Snowed – Part 11

snowed cover image for blogMike gets a surprise visit from Deidre, only to find out that she has an agenda–she wants him to be her first lover. If he weren’t horrified enough that she’s so much younger than he, finding out she’s a virgin is too much for him.


She nodded, pouting. The tears hovered in the corners of her eyes, ready to fall if I said the wrong thing. I was about to say several wrong things. I kissed her nose, moving her gently off my lap.

“Deidre, why this burning need to rid yourself of your virginity? Hm?”

She threw a pillow at me, grabbing another to hold while the tears fell. I grabbed her some paper towels. I don’t have tissues. She cried awhile, sobbing the story out. I only caught part of it between the coughing and hiccups, but enough to put it together.

“My boyfriend dumped me!”

“What? Why?”

“Because!” She yelled, then added in a tiny voice. “Because I’m a virgin. He didn’t want to be first.”

“What?” That puzzled the hell out of me.

“He said I wouldn’t know what to do to please him.”

I was starting to get a clearer picture here. Sounded like lover boy wasn’t sure what to do with a virgin. Maybe he was afraid he’d hurt her? I doubted that. More likely he was fairly inexperienced himself and wanted a more experienced woman to guide him.

“Has he ever actually done it?” I asked gently.

She shrugged. “He says he has.”

“Talks big, does he?”

She nodded, shrugging once more. It was making sense to me now.

“Do you know any of the girls he’s been with? Has he said, ballpark figure, how many women?”

“No. . . Only a bunch of girls he met like at summer camp or something. Most of them were Canadian.”

Ah, the old I have a girlfriend in Canada ploy. How many times had I heard guys use that? Me, I never had to, but many of my buddies who weren’t as fortunate, did. My first time was with one of the ladies I did yard work for the summer before I turned 17. She was newly divorced, young, beautiful and angry. The sex was great!

I chuckled, putting my arms around her in a big brotherly kind of way. “Deidre, I think his problem isn’t that you’re not enough woman for him, but he’s not enough man for you. I’d say, chances are, he’s never done more than play with himself in the shower.”

“You think?”

I nodded, stroking her hair, holding her close. “Yeah. I think. When guys get like that, on the defensive, it means they’re either inexperienced themselves or secretly gay. Your boy isn’t a little light in the loafers, is he?”

She giggled, shaking her head against my shoulder. “No. He gets pretty horny around me. I’ve tried to take it a little further, but he backs off and makes excuses. Then he broke up with me.”

“Home boy doesn’t like an aggressive woman. Me, I like it when a woman tells me what she wants. It makes it easier to please her.”

“But you’re not going to have sex with me?” She sounded like a little girl. Her voice cracked and the tears started again.

“Deidre, that’s something special that you give to a guy who really deserves it. If you really love chicken heart, give him another chance. If you think he’s not worth it, this is a big city, baby. Find a guy who deserves you and what you have to give him.”

“Can’t I give it to you?”

“Honey, Big Mike doesn’t deserve that gift from you or any girl. I haven’t lived the most exemplary life until now. It’s a gift you can only give once. Don’t waste it on a loser like me.” I kissed her forehead, holding her tightly.


© Dellani Oakes 2014


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