying over tonight?” Ma asked.

“I’m taking the girls back this afternoon,” Steve replied. “But Angie and I will spend the night. Ang didn’t like the idea of Jesse being alone over there. It kept her up most of the night.”

“We should call Jesse’s daughter to come stay. You can’t put your lives on hold,” I said.

“Already done. She’ll be there tomorrow. So, for tonight, we have the place to ourselves. Kind of like a second honeymoon—no kids. . . .”

“Don’t get too wild,” Chester said with a bland expression. “You might scare Jesse and she’ll call the cops on you.”

“We’ll try to keep it down,” Steve smirked, his eyes twinkling.

The ladies joined us just as the food was being brought out. Again, the meal was delicious.

“This has become my favorite restaurant,” I said with a slight burp. “I wish I could eat here all the time.”

“Well, we’re cooking tonight,” Ma said with a happy smile. “We got our cookware all set and dishes. . . .”

“Isn’t it awkward keeping kosher?” Angie asked. “I mean, I understand the reasoning behind it. But separate refrigerators, cookware, dishes?”

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Sometimes It Begins with a Name

More about The Ninja Tattoo and Conduct Unbecoming!

Florida Family Series by Dellani Oakes

cropped-the-ninja-tattoo-by-dellani-oakes-200.jpgSometimes, it begins with a name, that compelling first line, the one that echoes in your head until it’s written down. Other times, it starts with a description that won’t leave my mind.

When I wrote The Ninja Tattoo, I was overwhelmed with the description, but the name wasn’t far behind. I don’t know where the name Teague McMurtry came from. It sprang onto the page with a description and details about him before I knew what was happening.

Inspired by something that happened to me, The Ninja Tattoo was my way of exploring an incident that was really strange and defied other explanation. I don’t know what compelled the bikers I encountered, but I could discover and explain what happened to Teague.

The first line is simple: Early morning sun set the sky on fire, glistening off the water, momentarily blinding him.

When I wrote that sentence, I remembered…

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A Little White Lie – Part 3

Wil gets unexpected visitors and an abrupt end to his vacation. He breaks camp and is about half done when the team comes to collect him. Among them is a Corporal he knows, Penny Stennis. He greets her in his usual, seductive way.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

white lie coverWil gets unexpected visitors and an abrupt end to his vacation. He breaks camp and is about half done when the team comes to collect him. Among them is a Corporal he knows, Penny Stennis. He greets her in his usual, seductive way.

Penny melted against him despite her resolve not to. Barry must be going nuts with jealousy, but what could she do? When Wil was around, she couldn’t think straight. All that she had in mind was feeling his strong, lean body sweating next to hers, his arms holding her tight, his thighs against….

“What?” He’d spoken to her. “I’m sorry, Colonel?”

“Come on, Penny, tell me Greyling’s plans.” He nuzzled her neck, nibbling an earlobe.

“Honestly… Colonel… Wil, I don’t… know.”

His hands traveled over her body, leaving a tingling trail in their wake. Barry cleared his throat loudly, demanding their attention.

“Ready to go, sir.” His…

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Snowed – Part 38

snowed cover image for blogMike and Steve are bored, so they explore the hospital, locate the gift show and coffee shop, where they have a second breakfast and chat.

“How did a nice New York City boy like you end up here?” He held out his arms to indicated the entire city.

“Car trouble.” I told him my tale.

We were laughing when we got back to the waiting room. Angie was the only one awake. Her sisters were curled up on couches using our jackets as pillows. Steve wanted a smoke and we really needed to get outside, but didn’t want to wake them. It wasn’t all that cold out, the sun was warm, so we were fine in our sweaters and flannels.

We had to walk off hospital property to a secluded smoking area at the back of a shopping center next door. The banished smokers huddled together under a side-less canopy, shivering in the shade. We opted for standing in the sun. As Steve smoked, we chatted with the men and women on their breaks. One woman looked fairly familiar. It took me a minute to realize it was Miss Parker, the teacher.

“I didn’t know you worked here,” I said, when she invited me to sit down.

“Part time on weekends and school holidays. I’m also a C.N.A., but I’m working on my nursing degree.”

“Why teach then?”

“It pays better than this, but this gives me a foot in the door when I have my R.N.”

I nodded agreeing that made sense.

“I’m pulling as much overtime as I can. I just lost my apartment.”

“No kidding? I’m sorry to hear that. You got a place to stay?”

“Yes, I’m staying with a friend. It’s okay.” She paused, not quite looking at me. “I want to thank you again for driving us on the field trip. The kids like you and they always behave better when you’re around.”

I laughed, finding that ironic. “I was always the cut up,” I told her. “If it was there to get in trouble over, I was the one in the middle of it. I got to be known as the Instigator. Teachers trembled in their shoes when they got me in class.”

“You look like a trouble maker,” she teased. “It’s all over your face.”

I rubbed my palms vigorously against my skin. “Dammit, Steve! You’re supposed to tell me things like that!”

“I wanted to see their reaction,” he drawled, playing along. His phone rang before he could say anything more. “It’s Ang.” He took a step away from the table. “Hey, baby. What’s up?”

I couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation, but he was smiling when he came back.

“Molly’s in recovery. Surgery went very well. Doc suggests taking the ladies to lunch and coming back later. Molly should be waking up by then.”

“Great! You want to call Polly or should I?”

“Why don’t you? I need another smoke before I go back in. I swear, I’m trying to quit. Then shit like this happens and I stress. Molly’s like my mom too,” he confessed. “And I’m having to be Mr. Backbone. Thanks, Mike. You can’t imagine how much easier it is having you to share this with.”

“No problem. No place else I’d rather be.”

He shook my hand, smiling knowingly. “Yeah, there is, but not worth mentioning.”

“Hell, dude,” I whispered. “She wore me out last night. I’m gonna need a nap!”

“Call Polly,” he admonished, realizing that the others could hear us.

I noticed Miss Parker looked disappointed. It suddenly struck me that one reason she asked me to drive the bus was she had kind of a crush on me. Shit! Way to put your foot right up your ass, Mike.

I called Molly’s house and Sarena answered. “Polly’s nursing the baby,” she said quietly. “Our folks went shopping for cooking utensils. I couldn’t quite face the two of everything shopping trip, so I stayed here. What’s up?”

I gave her the update, which she passed on to Polly and Jesse. I heard the front door open and close as she walked outside.

“Now we have a moment alone. I’ve missed you.”

“Me too,” I murmured, stepping further away from the canopy and its occupants. “I can’t wait to get back home and see you.”

“I know, but we have obligations. . . .”

“Unfortunately. I’d talk dirty to ya, but there are others around.”

“You don’t want to have a boner with an audience, is that it?”

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Locations in Undiscovered

Love Under the Sun

Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes - 200I had an interesting question recently. One of my author friends wanted to know if I had actually been to the places my characters go in Undiscovered. The answer was a resounding yes—with a disclaimer.

I’ve never been to the Daytona Police Department. In fact, I had to Google the location, because I’ve never even seen it—thus proving I am a law abiding citizen. I have, however, had occasion to call the Daytona Police. They were very prompt. (More about that later)

The condo I mention in Undiscoveredis based, in general layout, on a condo I worked for in New Smyrna. The layout is rather unusual. Each unit is two stories, narrow north to south, but deep east to west. This maximizes the waterfront. Pretty clever, I guess, but odd. I changed the location, moving it up to Daytona, and changed the name.

So, about the police department……

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Snowed – Part 37

snowed cover image for blogNot only do Chester and Ma join them for breakfast, Molly’s daughters arrive with the oldest daughter’s husband.

I gave them a brief rundown on the events of the night. Not including the main event after I got home. Should I say, events? Five—yeah. . . . Okay, I’m pretty proud of myself. So sue me.

Steve and Angie arrived a few minutes later. They drove their van, bringing the rest of the sisters. The other men opted to stay home and do childcare. Most of the girls had children under ten. Molly has four girls, all of them feisty and redheaded like their mother.

I made the introductions, fortunately not screwing up anyone’s name. In addition to Angie, there was Polly, Maggie and Sally. Or as I introduced them to Chester: Angelina, Pauline, Margaret and Sarah.

I went over and got Jesse so she could join us. Meanwhile, Ma and Sarena organized breakfast, toasting the bagels in the oven and setting out coffee things. Thank God, cause I was embroiled in explanations up to my ass.

At 7:30, those of us going to the hospital loaded up in the van and went over. Polly has a two month old daughter, so she stayed at her mother’s with Jesse, Sarena and the parents. The women were planning meals before we’d even pulled out of the driveway. That would require a trip to the store for cooking utensils, but they were determined. Polly knew her way around town, having grown up here, so that wasn’t an issue. I left the house keys and Chester said he’d provide cab service. I was coming to really admire the hell out of that man.

At the hospital, we settled into the waiting room making ourselves as comfortable as we could. The women had all kinds of hand work, books and drinks. Steve and I sat there looking at each other for awhile. We decided to hit the coffee shop, gift shop and head—not in any particular order. We wandered around the rabbit warren of a hospital before landing in front of the coffee shop, where we had a second breakfast and all the coffee we could consume. We chatted amiably, enjoying the chance to get better acquainted. He’s a man who thinks a lot like me. He’s athletic, but not a sports junkie. Likes to read, even has tried his hand at writing some. He’s a plumber and makes a good living.

“So, how long have you known Sarena? You two look pretty cozy.”

“Not that long. How well. . . that’s a different story.”

He laughed, tossing his light brown hair causally out of his face. “Yeah, sometimes it doesn’t take long, huh? Angie strung me along for awhile. I was outta my mind with lust the second I saw her. She took some convincing. She was dating a guy in pre-med. Balance a doctor vs. a plumber.” He held his hands up like scales. “But when you figure the payback is quicker with a plumber and I don’t have malpractice insurance to pay—plus I treated her better than the doctor and I had more time for her. After awhile, it wasn’t such a hard sway. The second that first orgasm hit, she was mine.” He winked, buffing his nails on his flannel shirt. “Doctor boy wasn’t as interested in her plumbing as I was.”

After all that coffee, we checked out the head next. Fortune smiled again as the gift shop was right next to the bathroom. We realized we were totally out of our depth here. There were flowers, balloons, cards, gifts of all kinds, books, magazines, CD’s. . . . You name it, this place had it in spades.

“We need to get the girls down here,” Steve conceded defeat. “I don’t know what Molly would like.”

“Me either. If we got the wrong thing, she’d throw it at us.”

“There’s always a teddy bear.” He held it up, smirking.

“She’d find a way to shove that right up your ass. Does Molly look like a fuzzy bear person?”

“Not unless it’s a grizzly,” he replied, making claws of his hands and growling.

“Exactly. Are any of the girls like their mother?”

“All of them, especially Angie. I wouldn’t have her any other way. She cooks, she keeps me on my toes, runs the house like a well oiled machine and is a wildcat in bed.”

“Should you tell me that last part?”

“Prolly not, which is why you won’t tell her I said it.”

I nodded, pursing my lips, considering. “True. You’re a nice guy. I’d hate to see you dismembered.”

“She’d keep parts of me,” he said as we walked back to the waiting room.

“Naw, she’d sell you for scrap and get a newer model. My ex-fiancée told me that once. Thing is, the crazy bitch meant it.”

“Someone around here?”

“Back home. Another reason to leave.”

© Dellani Oakes 2014

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In Her Own Words – Toni Cristo Under the Western Sky

I like Toni. She is probably the least developed of the characters, as she’s less important than the other 3, but I still like her. She certainly had more to say than I anticipated.

Historical Novels by Dellani Oakes

Under the Western Sky by Dellani Oakes - 500What is your name?

Antonia Cristo, but everyone calls me Toni.

What do you do?

I’m a high school student. I sometimes work part time, babysit, that kind of thing.

What is your biggest fear?

It used to be my biggest fear was whether I was gonna have a zit on an important date night. Now, I’m scared to death we’re all going to die!

What would you give up everything to have?

I don’t know. Is there really anything that’s worth that? If you have one thing and nothing else, that seems kind of silly.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made and are you going to be able to rectify it?

The biggest mistake was talking to Danny like I did. I should have known there was more going on, but I’m (according to him) selfish and shallow. After this, I guess he has a point.


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A Little White Lie – Part 2

A Little White Lie continues

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

white lie coverWil is on a much needed vacation with unexpected companions. He didn’t particularly like Ben Drexel and Ray Schmidt when he first met them. But it’s hard to walk through hell and not come out the other side a changed man.

Making noise to alert Ben and Ray, Wil loped into the camp. His long legs ate up the miles with an almost mechanical gait. Dropping his pack loudly on the ground, he groaned, stretched and looked around. The other two were not in evidence.

“Ben! Ray! You two sorry excuses for Marines, where are you? What’s for supper? He got no response except the sighing of the wind in the tall trees around the camp.

A comunit in the tent beeped, startling Wil. He spun around, dropping to a low crouch, weapon drawn, before he realized what it was. The noise continued persistently, until he answered it.

“VanLipsig, go…

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Snowed – Part 36

snowed cover image for blogAfter talking to the doctor, Mike makes the decision for Molly to get her pacemaker. She takes the news remarkably well.

“All you had to do was ask,” I said, kissing Molly’s forehead. “Get better fast, Molly.”


“But a charming, intelligent and loveable one.”

“Yeah, yeah. . . .” She drifted off again.

“That’s settled then,” the doctor said. “I thought it would be harder.”

“She wants it this time, she just couldn’t bring herself to decide,” I said. “If she didn’t, we’d still be arguing.”

“Which is why she picked you?”

“She can’t run over me like the girls. Now I have to call and tell them. What time are you doing the surgery?”

“In the morning. She had dinner, so I don’t dare administer anesthetic for at least twelve hours. I set it up for eight AM.”

“Good. That gives the girls a chance to get here and I get a couple hours sleep.”

She glanced at her watch. “You can get at least six.” She frowned.

“Um. . . . No, I’ve got a lady friend at home.”

She laughed, chucking my shoulder. She packed a wallop for such a bitty thing. “Want me to move the surgery back? I can go nine, but that’s my final offer.”

“Could you? That’d be great!”

She gave me an incredulous look.

“Gotcha.” I pointed at her, laughing. “But seriously?” She punched me harder. “I’m kidding. Eight o’clock is good. I’ll be back by then. I’ll keep it down to three, maybe four. . . .”

She threatened to punch me again. I got the room number from the receptionist and headed home, calling Angie and Steve from the Jeep, wishing I had a bluetooth. The conversation was less than satisfactory, but Steve mediated with his wife. She was angry because I’d made the decision, not her.

“Thanks, man,” Steve said calmly. “She’s needed that for years. I’m glad she’s finally doing it.”

“I think this one scared her. If Jesse hadn’t been there to call, she might not have made it.”

“Angie and I will be there by seven. Want to meet up for breakfast?”

“I’ve got stuff here,” I said. “My mom and her fiancé are here for the week. They’re coming over for breakfast. Why don’t you join us?”

“You want the whole clan there? There’s four girls and spouses.”

“I can do bagels and coffee for up to sixteen. That’s how many plates and mugs I’ve got.”

He laughed, understanding. I like Steve. He and I hit it off pretty well the times we’d met. I didn’t think his wife was feeling too kindly toward me, but I really didn’t care. Once it sank in that it was saving her mother’s life, she’d forgive me.

Steve promised to call the sisters. I thanked him and hung up. My home was in sight. Jesse’s house was dark, so I hoped she was asleep. I gave Sarena a call. She answered and the lights went on at Jesse’s. She stood on the porch with the phone to her ear.

“You didn’t leave me a key.”

“Jesse’s got one.”

“She couldn’t find it. She was way too upset. It’s okay. I put her to bed and I’ve been sitting here watching TV.”

“Come on home, baby. Big Mike’s got a package just for you.”

“Ooh, is it about six feet tall with gorgeous hair and a tattoo?”

“You peeked. Yeah, it comes fully equipped with some features I need to go over with you.”

“Sweet. I like fully loaded, high performance—packages.”

We kept talking like that as I drove up and parked. She was waiting on my front porch, phone up to her ear, still talking dirty as I walked up. I took her phone, hung it up and slid it in her pocket. I used the opportunity to cop a feel.

The next few minutes were a repeat of the first time, only this time no one interrupted. I lied to the doctor. I didn’t get any sleep. . . .

I was up about a quarter to seven making coffee and setting out the bagels when Ma and Chester arrived. She walked right in, making me glad I was up and around and fully clothed. She didn’t seem too surprised to see Sarena there. Chester smiled, nodding at me. It was pretty obvious what we’d been doing. A woman does not have that expression on her face, that Sarena wore, unless she was completely satisfied. I raised an eyebrow at Chester, cause for once my mother wasn’t nagging and babbling and the expression on her face was damn near identical to Sarena’s. Give it to the dentist, he knew how to make my mother happy.

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Snowed – Part 35

snowed cover image for blogAlmost naked, Mike and Sarena are interrupted by Jessie knocking on the door. She’s very upset. Molly has had a heart attack. The ambulance takes Molly to the hospital and Mike gets dressed and follows. Molly has listed him as her next of kin.

“You’re the son?”

I put my hand over the phone. “Yeah. How is she?”

“On the mend, but it was a bad one. Doctor needs to talk to you.”

“Angie, give the phone to Steve—now.” The command in my voice was imperative. She did it that time. “Look, I’m getting details now. I’ll call back. You answer. I can’t talk to her when she’s like that.” I followed the woman inside.

“No problem. You do what you need to for her. We’ll be there in an hour or so.”

“Stay home until I know something. You may not even need to come tonight at all. Better not to upset her with a crowd. I got to go. They don’t like phones back here.”

“Gotcha. Bye.”

The doctor stood by Molly’s bed, holding her hand, talking quietly. She was a small, dark haired woman, slight build, athletic.

“I’m Doctor Chian. You’re Michael?” She held out her hand, taking mine firmly. She might be four foot nothin’, but that lady had a hell of a grip. “Is the rest of the family coming?”

“Do they need to?”

Molly shook her head feebly, whispering, “No.”

“She really doesn’t want the girls here. Funny, she never mentioned a son before.” She frowned slightly.

“I’m her neighbor, but we take care of each other. She’s like the mother I never had. Not that I don’t have a mother,” I laughed nervously. “She’s like mine never has been?”

She laughed lightly, nodding. “Yes, I understand. Mine is very disappointed that I became a doctor and didn’t stay home to raise a dozen kids.”

“Wow, did your mom and my mom meet at some convention?”

I glanced at Molly. She looked like she had drifted asleep. All the monitors beeped, clicked and whirred, so I knew she was alive. Dr. Chian led me outside.

“We need to put in a pacemaker, Michael. Molly has refused it for years, but it’s to the point where it really can’t be put off, or she could have these attacks on a daily basis.”

“And Jesse might not be with her next time, or me. . . .”

“Exactly. I know she doesn’t like the idea, but I don’t want that wonderful woman to die. Not on my watch. Not when I can do something. . . .”

“I’ll have to contact her daughters. I really can’t make that decision.”

“Actually, according to Molly, you can. She’s had all the papers drawn up and notarized. She’s designated you as her surrogate. She wants you to make those decisions. She doesn’t think her daughters can.”

“Where do I sign? She needs that surgery.”

She smiled, shaking my hand again. “I knew I liked you. She’s going to fuss.”

“She can yell all she wants when she’s better. Shall I tell her?”

“Come in with me. I will.”

“I’m awake,” Molly said before we were halfway in the room. “You want me to have that surgery and you talked him into it.”

“You’re right,” I said, sitting on the side of the gurney. “She’s very convincing.”

“I’ll beat your ass for saying yes.”

“Then you shouldn’t have given me permission to make the decisions for you. I want you around for a long time, Molly. I need you to keep my sorry ass in line. If you don’t get this pacemaker, who’s going to kick my ass when I fuck up?”

Molly pursed her lips. “I owe you two just for that.”

“I’m gonna sit here and cuss until you quit being grumpy and realize this is the best thing for you. I can’t lose you, Molly. You have to be well to dance at my wedding.”

She perked up at that, opening her eyes about halfway. “Who’d marry a sorry reprobate like you?”

“A nice Jewish girl, the daughter of a dentist.”

“Not a shiksa?”

“Listen to you. You’re an expert on shiksas now?” I laid the accent on thick. “Let me tell you, you don’t know from nothing.”

“God, shut him up,” she complained, giggling weakly. “Okay, Roberta. I’ll have the damn surgery if you’ll just get him out of here so I can sleep!”

© Dellani Oakes 2014

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