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Snowed – Part 43

snowed cover image for blogSteve drops Mike at his apartment before taking the sisters back home. Ma suggests, rather strongly, that he get some rest. He admits he’d far rather nap with Sarena, but his mother makes the conversation uncomfortable, telling him to think of something other than sex.

“Go get a nap,” Ma chided. “A real one, with actual sleeping. When you’re in a better frame of mind, we’ll talk. We’re going over to clean and change bed linens at Molly’s. Then we’ll visit Jesse.”

“I won’t sleep that long,” I said, yawning. But I suspected I would sleep until woken.

My mother left, Sarena lingered for a minute.

“Sleep,” she told me. “You’ll need all your strength for tonight.”

I chuckled, pulling her to me. “You didn’t get anymore sleep than I did.”

“I had a nap. And I wasn’t working quite as hard as you were.” She ran her fingers up and down the back of my thigh. “Very hard,” she murmured, biting my lip.

Her eyes turned soft and sexy, her lips compelling me to kiss her. Who am I to argue with an invitation like that? I knew Ma was waiting, I knew Sarena needed to go. I knew if she stayed, I was going to embarrass myself, acting the fool. I was well aware that time was passing and with each tick of the clock, my mother was going to be getting more annoyed. It would be my fault, I’d get yelled at.

“I’d better go,” she whispered.

We parted reluctantly. I lay down, thinking I wasn’t going to rest. I’d hardly hit the mattress when I was asleep. I woke with a start, thinking Ma and Sarena had come in. It was nearly an hour later. I heard no other noise. Surely they would have been talking? Probably my imagination. I lay back down and tried to go back to sleep. My mind was awake, even if my body wanted to go back to sleep. That being the case, I got a shower and made some coffee. It took me a few minutes to locate the half & half for my coffee, but found it in the milk refrigerator. I concentrated on putting it back where it belonged, wondering if I was man enough to make such a drastic change in my eating habits. I’m a man who likes a cheeseburger, chili cheese fries, a Coney Island hotdog with cheese. . . .

Funny, but in all that musing, the thing I’d miss the most would be that hotdog. Course, I could leave off the cheese. Not like I was going to get one of those overcooked, gut wrenching wonders anytime soon. . . . It would be a small sacrifice to make, but I still wasn’t sure.

There was pounding on the door, the key rattling at the latch. Someone was calling my name. I ran to the door, throwing it open so suddenly, Sarena and Ma nearly fell on the floor. I steadied them both, helping them across the threshold.

“What’s wrong?”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t hear anything!” Ma gets angry when she’s worried.

“Hear what?”

She grabbed the front of my shirt, pulling the chest hairs underneath, as she dragged me outside. Someone had taken a paintball gun to the front and side of my apartment building. It was covered with multicolored splats mostly on the side of the other unit next to me, which sat at an angle to the street. I was stunned.

“What the hell?” The paint was still wet.

“You didn’t hear?”

“I heard something strange. It woke me up. I guess when the paint hit the windows.”

“Who would do such a thing?”

“I dunno. It could be kids, I guess.”

“You better call the cops,” Ma said firmly.

“What are they gonna do? Nothing’s broken. It’s not serious.”

“They need a report on file,” Sarena said. “So when you move, you don’t get charged for damage.”

“Hell, I’d be the one cleaning it up anyway. But okay.”

I dialed the police department, a number I’ve come to memorize working in a complex where vandalism is common. I spoke to the dispatcher and she assured me that someone would be right over.

I got my camera and started clicking off shots. Of course, the damn thing died after two, so I borrowed Molly’s. Hers is nicer anyway, more bells and whistles on it. When the cops arrived, they got some more pictures and I showed them mine.

I was flipping through when I got to shots of the party. There was one of me cutting the cake. I was being kissed by a gorgeous blonde, one of the women whose place faced the pool. On the other side, was a gorgeous, willowy brunette. She was kissing me too, her face mostly hidden by her hair. Mystery Date! I hesitated, not quite sure why, but I kept staring at the picture.

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