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Snowed – Part 37

snowed cover image for blogNot only do Chester and Ma join them for breakfast, Molly’s daughters arrive with the oldest daughter’s husband.

I gave them a brief rundown on the events of the night. Not including the main event after I got home. Should I say, events? Five—yeah. . . . Okay, I’m pretty proud of myself. So sue me.

Steve and Angie arrived a few minutes later. They drove their van, bringing the rest of the sisters. The other men opted to stay home and do childcare. Most of the girls had children under ten. Molly has four girls, all of them feisty and redheaded like their mother.

I made the introductions, fortunately not screwing up anyone’s name. In addition to Angie, there was Polly, Maggie and Sally. Or as I introduced them to Chester: Angelina, Pauline, Margaret and Sarah.

I went over and got Jesse so she could join us. Meanwhile, Ma and Sarena organized breakfast, toasting the bagels in the oven and setting out coffee things. Thank God, cause I was embroiled in explanations up to my ass.

At 7:30, those of us going to the hospital loaded up in the van and went over. Polly has a two month old daughter, so she stayed at her mother’s with Jesse, Sarena and the parents. The women were planning meals before we’d even pulled out of the driveway. That would require a trip to the store for cooking utensils, but they were determined. Polly knew her way around town, having grown up here, so that wasn’t an issue. I left the house keys and Chester said he’d provide cab service. I was coming to really admire the hell out of that man.

At the hospital, we settled into the waiting room making ourselves as comfortable as we could. The women had all kinds of hand work, books and drinks. Steve and I sat there looking at each other for awhile. We decided to hit the coffee shop, gift shop and head—not in any particular order. We wandered around the rabbit warren of a hospital before landing in front of the coffee shop, where we had a second breakfast and all the coffee we could consume. We chatted amiably, enjoying the chance to get better acquainted. He’s a man who thinks a lot like me. He’s athletic, but not a sports junkie. Likes to read, even has tried his hand at writing some. He’s a plumber and makes a good living.

“So, how long have you known Sarena? You two look pretty cozy.”

“Not that long. How well. . . that’s a different story.”

He laughed, tossing his light brown hair causally out of his face. “Yeah, sometimes it doesn’t take long, huh? Angie strung me along for awhile. I was outta my mind with lust the second I saw her. She took some convincing. She was dating a guy in pre-med. Balance a doctor vs. a plumber.” He held his hands up like scales. “But when you figure the payback is quicker with a plumber and I don’t have malpractice insurance to pay—plus I treated her better than the doctor and I had more time for her. After awhile, it wasn’t such a hard sway. The second that first orgasm hit, she was mine.” He winked, buffing his nails on his flannel shirt. “Doctor boy wasn’t as interested in her plumbing as I was.”

After all that coffee, we checked out the head next. Fortune smiled again as the gift shop was right next to the bathroom. We realized we were totally out of our depth here. There were flowers, balloons, cards, gifts of all kinds, books, magazines, CD’s. . . . You name it, this place had it in spades.

“We need to get the girls down here,” Steve conceded defeat. “I don’t know what Molly would like.”

“Me either. If we got the wrong thing, she’d throw it at us.”

“There’s always a teddy bear.” He held it up, smirking.

“She’d find a way to shove that right up your ass. Does Molly look like a fuzzy bear person?”

“Not unless it’s a grizzly,” he replied, making claws of his hands and growling.

“Exactly. Are any of the girls like their mother?”

“All of them, especially Angie. I wouldn’t have her any other way. She cooks, she keeps me on my toes, runs the house like a well oiled machine and is a wildcat in bed.”

“Should you tell me that last part?”

“Prolly not, which is why you won’t tell her I said it.”

I nodded, pursing my lips, considering. “True. You’re a nice guy. I’d hate to see you dismembered.”

“She’d keep parts of me,” he said as we walked back to the waiting room.

“Naw, she’d sell you for scrap and get a newer model. My ex-fiancée told me that once. Thing is, the crazy bitch meant it.”

“Someone around here?”

“Back home. Another reason to leave.”

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