Snowed – Part 33

snowed cover image for blogDinner with their parents goes well. Mike and Chester come to an understanding. Mike assures Sarena’s father he doesn’t want to hurt her in any way. He also points out that if Chester intends to lecture about the evils of premarital sex, he’d better not be having sex with Mike’s mother. Both of them admit their intentions are honorable.

We excused ourselves and went to the bathroom. I didn’t need to take a piss, but I did wash my hands. I hoped that Chester and I had an understanding. I didn’t want to alienate my mother’s fiancé. More than that, I didn’t want to piss off Sarena’s father or he could make things difficult.

As we walked back to the table, Chester clapped me on the shoulder. “I think you’ll be good for my daughter,” he said quietly. “After what happened before, I am naturally protective.”

“Dude, if I were in your position, I’d be wary too. I will never hurt her on purpose, Chester.”

“I haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be young and single,” he smiled warmly. “I’ll make some excuse to your mother and get her back to the room. You might want to show Sarena the sights?”

I chuckled, punching him on the shoulder.

“That all you’ve got, kid?”

“No, sir. I didn’t want to hurt my future father.”

We laughed, enjoying the joke. I could kill the man if I hit him too hard. Ma could slay me after she castrated me.

“Marjorie, I think I need to hit the hay,” Chester said, faking a yawn. “All this driving has really put a kink in my back. Could you give me a back rub?”

“Of course, sweetheart! You must be in agony!” Ma in full nurturing mode is a force to reckon with.

Chester paid the bill as I invited Sarena to see the sights. What sights we could see between here and my apartment. Real excitement, let me tell you! Her smile could have lit the Washington Monument.

“Thank you for keeping Sarena occupied, honey,” Ma said. “I don’t want her getting bored. Maybe you could catch a movie or something.”

“Yeah, Ma. Maybe. I imagine she’s kind of tired after all the driving too.”

Sarena’s yawn ended in her flickering her tongue at me when Ma wasn’t looking. If she hadn’t already lit a fire in my loins, she did it with that one movement. What can I say? I’m a guy. I’m easy.

We walked with them to where my car was parked. I kissed Ma goodnight, shook Chester’s hand and winked at him behind Ma’s back. I knew he was planning to get lucky too.

I opened the door for Sarena, then trotted around to the driver’s side. She was admiring the Jeep when I got in.

“This is nice. I imagine that it comes in handy in the snow.”

“Very. I make a few extra bucks clearing driveways and stuff. Didn’t think about it this week. I got distracted.”

“Oh? By what?”

I looked at her as I put the car in reverse. Raising an eyebrow, I said nothing. She giggled loudly. I forced myself to look where I was going instead of at her face and backed up. The drive home took practically no time at all. I can’t remember a time I was so anxious to get inside my apartment. I didn’t want Sarena to think all I wanted was sex, so I offered coffee as we walked up to the door. I had barely locked it behind us and she was in my arms. The kiss I’d ached to give her, was right there, full throttle, hard core, mouth tingling. God, she was amazing!

We spent forever just kissing. My hands were everywhere, all over her, familiarizing myself with the curves of her body. We didn’t even take our coats off. I wanted to rip her clothing off and boff her on the couch, but that would have been tacky. I’ve never done that in my life, even drunk as I was after my party. This woman was classy, beautiful, amazing. I was going to savor every inch of her in the comfort of my bed.

I opened her jacket, slipping it off her arms as I kissed her. She slid her hands up under my sweater, pulling it up over my head. We got some static off that, sparks flying from our hair, snapping at our lips. Some of them hurt, but it just added to the eager anticipation. Laughing, yanking at clothing, we kind of crab walked to the bedroom. I led the way, walking backward as Sarena attacked my shirt first, then undid my pants.

Women wear way more clothing than guys. Have you noticed? Under her jacket, she had a sweater, under that, a shirt. Under the shirt, a tank top—then a bra! At least the lower half didn’t have as much, just jeans and panties. I was all but naked when I got her that far, standing in my boxers. I got her down to her panties and stopped, just admiring her body. It was ripe, luscious, smooth as satin, this creamy olive all over. I wished I was like one of those Hindu gods with all the hands so I could touch her everywhere at once.

© Dellani Oakes 2014

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