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Snowed – Part 43

snowed cover image for blogSteve drops Mike at his apartment before taking the sisters back home. Ma suggests, rather strongly, that he get some rest. He admits he’d far rather nap with Sarena, but his mother makes the conversation uncomfortable, telling him to think of something other than sex.

“Go get a nap,” Ma chided. “A real one, with actual sleeping. When you’re in a better frame of mind, we’ll talk. We’re going over to clean and change bed linens at Molly’s. Then we’ll visit Jesse.”

“I won’t sleep that long,” I said, yawning. But I suspected I would sleep until woken.

My mother left, Sarena lingered for a minute.

“Sleep,” she told me. “You’ll need all your strength for tonight.”

I chuckled, pulling her to me. “You didn’t get anymore sleep than I did.”

“I had a nap. And I wasn’t working quite as hard as you were.” She ran her fingers up and down the back of my thigh. “Very hard,” she murmured, biting my lip.

Her eyes turned soft and sexy, her lips compelling me to kiss her. Who am I to argue with an invitation like that? I knew Ma was waiting, I knew Sarena needed to go. I knew if she stayed, I was going to embarrass myself, acting the fool. I was well aware that time was passing and with each tick of the clock, my mother was going to be getting more annoyed. It would be my fault, I’d get yelled at.

“I’d better go,” she whispered.

We parted reluctantly. I lay down, thinking I wasn’t going to rest. I’d hardly hit the mattress when I was asleep. I woke with a start, thinking Ma and Sarena had come in. It was nearly an hour later. I heard no other noise. Surely they would have been talking? Probably my imagination. I lay back down and tried to go back to sleep. My mind was awake, even if my body wanted to go back to sleep. That being the case, I got a shower and made some coffee. It took me a few minutes to locate the half & half for my coffee, but found it in the milk refrigerator. I concentrated on putting it back where it belonged, wondering if I was man enough to make such a drastic change in my eating habits. I’m a man who likes a cheeseburger, chili cheese fries, a Coney Island hotdog with cheese. . . .

Funny, but in all that musing, the thing I’d miss the most would be that hotdog. Course, I could leave off the cheese. Not like I was going to get one of those overcooked, gut wrenching wonders anytime soon. . . . It would be a small sacrifice to make, but I still wasn’t sure.

There was pounding on the door, the key rattling at the latch. Someone was calling my name. I ran to the door, throwing it open so suddenly, Sarena and Ma nearly fell on the floor. I steadied them both, helping them across the threshold.

“What’s wrong?”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t hear anything!” Ma gets angry when she’s worried.

“Hear what?”

She grabbed the front of my shirt, pulling the chest hairs underneath, as she dragged me outside. Someone had taken a paintball gun to the front and side of my apartment building. It was covered with multicolored splats mostly on the side of the other unit next to me, which sat at an angle to the street. I was stunned.

“What the hell?” The paint was still wet.

“You didn’t hear?”

“I heard something strange. It woke me up. I guess when the paint hit the windows.”

“Who would do such a thing?”

“I dunno. It could be kids, I guess.”

“You better call the cops,” Ma said firmly.

“What are they gonna do? Nothing’s broken. It’s not serious.”

“They need a report on file,” Sarena said. “So when you move, you don’t get charged for damage.”

“Hell, I’d be the one cleaning it up anyway. But okay.”

I dialed the police department, a number I’ve come to memorize working in a complex where vandalism is common. I spoke to the dispatcher and she assured me that someone would be right over.

I got my camera and started clicking off shots. Of course, the damn thing died after two, so I borrowed Molly’s. Hers is nicer anyway, more bells and whistles on it. When the cops arrived, they got some more pictures and I showed them mine.

I was flipping through when I got to shots of the party. There was one of me cutting the cake. I was being kissed by a gorgeous blonde, one of the women whose place faced the pool. On the other side, was a gorgeous, willowy brunette. She was kissing me too, her face mostly hidden by her hair. Mystery Date! I hesitated, not quite sure why, but I kept staring at the picture.

© Dellani Oakes 2014

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I Love Dialogue! from The Best Medicine

I love dialogue doodle bannerIt’s no secret that I Love Dialogue. In fact, for the last year or so, I’ve been sharing excerpts from quite a few of my books on my other blog Writer Sanctuary

Since not all of you follow me over there, I thought I’d start sharing over here as well. These will be repeats for those of you who follow my other blog, but they are (in my opinion) worth sharing again. I hope you continue to enjoy them and look for new ones every Tuesday on Writer Sanctuary

Dr. Tanya O’Toole has just started working at a new hospital. Having changed her emphasis from Family Medicine, to Radiology, she’s working hard to make up for lost time. She meets Dr. Morgan Fellowes when she faints in the doctor’s lounge. She finds herself fascinated with the energetic man and they start dating. When she meets his family, she realizes that he’s not the only one that’s kinda wild and crazy—in a totally fun way. She’s having breakfast with his older sister, Molly, her husband, Kenny and their son, Duke.

“They’re crazy, you know this right?” Kenny looked at Tanya, his tone and expression flat. “Completely bonkers, the entire family.”

Tanya looked at Morgan and Molly, their eyes watering as they giggled. “I’m beginning to figure that out. But it works for me.” She winked at Kenny who grinned back at her. “I just wish I understood, I’d like a good laugh too.”

Kenny shook his head, leaning back in his chair. “Trust me, no you wouldn’t. I’ve heard this story. It’s one of those where you had to have been there for it to be funny at all. I didn’t even crack a glimmer of a grin when they told me.”

Morgan and Molly finally stopped laughing long enough to gather up the plates and put them in the dishwasher. As they cleaned up, Kenny and Tanya sat at the table sipping coffee and chatting.

“So, what are the plans for the day?” Kenny asked her.

“I’m working this afternoon,” Tanya said. “But before I do that, I’d better go to the grocery store. In fact, we both should. Morgan hasn’t a thing in his house to eat and I’m out of just about everything.”

“Oh, what excitement,” Molly said dryly. “And here I thought you had something fun planned, like rock climbing or hang gliding.”

“No, that’s next week,” Morgan said, keeping his face completely straight. “I thought we’d try joining the Mile High Club tomorrow, that is if I can borrow the family jet.”

Tanya glanced around the room trying to figure out if Morgan was teasing. No one smiled. They all looked as if his remark was completely normal. Just as she was about to ask, Duke’s ears went red and he burst out laughing. It was an explosive sound and made her jump. He giggled until tears came to his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he told Morgan. “I just couldn’t hold it any more. Tanya, the look on your face was priceless! Good one, Uncle Morph.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Duke. I’m completely serious.” He took a sip of his coffee and tipped casually back in his chair.

“But—I—Whatever!” Making rude finger gestures at his uncle, he walked from the room muttering to himself.

Morgan’s lip twitched and then a smile spread across his face. “No, I’m kidding about the mile high thing, Tanya. But the family does have a plane. It belongs to Uncle Scott.”

“No, Uncle Stan,” Molly corrected.

“I’m always mixing them up,” Morgan told her. “I hope I know them by sight and haven’t had them mixed up in my head for the last thirty years. I think they played a prank on me as a child and pretended to be one another to confuse me.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” Molly told him. “They are a little eccentric and have a very bizarre sense of humor.”

“Which is the one with gold teeth? Stan?”


“Oh. Well then I don’t know which is which. My entire life has been an illusion. I’m going to require years of therapy to make me myself again.”

“I can help with that,” Tanya told him with a perfectly straight face. “I am a professional. I even did a short stint on a psychiatry ward. Would you say you suffer from delusions?”

“Constantly,” Morgan said with a huge, dramatic sigh. “Or are they illusions? What’s the one when you see things?”

“Hallucinations. . . or is it halitosis? I get those two mixed up.”

Kenny was looking from Morgan to Tanya and back again. “She’s as loony as he is. No wonder they get along so well. What a relief! I thought we had a normal one in the family and I was going to worry about her continued mental health!”

Molly grinned, watching Morgan and Tanya be silly. “I think it’s wonderful! I’m so glad you fainted into my brother’s arms, Tanya!”

“Well, specifically she fainted and I caught her in my arms, but it’s just semantics. I’m glad too.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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A Little White Lie – Part 5

A Little White Lie continues!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

white lie coverWil spends some quality time with Penny hoping to get some information from her, but soon realizes she really doesn’t know anything about the mission. She tells him that even if she did, she probably wouldn’t tell him.

“Is that what happened with Greyling?”

A variety of emotions played across his brutally handsome face, settling again for sullen.

“No.” He offered no more explanation.

His comunit beeped and he answered automatically. “VanLipsig, go ahead.”

“Wil, I need you and Penny in my office immediately. Grab a shower. I want you both here in ten minutes.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said, saluting her voice.

Picking Penny up in his arms, he carried her to the shower where he caressed her as they bathed. It was the most erotic shower she’d ever had and it left her wanting more of what Wil had to offer. As they dressed, his eyes never left her…

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Snowed – Part 42

snowed cover image for blogMike has a short chat with Miss Parker, who looks extremely upset. She runs off to meet her friends, one of whom gives him the evil eye. Steve watches and asks him who she is. Mike explains.

“Damn. But you never. . . .”

“No! Oh, hell, no. I never did a thing with her. Can you imagine how that would be?” I shivered just thinking about it.

Every guy has, at some time or another, unless he’s Mr. Virtuous, schtupped and dumped the wrong woman. A guy who’s not afraid of anything will shudder in his boots at even the merest hint of that woman getting revenge. We’ve all seen movies like Fatal Attraction and they scare us worse than any horror movie ever made. I can watch the entire Saw series and follow up with Chucky and Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street. None of them scare me as much as knowing there could be a pissed off chick with a picture of my balls decorating her machete.

Molly was in rare form. Despite the fact that she was post-op, she was obviously feeling better. She had good color in her cheeks and felt well enough to chide me for my bad behavior the night before.

“You look like hell,” she said when Steve and I were taking our turn with her. “Did you sleep?”

I laughed, shaking my head.

“He’s got a new toy,” Steve told her. “Of course he didn’t sleep.”

“The ones last weekend weren’t enough? Lord, child! Am I going to have to put a choke chain on that bad boy?”

“This bad boy has found his one and only for a very long time,” I told her. “You need to get well soon so you can dance at the wedding.”

“You just met her!”

“Sally says we’re getting married.” I shrugged. “Who am I to argue?”

“Only a fool argues with Sally over something like that,” she told me. “You listen. . . .”

“I get it. Steve told me.”

“Good. Now you two get the hell outta here. I need a nap. Who’s going to be around tomorrow?”

“Steve is taking the girls home, but he and Angie are spending the night.”

She pronounced that acceptable. Getting a kiss from each of us, she pulled up her sheet and fell promptly asleep.

As we left the building, Sally grabbed my arm, yanking me hard. “Who is the woman?” She asked, her face clouded.

“What woman?”

“The one whose shadow haunts you.”

“What are you talking about, Sally?”

“She’s a mystery to you. You don’t know her name.”

I shivered, rubbing the back of my neck. I suddenly felt like I had the cross-hairs of a high powered sniper rifle on me. I wasn’t going to deny anything, though I didn’t intend to boast. I gave her a very brief rundown on the Mystery Date.

“Be careful,” she said. “Be very careful.”

“How so? What do I need to do?”

“I don’t know.” She patted my hand distractedly. “If I figure it out, I’ll call you.”

“Okay. . . .”

She practically ran to the van, hopping in the back, looking nervous. I followed, deliberately slowly, still feeling the prickling on my neck like someone was watching me. It gave me the creeps.

By the time we got back to my place, the apartment was transformed. The women, bored and restless, had cleaned up. Not that I’m a slob, but I’m not Ma. She and Sarena had cleaned the entire kitchen and started dinner cooking. I don’t know what we were having, but it smelled great. After bidding the others farewell, I flopped down on my couch, feet on the pristine coffee table. That earned me a sharp reprimand from my mother.

“Sorry, Ma. I’m exhausted.”

“Go take a nap. Sarena will keep me company.”

“I was kind of hoping she’d take one with me.”

“Michael Aaron Reuben,” she admonished. “You can’t for one second think of something other than sex?”

“Ma! I think of plenty of other things. How can you even say a thing like that?”

She laughed at me. “You should see yourself. You’re so embarrassed, you don’t have any idea what to do or say.”

“I’m not prepared to have this kind of conversation with my mother. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.”

© Dellani Oakes 2014

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The Faces of Undiscovered

Love Under the Sun

Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes - 200Like some other authors, I like to choose an actor or actress that fits the profile of my character, and use them as a sort of template in character creation. It helps me to hear a real voice in my head, see facial expressions and visualize movement as I write. My most vivid characterizations come to me this way. Sometimes, I start writing with a particular person in mind. Other times, it takes a little while for the face to emerge.

With Detective Walter Scott, he jumped out fully formed in the virtual body of Jason Dohring. I have admired this actor since I first saw him on Veronica Mars, and learned to respect him even more when I saw him in Moonlight.

Cadence took me a little longer, but soon I found her—Amanda Seyfried. I saw her in Veronica Mars, as well. As…

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Snowed – Part 41

snowed cover image for blogAfter lunch, Mike and Sarena are saying goodbye, but Steve keeps honking his horn, irritating Mike.

“I’m gonna kill him,” I said. “He’s one dead shegetz.”

Sarena gave me a funny look. “Not heard that before.”

“Like a shiksa, only male.” I made a rude gesture, causing my mother to purse up her lips.

I gave Sarena a quick kiss and hopped into the van. She got into the Lexus with Chester and Ma. They were taking the baby with them since Polly was going to the hospital. Confusing events and no sleep had my head spinning. Also, the beer I had at lunch was catching up with me. I sat up front with Steve, who, thank God, had not been drinking. The sisters sat in the back discussing what to get as gifts for their mother.

“Sorry about the siblings crack I made,” Steve said quietly. “I wasn’t thinking. Free shot to the chin,” he pointed.

“Naw, you’re driving.” I chuckled, shaking my head. “She wants to stay,” I said, awed by my good luck. “We’re a We,” I told him as if he’d even halfway understand. I was kind of shocked when he did.

“That’s cool, man. That is very cool. Can I be best man?”

“Hell, why not? I figure the girls will all be in the wedding.”

“What wedding? Who’s getting married?”

“Ma and Chester.”

“No, you were totally talking about you and Sarena,” Sally intruded.

“I’ve known the woman a week,” I said. “Not even—and we spent one, very high quality night together.”

“You’re still going to marry her,” Sally said. “I can see it in every line of your faces when you look at each other. You’re already a couple.”

“Thank you Psychic Sally,” I laughed.

“Go ahead, make fun. I’m right. I’ve never been wrong, not ever. I knew Steve and Angie would get together before they even went out. I knew about Polly and Dan and. . . .”

“I believe you!” I flung up my hands in surrender. Whether I did or not, I said I did.

“You girls go up first,” Steve told them. “We’ll come in later. I need a smoke,” he told his wife.

I had a feeling he wanted to talk to me about something, so I hung back with him. We went to the smoker’s pavilion and sat down. It was just about deserted.

“Sally’s right,” he said without preamble. “When she met me, I’d known Angie about ten days. She wasn’t even sure she liked me, let alone thought she was in love with me. She didn’t even get my name right. I was Sam the first three months she knew me. She got it right when it counted.” He smirked, punching my shoulder. “But the point is, Sally knew. So if she tells you that you’re going to marry Sarena, I’d believe her.”

“I don’t disbelieve her,” I said.

“Well, I wanted to reassure you, that’s all. One sure way to upset Sally is to ignore her gift. And it is a gift. I’ve never seen her hunches wrong. Not just about marriages, relationships in general. She senses things. It’s really pretty freaky.”

We headed toward the entrance when the shift was changing. Miss Parker was just walking out the door when we got there. Steve and I stood aside, waiting for her and a clutch of others to come out before we went in. She stopped beside me, looking up with a wistful expression.

“See you next field trip?”

“Yeah,” I said politely. “Sure. I’d like that.” I glanced at her nametag. It said Anisette Parker. How could I not know that? “I’d like that a lot.”

“You’re a good man, Mike. It’s hard to believe you were ever a trouble maker.”

“Baby, you’d have hated to have me in your class. I was hell on wheels.”

A couple of women lingered just out of range of our conversation. “My ride is waiting,” she said quietly. “We carpool to save gas. I need to. . . .” She pointed at her friends.

“Sure. You take care, okay?”

“Thanks. See you around.” Biting her lip, she looked near tears as she rushed to her friends with her head bowed, coat clutched to her chest.

One of the women gave me an angry look, saying something, but Miss Parker shook her head. She got in the car, slamming the door as she huddled in the backseat. I knew I’d messed up badly, but how the hell was I supposed to know that she liked me? I’m not psychic. Hell, I’m not even very observant! Obviously, I had missed the clues, if she’d given me any. Mentally kicking myself, I rushed to catch up with Steve. He was waiting just inside the door.

“Sup? What was that all about?”

I told him my suspicions.

© Dellani Oakes 2014

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A Little White Lie – Part 4

Dive into the Lone Wolf universe as A Little White Lie Continues!
Wil’s vacation plans have been interrupted, but there is white lie covercompensation in the form of a pretty, sometimes lover, Penny. She is the confidential aide to Admiral Greyling, Wil’s immediate superior. He intends to see if he can get information from Penny about the mission Greyling has for him.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

Wil’s vacation plans have been interrupted, but there is white lie covercompensation in the form of a pretty, sometimes lover, Penny. She is the confidential aide to Admiral Greyling, Wil’s immediate superior. He intends to see if he can get information from Penny about the mission Greyling has for him.

Wil made love to Penny tenderly, treating her like a precious, breakable crystal. She wanted it to last forever, but as all magical moments must, it ended. Not even Barry made her feel this way, as if she were delicate, ephemeral, genuinely female.

“Now,” Wil drew his finger tenderly along the curve of her jaw. “What has Greyling got planned for me?”

“I don’t know, Wil. I told you.”

“Oh, come on, you are privy to her most intimate secrets.” His fingers strayed to her body once more, but had lost some of their gentleness.

“Honestly, Wil, I don’t. She’s playing this…

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Snowed – Part 40

snowed cover image for blogMa, Sarena and Chester meet up with Mike and the others for lunch. They go back to the same restaurant where they ate the night before. Angie asks if it’s awkward keeping kosher.

Chester shrugged, spreading his hands. “Sometimes. I used to eat like anyone else. I even had ham once in awhile. When Sarena’s mother got sick, I made some promises to God. He gave me a few more years before she died. Those were precious years, my dear. I am honoring Him with my renewed faith. So a little awkwardness, some sacrifice, it’s nothing.”

Angie put her hand on his, squeezing his fingers. “I admire you. To have such conviction. I guess it’s something we can lose sight of.”

“I’m thinking of converting,” Ma said. Out of the clear blue, the woman who would not give up Catholicism for my father, was talking about converting?

I know my mouth fell open. I could feel the food drop out of my mouth. “Wha—?” I couldn’t even get a full word, let alone a thought out.

“Really, Marjorie?” This from Sarena. “That’s so great!”

“Ma, really? When did you decide this?”

“Not so long ago,” she said. “I’ve been thinking about it and, well, it seemed the right thing.”

“You never did this when Dad was alive. Why now?”

“Your father, God rest him, never asked. Chester asked me to consider it. I did. And I’ve decided. That’s one of the things I wanted to talk to you about. It’s one of the reasons for the trip.”

“I see. So you spring this on me at lunch?” I had to laugh. “You could of told me on the phone.”

She smiled, her eyes tearing. “You had to meet your new father first,” she said. “I couldn’t tell you that on the phone. You wouldn’t of believed why I was doing it. You’d of made fun.”

“Never, Ma.” But I had to admit, if I hadn’t met the man, I might have doubted her conviction. “Well, maybe. . . .”

“So, this means you two will be brother and sister?” Steve kicked me under the table.

“Shit!” I immediately regretted my outburst. “Sorry. . . . Man, Steve, that’s not to tease over.”

“I think that’s a subject to discuss at another time,” Chester interposed.

“Or not at all,” I added.

Not funny—at all. Chester steered the conversation away from the subject of marriage, faith and relationships, for which I was very grateful. Sarena watched me through the whole meal, eyes full of concern. When we had finished the meal, she took me aside as the others said farewell.

“That’s really got you upset, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, kind of.”

“We’re not blood kin, how is that a big deal?”

“It’s not, but think of the potential here.”

“Potential for what?”

“Misunderstandings. Comments, teasing. . . . God, my brother could get a million hours of tease potential from last night alone!”

“You’re worried about a brother who lives in New York City.” She brushed me cheek with her cool fingers. “He’s a thousand miles away, give or take. . . .”

“He’s obnoxious,” I started to say.

“Maybe he’ll be happy for us. For all four of us. My dad obviously loves your mother and she loves him. And dammit, Mike! I’m falling in love with you. So can we just accept it for what it is and not question what we have?”

“You’re right,” I said, kissing her softly. “You’re absolutely right.”

“Come on, you two!” Steve called. “The bus is leaving!”

“I’ll see you later,” Sarena said. “I’m going to help your mother start dinner.”

“So soon?”

“Got some preparation to do. Clearing and cleaning. . . . It’s okay. I did it before when Dad went kosher. You know, we’ll have two sets of dishes, we could do it too.”

“We?” I looked stunned. When had we become We? Not that I minded, I was thrilled!

“Aren’t we a We?” She asked in kind of an offended tone.

“I hope so,” I said. “Otherwise I’m gonna have to learn to dance alone and that totally sucks. Cause there’s no one I want to dance with but you.”

She knew I wasn’t talking about dancing and that was probably the coolest part of the entire conversation. Steve honked the horn.

© Dellani Oakes 2014

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Sea of Destiny – Part 33 by Dellani Oakes

Sea of Destiny continues

Indigo Sea Press Blog

sea of destiny coverDr. West isn’t convinced that Kyle is legitimately interested in Emily. He fears that Kyle is just after her money, much like her ex-husband was.

“Mr. Scott, you’ve convinced me and I don’t convince easily. Maybe you are the right one to go. I’ll set it up.”

“Can you reach someone at this hour?”

“Watch me.” He grinned. “I’ll call your cabin when it’s done. And do me a favor, will you ask Carmelita to meet me for drinks?”

“Ask her yourself when you call. She’ll think I’m being a smart ass.”

Conceding the point with a nod, the doctor picked up the phone. Kyle waved and left. A different nurse was on duty than the one he had danced with. She stopped him as he headed toward the door.

“You’re Ms. Geraci’s friend, aren’t you? The dancer?”

Kyle chuckled, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Well, I dance, but…

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Meet Van Driscole – Undiscovered

Get to know and love Van Driscole!

Love Under the Sun

Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes - 200What is your name?

My name is Van Driscole.

What is your story?

My story is told in Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes

What is your biggest fear?

I’m afraid I’m going to do something stupid and let Scott down or get Cadence killed.

What would you give up everything to have?

There’s nothing so important that I’d give up everything else for it. But I would give up a lot if I could find a woman like Cadence.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made and are you going to be able to rectify it?

Dude, I’ve made so many mistakes, I can’t even count them all. None of them were all that big, but I’m still young. I’ve got time to make some really huge ones before I go.

What food would you never eat?

I may be a country boy, but you won’t find me eating raccoon…

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