Snowed – Part 13

snowed cover image for blogMike would dearly love to take what Deidre has to give, but he considers it too dishonorable. His reasons are many and some of them are bound to make Deirdre angry with him for a very long time.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t do this, D.”

She shoved herself up, glaring at me. “What’s wrong with you? You aren’t gay, are you?”

“You seriously aren’t asking that, are you?” I stared at my pants and the places my hands had ended up and started to laugh.

Deidre followed the progress of my eyes, noticing that my baggy jeans didn’t conceal the fact that I was hot for her. My hands were on her breasts and her lipgloss was all over my face.

“Do I really need to answer that question?”

“Then why are you telling me no?”

“Ask your mom,” I said softly.

“My mom? What’s Mom got to do with. . . . Oh, my God!” She jumped off me like a bolt of lightning had hit her ass. “You didn’t just tell me that! Oh, God!” She wiped her hands on her jeans like they were filthy. “My mom? Michael!” The tone in her voice was accusatory. She was hurt and furious.

“I didn’t know she was your mom. She’s a very pretty, interesting woman, Deidre. You’re a lot like her. You’re both smart and funny and. . . .” I could see she wasn’t reacting to the news well, but at least it got me off the hook.

“I need to go now.” She gathered up the thermos, leaving the covered ceramic mugs on the table. “The mugs are a gift from Mom and me,” she said quietly. “Now I know why she was so anxious to send you something. Oh, my God!”

“Please, don’t get mad at your mother. She’s lonely.”

“I know, Mike. But oh, my God! She’s almost forty!”

“I’m almost thirty. How is my attraction to her any different from your attraction to me?”

“Because you’re a guy. The guy is supposed to be older.”

I laughed, shaking my head. “No, baby. Not necessarily. Tell her I said thank you for the mugs and the hot chocolate.”

“That’s weird, Mike. That’s really weird.”

“Does this mean we can’t be friends? I want to be your friend, Deidre.”

She kissed me regretfully, tenderly on the lips, taking the empty thermos with her. “We could have had some fun though, huh?”

“Yeah. You take care, baby. I’m here whenever you want to talk.”

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and left with a few backward glances. I stood on the porch, freezing my ass off, waving as she walked down the street toward her mother’s business. I suppose I could have walked her back, but I didn’t really want to be a party to any confrontation she might have with her mother. I hoped there were no repercussions, cause I didn’t want her mom mad at me. We had some fun, the sex was great, but casual. Neither of us really wanted it to go further. It was an exploration, of sorts, wondering if we could build on the sex. As it was, we were friends with benefits. Nothing more.

A few minutes later, Jesse called me. “Just about dinner time, Mike. Come on over. I got us some sparkling grape juice on ice and the steaks are ready for your magic touch.”

“I’ll be right there!”

I dog trotted over with my down filled jacket. The temperature was dropping fast and I was going to be outside to grill. I didn’t really know why Jesse wanted steaks when it was, literally, 60 below, but what the hell? She bought us T-bones, I’m not going to complain about a little cold.

I got the grill set up and got it out of the wind as much as possible. With that stiff breeze, the coals wouldn’t take long to burn down, so I didn’t wander far. Jesse had sparkling grape juice but had a beer set on the counter for me.

“Did you have a nice chat with the young lady?”

“How did you know I had a young lady over?”

She tapped her nose. “She’s got a very nice perfume. It’s all over you. Was she all over you?”

“Now, Jesse, you know I won’t kiss and tell.”

“Sure you would! Long as it’s just kissing. Anything else, you’re too much of a gentleman to tell and old lady like me.” She smiled, patting my hand.

© Dellani Oakes 2014

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