Snowed – Part 34

snowed cover image for blogMike can’t drive home quickly enough. They are barely in the door before they’re undressing one another.

“Are you really here?” I whispered hoarsely. “You aren’t some amazing dream that’s going to heat me up and leave me in a sex starved puddle, are you?”

“I’m standing here asking myself the same thing,” she murmured. “You’re so gorgeous.”

I chuckled, kissing her tenderly. “This better be real. But if it’s not, it’s the most amazingly realistic dream I ever had.”

We kissed again, a long time. My fingers brushed her nipples, feeling them spring at me, stiff and excited. They weren’t the only thing stiff and excited in the room, let me tell you. I wanted to throw her on the bed and pleasure myself inside her, but I wanted this perfect, beautiful. . . .

I wanted to know who the hell was beating on my front door? I glanced at the clock. It was around 10:00. Most of my neighbors are asleep by then. Suddenly worried, I knew I needed to get it.

“Wait here.” I grabbed my jeans and nearly knocked myself on the floor trying to get them on.

Jesse stood there, panting, shivering without her coat. It was freezing outside. She couldn’t talk, she was crying and hyperventilating. Tugging at my hand, she yanked me out the door, amazingly strong for such a small woman.

“It’s Molly,” she said. “I called 9-1-1, but she needs you.”

Ignoring the fact I was barefoot and shirtless, I ran to Molly’s. Sarena introduced herself to Jesse and took her in my place, closing the door. She was dressed in my shirt and her jeans. Molly lay on the floor of her apartment, face pale, lips slightly blue. I dropped beside her, taking her hand.

“Molly! Oh, my God!” I grabbed an afghan off the back of the couch, laying it over her.

Her fingers plucked at me and she tried to speak. “Pills—purse.”

I knew what she meant. Her heart medication was in a container in her purse. Jesse would never be able to find it. I grabbed it, dumping her purse on the floor. I found the pills, putting one under her tongue. The ambulance came up the street. Sarena went out to meet it, her boots back on, jacket flung around her shoulders. She led them to Molly’s.

I stayed where I was, holding Molly’s hand as the blue left her lips and her breathing eased. I explained to the paramedics about her heart. The did all the things they do and put her on a gurney.

“He’s my son,” Molly gasped.

“You comin’?” The guy asked.

“I’ll follow you. I need to get dressed.”

“Sorry,” Molly gasped again.

“Don’t you dare apologize,” I scolded as I walked her to the ambulance. “I don’t care what I’m doing. If you need me, I’m here. I’ll be right there. Don’t give the boys a hard time.” I kissed her cheek, squeezing her fingers.

A feeble squeeze told me she was holding her own.

“I love you, Molly,” I whispered. “Don’t you dare leave me.”

She stuck her tongue out at me as they put her in the ambulance. It was weak, to be sure, but it was all Molly. Sarena had my clothing ready when I got to my front door. She dragged me in, helping me dress.

“I’ll take Jesse home. She needs to be around familiar things, not at the hospital. You’ll call?”

“As soon as I know anything. I’m sorry,” I said, meaning it with all my heart.

“At least we have something to look forward to.” She smiled brightly, kissing me hard. “Go be a good son.”

“You tell Molly to get better,” Jesse said.

I hugged and kissed her cheek. “I will. Thank God you were there. Go on home with Sarena. She’ll take care of you.”

“She’s a nice girl. You’ll have to tell me all about this later,” she said sternly. “I’m not sure I approve.” Then she smiled, winking at me.

“Sarena can tell you everything,” I said. “I gotta go.”

I made it to the hospital in record time. I figured if a cop wanted to give me a ticket, he could damn well follow me there. Molly needed me and I wasn’t going to let her down. I was surprised to find she had left my name as her next of kin. She’s got kids, but they live pretty far away. Luckily, I have phone numbers. I got her registered and stepped outside to make calls. The receptionist came to get me after about 15 minutes. I was on the phone with her eldest daughter, Angie. Who was, you can imagine, sort of hysterical. I was trying to get her to give the phone to her husband when they called me inside.

© Dellani Oakes 2014

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