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Snowed – Part 9

snowed cover image for blogMolly is angry with Mike not only for having his way with a young lady, but furious when he admits he can’t remember who it was. She refuses to help him by supplying her name. Jessamine fusses at her. Molly had hoped that Mike would find a girl at the party.

“Yes, but I didn’t expect him to find her quite so—much!” Molly protested

“I was drunk, Molly. And she was just as intoxicating as the alcohol I was consuming. Apparently she found me pretty intoxicating too, considering some of the stuff we did last night.”

“I don’t want to know!” Molly put her hands over her ears.

“I could stand to hear a little,” Jesse said with a sly smirk.

“Miss Jesse, you’re a naughty lady,” I countered. “I’ll tell ya sometime when Molly’s not around to get upset with me.”

Molly hopped out of the Jeep before it was even completely parked. She slammed the door, walking briskly to the grocery store. Jesse laughed loudly in the back seat.

“I swear, that woman is so mad at you! But she still wants to know. There’s this sort of morbid curiosity involved here.”

“Jesse, do you know who the woman was?”

“You don’t remember?”


“Well, that could be what’s got Molly so upset. A man should remember a thing like that.”

“Do you know?”

“Baby, I knew you left with someone without really saying goodbye. But I didn’t get a name. I’m sorry, sugar.”

We walked slowly into the store with Jesse on my arm. I got her a basket and led her around the store. We didn’t see Molly until we were nearly done shopping. She was looking for a good beef roast and didn’t acknowledge the fact we were there.

“Mike, you pick me out some nice, juicy steaks,” Jesse said. “I’ll give them my special treatment. We’ll have them for dinner.”

“Sure thing, Jesse.” I leaned over the case, precariously close to Molly.

She moved away from me. I picked out two steaks and was reaching for a third, automatically including Molly, when Jesse stopped me.

“Two’s plenty. I don’t think Molly’s too interested in joining us.”

I was speechless. I couldn’t imagine not including Molly. She grabbed her own steak at random, tossing it in her basket. By the time Jesse and I finished, Molly was outside waiting on the bench. A cab pulled up in front of her and the driver hopped out to help with her groceries. Leaving Jesse, I trotted over.

“Molly! Molly, come on. You’re being childish.”

She wouldn’t speak to me.

“I’m sorry. I’m really trying to remember. Please, don’t let this ruin our friendship. Come on, Molly.”

She still wouldn’t speak. She got in the cab and told the driver to take her home. The last I saw, she was turning out of the parking lot in a cab. I went back to Jesse and told her what had happened.

“I ‘spect she’ll stay mad about that a day or two. Meanwhile, put your mind on who that could have been. If you can tell her you remember, she might forgive you sooner.”

I helped Jesse get her groceries put away, then she threw me out so she could have her afternoon nap. I took the opportunity to canvas the men in the complex and ask who it was I’d been with. Surely one of them would know her. I didn’t dare ask the women. Even if I didn’t talk to her personally, the others would tell her and I’d be in trouble.

I knocked first on Jay’s door. He’s a guy about my age and works in a bank as a security officer. He was watching football with several of the other guys. On the commercial break, he put it on mute and we talked.

“You don’t remember?” Jay laughed at me, throwing his empty beer can at me. “Jesus, Mike!”

“I didn’t know her,” Charlie, Jay’s roommate said. “She was hot, though.”

“You guys aren’t jerking me around, are you? I mean, if you know, just tell me!”

“Seriously, dude,” Tim, the guy behind me said. “I never saw her before. I tried talking to her myself a few times, but she wasn’t interested in me. She had eyes on you all night. None of us saw her before, ever. I’d have remembered a choice piece like that. Da-yam!”

“No one knew her? Did Molly seem to?”

“I dunno, maybe? She seemed pretty happy when you first got together, then real pissed when you left together and didn’t come back,” Charlie replied.

“I’m so boned. I really wanted to ask her out again. I’d like to know who she was, maybe get something more permanent going. She was all kinds of sexy.”

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