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Snowed – Part 39

snowed cover image for blogSteve and Mike go outside so Steve can have a smoke. While there, Mike sees Miss Parker, who works there part time. He realizes, too late, that she has a crush on him. Mike calls Polly to let her know that surgery went well. Instead, he talks to Sarena who teases that he doesn’t want to talk dirty to her because he’ll get a boner in public.

“Pretty much guessed it in one,” I said with an uncomfortable laugh. “I miss you.”

“Me too. Be good.”

“Baby, I’m always good,” I countered and hung up as she laughed.

“That better not have been my sister-in-law you were talking to like that,” Steve said, pretending to frown.

“Oh, sure. I’m gonna talk dirty to a nursing mother.”

I punched him, satisfied that I knocked him back a step. Steve is built a lot like me, maybe an inch or so shorter, but probably stronger. He laughed, punching me back. I staggered.

“Hey, I’m off duty,” one of the nurses called after us. “Don’t make me come over there!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt him—much,” I replied.

“Male bonding,” one of the other women smirked.

“There’s only one way to bond with a male,” another countered. “And he sure as hell better not hit me in the process!” That got some laughs.

We bid the smokers a fond farewell and headed back to the waiting room. The girls were packed up and ready to hit the road. We went by to pick up Sarena and Polly. Jesse wanted her nap, so we agreed to take her by later during visiting hours. I called Ma to let her and Chester know we were going to lunch and they joined us at the same restaurant where we had dinner.

Steve lingered behind with me as we let the ladies in the door. “So, who was the quiet one you were talking to? Pretty thing.”

“She’s a teacher at one of the elementary schools. Miss Parker. Funny, I don’t know her first name. I think it’s something like Annette, Annie? Very pleasant, shy.”

“Has she got a thing for you?”

“I didn’t think so until today, but yeah. Damn, I wish I’d known before all this. . . .” He gestured at the chatty group of women.

“She’s sweet, but could you see her hold her own with this group? Now, Sarena, she fits right in like a long lost sister.”

We watched the women organizing the tables, getting the waiters to pull them together so we could sit in a big group. The guys were all over themselves to help out. Even the gay one was flirting with Sarena. I had to laugh. What was I gonna do? She was the only one obviously not married. Besides, she was pouring it on like a fiend.

I made sure I sat by her. When we had all ordered, she got up to go to the restroom with the others, I held her back a moment.

“You should get your luggage and check out of your room,” I whispered.

“Your mother did that for me last night. Since all I did was have my bags in there and use one towel, they didn’t even charge for the room. Daddy brought my things to your place after the cookware episode.”

“Sweet. . . .” My lips naturally dropped on hers. I didn’t have eyes for anyone else in the room. Time screeched to a sudden halt as my heart did a few flips flops.

“I really do need to run to the bathroom,” she giggled, kissing my nose. “Save my spot?”

“It is my one desire,” I said with a smirk.

“No, it’s not,” she countered, flashing me a glimpse of her chest as she got up. “But it will have to do for now.”

Sarena followed the babbling crowd of sisters.

“So, who’s staying over tonight?” Ma asked.

“I’m taking the girls back this afternoon,” Steve replied. “But Angie and I will spend the night. Ang didn’t like the idea of Jesse being alone over there. It kept her up most of the night.”

“We should call Jesse’s daughter to come stay. You can’t put your lives on hold,” I said.

“Already done. She’ll be there tomorrow. So, for tonight, we have the place to ourselves. Kind of like a second honeymoon—no kids. . . .”

“Don’t get too wild,” Chester said with a bland expression. “You might scare Jesse and she’ll call the cops on you.”

“We’ll try to keep it down,” Steve smirked, his eyes twinkling.

The ladies joined us just as the food was being brought out. Again, the meal was delicious.

“This has become my favorite restaurant,” I said with a slight burp. “I wish I could eat here all the time.”

“Well, we’re cooking tonight,” Ma said with a happy smile. “We got our cookware all set and dishes. . . .”

“Isn’t it awkward keeping kosher?” Angie asked. “I mean, I understand the reasoning behind it. But separate refrigerators, cookware, dishes?”

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