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Meet Van Driscole – Undiscovered

Get to know and love Van Driscole!

Love Under the Sun

Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes - 200What is your name?

My name is Van Driscole.

What is your story?

My story is told in Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes

What is your biggest fear?

I’m afraid I’m going to do something stupid and let Scott down or get Cadence killed.

What would you give up everything to have?

There’s nothing so important that I’d give up everything else for it. But I would give up a lot if I could find a woman like Cadence.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made and are you going to be able to rectify it?

Dude, I’ve made so many mistakes, I can’t even count them all. None of them were all that big, but I’m still young. I’ve got time to make some really huge ones before I go.

What food would you never eat?

I may be a country boy, but you won’t find me eating raccoon…

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