Meet Connor Griswald

Connor Griswald sounds off on his brother and more!

Love Under the Sun

What is your name?Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes - 200

Connor Griswald.

What do you do?

I’m the whipping boy and goffer for my older brother, Kent Griswald. He’s a movie mogul, maybe you’ve heard of him.

What is your biggest fear?

Getting caught with my pants down and my ass hanging out. Kent is always looking for ways to humiliate me. I spend most of my life trying to avoid that.

What would you give up everything to have?

I would give up this job, this rich life, if it meant I could have just one peaceful day without Kent giving me hell.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made and are you going to be able to rectify it?

The biggest mistake was taking a job with my crazy brother. But Elise and I have a plan. Soon, that won’t matter.

What food would you never eat?

Hell, I’ll eat just about anything…

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