A Little White Lie – Part 5

A Little White Lie continues!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

white lie coverWil spends some quality time with Penny hoping to get some information from her, but soon realizes she really doesn’t know anything about the mission. She tells him that even if she did, she probably wouldn’t tell him.

“Is that what happened with Greyling?”

A variety of emotions played across his brutally handsome face, settling again for sullen.

“No.” He offered no more explanation.

His comunit beeped and he answered automatically. “VanLipsig, go ahead.”

“Wil, I need you and Penny in my office immediately. Grab a shower. I want you both here in ten minutes.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said, saluting her voice.

Picking Penny up in his arms, he carried her to the shower where he caressed her as they bathed. It was the most erotic shower she’d ever had and it left her wanting more of what Wil had to offer. As they dressed, his eyes never left her…

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