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The Faces of Undiscovered

Love Under the Sun

Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes - 200Like some other authors, I like to choose an actor or actress that fits the profile of my character, and use them as a sort of template in character creation. It helps me to hear a real voice in my head, see facial expressions and visualize movement as I write. My most vivid characterizations come to me this way. Sometimes, I start writing with a particular person in mind. Other times, it takes a little while for the face to emerge.

With Detective Walter Scott, he jumped out fully formed in the virtual body of Jason Dohring. I have admired this actor since I first saw him on Veronica Mars, and learned to respect him even more when I saw him in Moonlight.

Cadence took me a little longer, but soon I found her—Amanda Seyfried. I saw her in Veronica Mars, as well. As…

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