A Little White Lie – part 1

Dive into the World of the Lone Wolf!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

white lie coverI wrote A Little White Lie several years ago, as a companion short story to my sci-fi series. There are many things in Wil’s background that I wanted to explore. A Little White Lie is one of these. Until he met Matilda, Wilhelm VanLipsig wasn’t a very nice man. He had his moments, but he is the first to admit that he’s a cold-blooded bastard. No matter what, he manages to get the job done.

The sleek silver satin ribbon of river snaked across the plains, looking ethereal in the morning mist. Wil extinguished a cheroot beneath his heel, adjusted his eye patch and gun belt, inhaling deeply. Fresh air—didn’t get too smell that very cropped-lone-wolf-cover-scanned-500-x-7501.jpgoften. In his line of work it was the stench of blood and death, not sweet breezes and wild flowers, that usually filled his nostrils. Picking up his backpack, he adjusted it with military precision…

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