Snowed – Part 26

snowed cover image for blogMike decides to call Chester and find out when they plan to be in town, since he’s having to work extra late for the field trip. Instead of talking to Chester, he speaks to Sarena, Chester’s daughter. he finds that she’s a lot of fun and very easy to talk to. He gives her tips on traveling with his mother.

Sarena laughed loudly and I immediately liked this woman. If she could laugh at my devious plans to keep my mother subdued, she was my kind of woman.

“You’re evil, Mike. I knew I’d like you. I wish we’d talked to you about this before.”

“I can share these tidbits with you because you’re not the man dating my mother. Could you imagine me telling him this?”

“Daddy would blow a gasket. Anymore tips?”

“Got any soft music? Play something quiet, she’ll fall asleep. She likes Patsy Cline and stuff like that.”

“I’ll see what Dad’s got in the way of CD’s. He’s only got a few. So, what kind of music to you like, Michael?”

“Depends on my mood. I’m more of a heavy metal guy, but I’ll listen to just about anything if I’m in the mood.”

“And if your mood is frisky?”

“Now you make me sound like a puppy. I promise, I’m all grown up and potty trained.”

“You’re evading my question.”

“It’s a fairly personal question. Maybe I’m shy.”

“You? I venture to say there’s not a shy bone in your body.”

“Not so much. I’d invite you to find out, but that’s maybe not the most polite thing to say to a woman I never met, huh?”

“One thing you’ll learn about me, Mike. I’m not awfully shy either. I’ve seen your picture,” she left that statement hanging.

“Which one?”

“The one at your brother’s wedding.”

I was best man under protest. I looked pretty damn good in the tux though. She must have thought so too.

“I didn’t even know you existed until my mother called me last week. I’m not up to speed on this whole thing.”

“That’s okay. You look like a man who can keep up.”

“I try not to disappoint.”

“Cheese it,” she whispered huskily, sounding like Bugsy Malone. “Your Ma’s coming.”

“Then I’d better say goodbye. Remember what I told you.”

“Thanks, Mike. I’m looking forward to meeting you in person.”

“Me too. Call me if you need anymore tips.”

“Will do. Probably at the next rest stop.”

Laughing, we hung up. I held the phone, thinking I’d finally hit a goldmine. Sarena Mayer sounded like my kind of woman. You might think with all the action I’d had lately, that anyone was my kind of woman, but you would be wrong. I like someone who can be ladylike and seductive, earthy, gritty and lacy. I like a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and doesn’t get pissed off when I do. I like a woman who isn’t shy about her needs in the bedroom and who doesn’t mind my tendency toward experimental sex. I also need a woman who’s smart enough to keep up with me and keeps me on my toes, making me do my best. Since I’ve yet to find a woman who is all these things, I held onto the slender hope that Sarena had at least 95% of these traits. Even 90. Face it, I’d settle for 85%. It was too much to hope that she would be all 100% perfect for me. But I could hope.

Around 7:00 PM, my cell rang. It wasn’t a number I recognized, but it was the same area code and exchange as Chester’s.

“Hi, Mike.” It was Sarena.

“Hi! Did the day go any better?”

“Much! Thank you. I didn’t dope her yet, but the magazines helped a lot. They’re up in their room and I’m searching the grocery store down the block for more ammunition. Does she like chocolate?”

“Loves it, but it makes her talk ninety miles to nothing. If you get candy, get sugar free butter mints. She likes those and they don’t make her hyper. Oh, keep the liquids minimal and don’t get salty snacks.”

We chatted as she made her way through the store. As I imparted my knowledge of Ma, she laughed in all the right spots.

“I was prepared not to like you,” she said suddenly.

“Really? Why’s that?”

“Cause I’ve met your brother.”

“Nux Vomica,” I said with a gag.

© Dellani Oakes 2014 To Buy Dellani’s Books

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