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Bad Fall – Part 76

Bad FallFrank shows Marka his journals. He suspects that whoever trashed his house was after them. Instead of leaving them where they might be found, Marka decides to take them. She figures that if no one knows they have them, they will be safe enough.

“Frank, find me a bag?”

“Sure, babe.” He grabbed a cloth grocery bag from the kitchen and she dropped the books in it before the others could see them. “I found some books to read with my Alzheimer’s group. Frank had all the classics. Mine are in storage. Thanks for letting me borrow them.” She kissed him playfully. “Now, salvage what you can of your knickers and socks and let’s head out. I’m getting chilly and I don’t like the color of the sky.”

She pointed out the window. The men gazed in unison, squinting against the light. All of them agreed that the weather looked dodgy. They had no desire to be out in a snowstorm.

Frank gathered up what he could of his clothing and carried it in grocery bags out to the car. Shay and James loaded the bags in the trunk as Frank locked the house. Marka waited in the car for the men. They bid James farewell and headed back to Sheltering Oaks.

Shay drove them to the front door and helped them unload. Marka got one of the grocery carts that were kept in the vestibule and they loaded the bags into it, taking them to their room. It was getting late and neither of them felt like cooking. Frank called for a pizza and went downstairs to pick it up. Marka gathered their clothing and decided to do a load of laundry. She carried the basket down the hall and through the sitting room at the end, heading to the laundry room at the end of the next building.

The load started, she headed back to the room and let herself in. Frank came in a few minutes later. They ate their pizza and cleaned up. Frank was making a move to kiss Marka, when his phone rang. Exasperated, he answered.

“It’s Clark. Can you meet me?”

“Cut the cloak and dagger shit. Just come to the room.”

“Shay doesn’t want that. You need to come to where our mystery man fell. We’ve got our forensics guys going over it.”

“Why? Just have them compile the data. . . .”

“Shay’s insistent. I’m on my way, I’ll pick you up in five minutes.”

“Is he trying to ruin my sex life?”

“Probably. He’s sure ruined mine.”

“I’ll be right down.” Frank hung up. “I don’t want to go,” he told Marka.

“I know. Go now, get it over with and come home. I’ll be here. I’ll finish the laundry and go to bed with a good book.”

“I’d rather you were going to bed with me.”

“Goes without saying. Don’t stay long.”

“Not any longer than I have to.”

They kissed a few moments and he left.

Marka made sure she had her key in her pocket and went to the laundry room. The lights in the sitting room had been dimmed for the night. They always left on some lights for the staff to navigate the hallways. This time, the lights were out and the double doors were closed. Those doors were always open, day and night. The only illumination peeped through the glass of the French doors from the hallways that led to two other buildings.

The hairs on Marka’s neck rose and a tingle of fear crept up and down her spine. Telling herself she was over reacting, she kept going. Her steps slowed and she had to force herself to move. Apprehension quickened her heart. A fine beading of sweat dampened her brow. Her hands shook slightly as she rubbed them on her pants. Her feet slowed further.

Deciding she would look for a light switch, she stopped at the doorway, pushed the door open and leaned into the room. Waiting for her eyes to adjust, she scanned the walls of the room, but didn’t see a light switch. There was a lamp on a table a few feet away. She could see clearly that far, but the center of the room and far wall, were nearly black. No light came in from outside.

Shuddering nervously, she took a step into the room. She stopped suddenly when an odd noise caught her attention. Listening intently, she moved closer to the lamp, reaching for it. A louder noise distracted her. Stifling a scream, she moved closer to the lamp. Marka tried to tell herself it was nothing. No one could get in after dark without clearance. Guests signed in at the desk. She was safer here than if she were in her own house—right?

Muffled movement convinced her she wasn’t alone. Taking up a nearby curio, she armed herself as best she could. Her hand crept to the lamp as she tried to get her heartbeat under control. She turned on the lamp, hopping forward with the figurine raised.

A woman screamed. A man’s voice joined the woman’s, cursing vociferously. There was a scramble of movement, a flurry of limbs as two people hurried to dress. Taken by surprise herself, Marka’s scream joined the other woman’s. She dropped her weapon. It bounced harmlessly on the carpet.

“Doc Marka?” The young man said as he pulled up his boxers.

Marka saw more of his anatomy than she wanted to. “Matthew? What the hell are you doing up here?” She turned away, noting that he was uncircumcised and well blessed.

Matthew laughed loudly. His female companion, a nurse with red hair and lavender scrubs, shushed him.

“You’ll wake the residents, Mattie!”

“What are you doing here?” Marka demanded.

Matthew pulled his shirt over his head, chuckling at Marka’s antics as she tried not to look at him. He was as well built as Frank and it was disconcerting.

© Dellani Oakes

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Bad Fall – Part 75

Bad FallColonel Shay picks up Frank and Marka, heading to his house. There, they are met by Frank’s friend, James. A police officer, he’s been given permission to let them go into the house and look around. Frank finds his suits in tatters, his shirts shredded. That, more than anything, makes him feel like this is all a personal attack. Shay tells them that this was, indeed, someone looking for evidence Frank might have about Clay’s death.

Shay cleared his throat. “One reason we recruited him was his photographic memory.”

“Really?” Marka gazed at Frank with new respect.

“Anything I see or hear, it’s there. Perfect recall too.”

Marka bit her lip, staring past him as if he were suddenly invisible. She said nothing, licking her lips as her mind worked.

“I can hear the gears clicking.” Frank tapped her forehead. “Mind sharing?”

“No, nothing. Well, maybe something. When the pieces come together. . . .” She waved her hands, erasing something from the air in front of her.

“Obviously, these guys don’t know Frank well,” Shay said.

“I spent twelve years in school with him,” James added. “Smartest kid in every class from Kindergarten on. Valedictorian of his high school class. We would have hated him if he’d ever gotten a big head over it. Not our Frankie.” He chuckled, shaking his head.

Marka was hardly listening, though Shay was spellbound. He hung on every word James said. Marka, on the other hand, gazed at Frank’s profile, frowning, lips pursed.

“Problem?” Frank mumbled, glancing at her furtively.

“Mm mm,” was her non-committal reply. “Can you draw?”

“Sort of. Why?”

“Just thinking. Arnold.”

He stopped with his coffee cup halfway to his lips. “Yes, Marka?”

“Do you have an artist on tap. Someone who could sketch something from a description?”

“I can find someone. Why?”

“Just a thought. Sorry to interrupt. Excuse me.” She went to the kitchen and started cleaning up.

Frank followed her. He took the broom from her hands and turned her to face him. “What’s going on behind those big brown eyes?”

“Still in the planning stages. When I think, I clean. Grab that dustpan and help me.” She swept the broken dishes into a pile.

Frank dutifully held the dustpan for her. Dumping it in the trash, he watched as she swept more. Marka was obviously in a place unreachable by ordinary means. He waited, helping her clean up his ruined kitchen, mentally cataloging the broken items as he went. He was glad he didn’t have expensive tastes. As it was, it would take nearly a month’s salary to replace what was ruined—not including his suits. Those would take much longer.

They finished the kitchen and Marka led him down the hall to the visitor’s bathroom. The voices of James and Shay droned in the living room. With renewed vigor, Marka attacked the bathroom. It had escaped the trashing the rest of the house had undergone, but the shower curtain was torn and the towels had been stuffed in the toilet.

“That was mature,” Frank said as he pulled out the sodden mass. He dropped them in a garbage bag, knowing he could never use them again.

“Must have potty training issues,” Marka quipped. Planting a kiss on his lips, she moved past him to the next room, the office.

This room had received the most attention. The search had been thorough and organized. Frank surmised the trashing of it had happened after the thief realized he’d found nothing of use. Marka started picking up, but Frank walked over to the wood paneled wall behind his desk. He pressed on one panel and a section of wall swung out revealing a small, sophisticated safe.

Marka stopped working, staring in amazement. “That was there all this time?”


“Did he get in it?”

“Even if he found it, he couldn’t get in it without extensive safe cracking or taking the wall out. The opening is smaller than the safe. It’s too much for one man to break out and carry himself.”

“Maybe he was going for someone else to help him when he fell.”

“Or maybe no one knows it’s here but us.” Frank deftly tapped in a long code. He opened the door and reached slowly inside. “I never kept anything on the computer, but I did keep track of my time in the Army.” He held several small essay books, held together with an industrial size rubber band. “I didn’t want electronic records, but I didn’t want to forget.”

“You don’t forget, Frank.”

He shook his head, holding up a hand to stop her protest. “I didn’t want this forgotten,” he amended. “If something had happened to me, I wanted my family to have these to remember me by. And my son. . . .” He blinked hard, his lip trembling for a second. “I asked my parents to make sure that my son got a copy when he was old enough.”

“Did you make a record of the day. . . .”

“That Clay died?” He handed her the stack. “I don’t remember.” Hands jammed in his pockets, he hung his head.

Marka held the notebooks like they were made of fine China. “Do we tell Shay?”

“If we find something.”

Marka nodded. She picked up a stack of books and carried them to the living room with the notebooks concealed in the stack. She set the books down on the couch with a thump.

© Dellani Oakes 

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Bad Fall – Part 74

Bad FallFrank and Marka head out to run errands. Clark stops them before they go to Marka’s car, telling them it might not be safe for them to use. Instead, he’s ordered another car for them, courtesy of the government.

The car arrived a short time later. The driver pulled up to the backdoor of the blue house. Shay was inside, riding shotgun. Frank and Marka got in back with their laundry.

“While we’re out, let’s buzz by your house,” Shay said.

“What did the guys find out?”

“We’ll talk about it when we get there.”

They drove in silence. Marka enjoyed the view as they headed into the country to Frank’s house. The day had turned chilly, the sky lowering with the promise of stormy weather. Frank couldn’t suppress a shiver when he saw the yellow crime scene tape around his house.

James met them at the end of the driveway. He took down the tape and allowed them through, putting it up behind them. He opened Frank’s door when the car stopped.

“Sorry, man. It’s still kind of a mess inside. Me and the guys straightened up some after forensics finished, but it’s gonna take a lot of doing.”

“My suits okay?”

James wrinkled his nose. “Kinda. Some of ’em.” He led the way to the door, opening a police security lock. He ushered them through, nodding to Marka as she walked inside.

It was chilly in the house and smelled damp. Frank checked the thermostat and saw that the system was turned off. Instead of turning it on, he assumed there was a reason for it and left it alone.

“Sorry it’s so cold in here, babe.”

“We did that as a precaution,” James said. “Sometimes incendiary devices are put on the heat system,” he explained to Marka. “We had Shay’s men go over it when they were here. They gave it the okay.”

“I’ll have it checked again before I turn it back on. If it’s been sitting here without anyone watching.”

“We’ve been watching,” Shay replied. “But it’s better to have the boys go over it again.”

Frank tried to ignore the devastation that had once been his cozy home. The walkways were clear, items piled on chairs and tables, getting the worst off the floor. His bedroom was almost as big a mess as his office. Shirts in an array of colors lay shredded in heaps. His ties were strewn about the floor and furniture, scattered, but intact. His suits…!

Still on hangers, the pockets had been ripped from the jackets, the sleeves dangling by threads. His pant pockets were turned out, the hems in the cuffs slit with a sharp knife. Nothing had escaped the destruction.

Frank stopped moving, eyes wide. He’d seen dismembered bodies, people shot to hell, scattered body parts—nothing hit him as hard as seeing his tattered wardrobe. His hands shook as he tried to get himself under control. He was terrified beyond belief by this vicious act. It was targeted, personal.

Marka held him close. “We’ll get new suits,” she whispered.

Frank nodded. He felt vulnerable, like he had a target on his back. The urge to cover the windows and hide was strong. Fighting it, he walked into the kitchen, holding Marka’s hand.

James thumped him on the back, pulling him into a man hug. Frank closed his eyes, holding his friend tightly. The fear that had encompassed him moments before, eased a little.

“We’ll get through this, brother. The Four Fucking Musketeers stand together.”

Frank chuckled, ruffling James’ hair. “Thanks.”

They drank their coffee in the living room. Marka could see that someone had cleaned up. Shay handed them each a cup of coffee. Frank accepted his wordlessly.

“So, about the guy in the ravine,” Marka began.

Shay glanced at James.

“He can hear anything you want to tell me. I’ve known him all my life,” Frank stated.

“You were right, Marka. He was a spook. Elizabeth Tynan, my confidential aid, confirmed it today.” Shay smirked, winking at her over his cup of coffee. “He wasn’t one of ours,” he added quickly. “We’re not entirely sure whose. . . .”

“By that, he means he’s not at liberty to say whose,” Frank translated. “He knows or has a good idea.”

“In any case,” Shay tread on Frank’s words. “We’re confident. . . .”

“He was looking for evidence about the day Clay died,” Marka finished.

“Dammit, can’t I complete a sentence?” Shay’s face got red. He was ready to kick up a real fuss. “Yes. That’s exactly what they were after.”

“Why would I keep anything like that on a home computer? That’s insane.”

“They don’t know you like I do.”

“Maybe they thought they could hack your Carbonite account from your home system,” James offered.

“They’d need someone really good just to get by my login passwords. Nothing can be accessed without them and I don’t write them down anywhere.”

“How do you remember all that?” Marka asked. “I can barely remember a phone number.”

“I’ve always had a good mind for numbers. I can remember them after seeing or hearing them once. Never needed paper to get a girl’s number, just had her whisper huskily in my ear.” He leaned over and kissed Marka, totally ignoring the others.

© Dellani Oakes 

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Bad Fall – Part 73

Bad FallMarka meets up with Frank for lunch and errands. She notices how careful he is with his computer, making sure it’s password protected and shut down before he leaves.

“Habit. In my former job, nothing was left sitting around and available. It’s something so ingrained, I can’t not do it. I guess it’s my form of OCD.”


He closed and locked his door behind him. Marka watched that action too. Frank paused, his hand on the knob. Her eyes lingered on his fingers. He felt suddenly self-conscious.


“No.” She shook her head, eyeing the doorknob again before heading down the hall to the front entrance.

Frank strode quickly after her, catching up as the front doors slid open. They walked to her car and she handed him the keys.

“I really need to get my rental.”

“Why bother? We’ve got my car. So far it’s okay.”

“Yeah, I like my own wheels.”

“Is that Clark waving at us?” Marka shaded her eyes, gazing across the lawn.

“Yeah. We’d better go see what’s up.” Taking her hand, he led her across the lawn.

Clark walked over to meet them, hooked their arms in his and led them to the blue house. He walked rapidly and Marka, who had on heels, had a little trouble keeping up. Frank steadied her.

“What’s up?” He asked Clark as they entered the mudroom.

“We have reason to believe the car is compromised,” Clark replied.

“My car? Why would anyone do anything to my car?” Marka asked.

“You’re with me,” Frank replied. He gazed out the window as a couple of men he didn’t know, approached the car with sophisticated bomb detecting equipment. “Can we get a secure rental?”

“I’ve got a car coming,” Clark replied, watching the men. Always one for good posture, his back was so straight, he could have been used as a plumb line. He didn’t relax until the men gave him a thumbs up. “Good. It’s okay. We’re going to take it in just to be sure. The other car looks just like it, Marka.”

“Then what’s the point of switching?” Her spine as stiff as Clark’s, she did her best to hide her anger, but Frank could see it.

“It will come equipped with some special features that I can’t share with you. Frank knows.”

The two men exchanged a look. Frank knew the car was probably armored, bullet proof glass and maybe its own threat detection software.

“Anything to keep Marka safe.”

Me safe? What about you? No no one tore up my office, broke into my house or trashed my car. I’m good. I’m fine.” Hysteria tinged her words.

Frank took her gently by the elbows. “And we’re going to do everything we can to keep you that way. Let us have our paranoid moments, love.”

“For us, it’s as normal as breathing, Dr. Ventimiglia. We aren’t trying to alarm you or anything. We simply want you both safe.”

“I know,” she mumbled. “But this is foreign to me. I’m used to going blithely about without a care. I don’t check under my car for people who are going to grab my ankle and drug me. I rarely check the back seat—unless it’s dark. I lock my car doors when I’m sitting in the parking lot, but that’s about it as far as safety measures.”

Clark chuckled. “All of the above,” he waved his hand at her.

Frank joined him, nodding. “We used to play observation games to test each other.”

“How many blue cars in the parking lot?” Clark laughed, chucking Frank on the shoulder.

Raising an eyebrow and pursing his lips, Frank considered. “Before or after your guys checked the car?”

Clark glanced at the clock. “Five minutes ago.”

“Fifteen. Sixteen, if you count the silvery blue one coming down the driveway. How many exits in the main building?”

“Including Building three and five?”

“No, admin building only.”

“Twelve.” He paused a moment. “Make that thirteen. I didn’t count the fire exit off the dining room.”

“This is fun for you?” Cherry asked as she walked past them to the kitchen.

“Beats some things we could do.”

“What color are my eyes?” Cherry asked Frank. She averted her face, closing her eyes.

“Hazel with a hint of gold. Left one has more gold in it than the right. It’s greener.”

“He’s very good,” Cherry told Marka.

“You’ve no idea. And he’s that good at everything.” With a swish, Marka made a dramatic exit to the living room.

The two men stared after her, laughing. Cherry eyed Frank. He saw interest in her eyes.

“Really?” She tried not to sound too excited.

Frank stroked his tie, looking smug. “Why, yes.” He followed Marka.

“Dammit, why are all the good ones taken?” Cherry muttered as she watched Frank stroll away. 

© Dellani Oakes

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Bad Fall – Part 72

Bad FallFrank and Marka share another fabulous night together. In the morning, it’s time to get back to the mundane realities. Not that either of them minds the normalcy of the day.

“You know we did. That was a solid thirteen and a half.”

“Three quarters,” he countered.

Marka wrinkled her brow, making a pouty face as she pretended to consider his counter offer. “Well, maybe. . . .”

Frank chuckled as he got out of bed. When he got to the bathroom, he found the condom in shreds. Not sure whether she’d find it as funny as he did, he forced himself to keep a straight face.

“Uh, babe. . . . I’d say it was a solid fourteen.” He held up what was left of the condom.

Marka laughed loudly when she saw it. “No way!”

“I swear. I hope you’ve got good birth control.”

“Yeah, I hope so too.”

He disposed of the condom and washed his hands before joining her in the bed.

“Not that I’d mind a baby,” he said, placing his hands over her abdomen. “I never realized how much I wanted to be a dad until it was yanked out from under me.”

“Do you really want to start this early in our relationship?” She put her hands over his, massaging gently.

Frank shrugged, his cheek resting on her hair. “If I wasn’t sure of us, I’d care.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know we’re meant to be together. Don’t tell me you don’t feel it.”

“I do. I thought it was just me.”

“I want about a dozen kids,” he teased, his massaging turning sensual.

“Oh, you think? Planning on having concubines?”

“Nope. There’s no woman for me but you.”

“Then you’ll settle for three,” she replied as his hands dipped lower.

He didn’t protest. Instead, he made love to her long into the night.

When Frank woke the next morning, Marka was in the kitchen. He could hear her moving around and humming. He got up and went to the bathroom as quietly as he could. After brushing his teeth, he went out to the kitchen naked.

Marka was singing as she set up a pot of coffee. She wore one of his sweatshirts and nothing more. Dancing as she sang, she spun around, nearly whacking him in the face with the glass coffee carafe. Fortunately, it was empty. Laughing, she kissed him.

“I was about to come wake you.”

“Well, I’m already awake. So what did you have in mind?”


He sidled up to her, nuzzling her neck. “Nothing more?”

“Nope. . . . Just breakfast.”

“Breakfast is good,” he replied. Licking her neck from nape to ear, he continued. “But some things are better than food in the morning.”

He picked her up, carrying her to the bedroom. Marka pretended to protest, but it was all for show. They had a quick round of lovemaking, followed by a shower. While she dried her hair, Frank started the coffee brewing and made toast. They hadn’t left themselves much time for a fancy meal. They ate quickly and she cleaned up while he dressed.

“This is my last clean suit. I’ll have to go to the dry cleaner’s.”

“I’ll go with you. I have a couple outfits to take in as well.”

“We can go after your first session. I have to run into town anyway.”

“Okay. That sounds good.”

He gathered up their dry cleaning before going up to his office. Marka waited for him just inside the door, doing her best not to notice that the housekeeping staff were doing what they could for the bloodstain on the carpet.

“Mr. Atherton,” one of the women said when he came back in. “I don’t think there’s a thing we can do. This goes into the padding. We’ve been working at it nearly an hour.”

“Put in an order to have it pulled up and replaced.” He shuddered, remembering Ralph’s shattered body. “I need to call the hospital,” he said as they went to the elevator.

A short call assured him that Ralph was improving. His status had been changed to guarded. He was still in terrible shape, but he was, for now, on the mend. That worry off his mind, he made a mental note to check on Mabel later and give her the news.

Ensconced in his new office, Frank knuckled down to catch up on several days worth of work. His first order of business was to change all his passwords. That accomplished, he started on his mental To Do List and hammered away at his keyboard for a couple of hours. Marka’s arrival at his door made him look up and smile.

“You said to get you after my session ended. You ready to go?”

He saved his work and locked down his computer. Marka watched with interest.

“Do you always do that?”

“What?” He grabbed his jacket, slipping it on as he walked to the door.

“All that with your computer.”

© Dellani Oakes

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Bad Fall – Part 71

Bad FallWarning Heat Index HOT! Not suitable for readers under 18 or those who are offended by explicit sex scenes

It’s been a big day for Frank. A lot has happened to him in the last 24 hours, far more than he ever dreamed of. Thanks to Marka, Shay and the team, he’s still alive and kicking. Fortunately, they’ve eliminated two of the incidents and found links between Jeff and Penwarren.  For some reason, Frank has focused more on whether the man at his house trashed his suits, more than on finding out his identity.

Shay stared at him, incredulous. “We’re in the middle of murder, attempted murder, fraud and vandalism investigations and you want to know if the bastard messed up your suits?”

“They’re nice suits,” Frank protested. “Worth a lot of money.”

“I don’t know. If he did, I’ll buy you new ones,” Shay said angrily.

“Sheesh, chill, Arnold.” Frank held up his hands like he was being threatened.

“Time to go,” Brad said. “Want me to drive?” He stood, catching a set of keys.

“I thought we’d walk back,” Frank replied.

Shay nodded. Brad sat down looking mildly disappointed. Frank figured with a job like this, the kid probably didn’t get out much.

Frank put his jacket around Marka’s shoulders and they strolled back to the main building. Frank stopped at the desk to let Sue know he was moving down to Marka’s room. She raised an eyebrow but said nothing. They stopped in his room long enough to gather his possessions and food and carried it all down to Marka’s.

Once in her room, they changed to more casual clothing and went to the cafeteria to eat dinner. It was near closing, but the staff were friendly and courteous as they prepared their meals. They got their food to go and headed back to Marka’s apartment.

Frank noticed that more furniture had been moved in since that morning. He asked her about it.

“I talked to my contractor today. He’s got a problem with the tile for the kitchen. It’s on back order. So I’m stuck here indefinitely. I asked maintenance to bring me more stuff so I didn’t feel so much like I was camping.”

“They got you set up. A dining room table and chairs, a couch, loveseat and a recliner in the living room. Sweet.”

“It’s not much, but it’s better than balancing a plate on my knees.”


They chatted as they ate, getting to know one another better. The last few days were somewhat surreal for both of them. Neither had ever rushed into a relationship like this. But neither of them had ever felt the magnetic pull for another person like they felt for each other.

After dinner cleanup was easy. Frank took their trash to the laundry room down the hall and put it in the closet for pickup. Marka was in the bathroom when he came back. He sat down in the recliner to watch some TV until she came out.

She didn’t come out to the living room, heading directly for the bedroom. He took the hint and dashed to the bathroom. Taking a whiff of himself, he opted for a shower. A damp towel on the wall told him Marka had done the same. For some reason, that excited him.

Bathing quickly, he dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist. It wasn’t enough to hide his excitement. When he got to the bedroom, he found Marka in bed. Curled on her side, she faced away from the door. With the blanket pulled up around her shoulders, he couldn’t tell if she had her pajamas on yet. Hoping she didn’t, he clicked off the light and dropped his damp towel on the floor.

Sliding into bed, he moved close to Marka. Putting an arm around her he drew her close, pleased to find that she was naked.

“What took you so long?” She asked, snuggling against him.

His penis surged and throbbed, pressing against her buttocks. Marka laughed huskily, wiggling against him. Frank moaned quietly and pulled her hips tightly against his. His fingers slid between her legs. She gasped as he pressed upward.

“Oh, God!” She whispered.

“You don’t usually do that this early,” he said with a laugh. “I must have hit a good spot.”

Marka moaned as he moved his hand, testing her most sensitive areas. A gush of moisture told him he’d found the sweet spot. He concentrated on that for a few minutes until she shuddered, gasping. Suddenly, he found himself on his back. Marka loomed over him, poised like a predator.

He groped for a condom, hurrying to tear it open and roll it down before she impaled herself. While she waited, Marka kissed and licked every available portion of his body. His hands trembled so much he could hardly get the condom on. She finished the process for him before driving his erection into her. Riding him hard, she gasped and moaned.

Frank could hardly concentrate. Nothing they’d done so far felt this good. He had the fleeting notion that he wouldn’t last if she kept up this pace. Marka lost momentum after about 20 minutes of riding him like a Kentucky Derby stallion. They changed positions and Frank slowed things.

Dissatisfied with the new speed, Marka lunged against him, grasping his hips. She clamped down with her pelvic muscles, creating a hot, moist, sensual vice grip on him.

Groaning loudly, he sped up, taking her hard and deep. Marka clutched his hips, rising to meet him as he plunged into her over and over.

They came together in a hot, sweaty, blinding rush of passion. Orgasms shook their bodies, making them weak. Aftershocks rippled from their joined hips making them laugh and gasp feebly.

Frank flopped on his side, no longer able to hold himself up. Afraid his full body weight would be too much for Marka, he simply toppled over. She rolled over on her side, arching her back in a luxurious stretch.

“There’s no way it was that good,” she said with a giggle.

“Did we up our rating?” He asked with a satisfied smirk.

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Bad Fall – Part 70

Bad FallFrank’s mad skills find facts that not only tie Jeff to the office break-in, they link Jeff and Ralph Penwarren. The scheming bastards have been siphoning off money from Mable and other residents of Sheltering Oaks who had no family to watch over their interests.

 “I suppose it sits in trust for their children,” Marka replied. “I don’t know. But it had to be a real lure for Penwarren and Jeff. The unattainable golden apple, so to speak. With the money still in trust, they might get their hands on it. But with Frank here and Rachel holding Mabel’s power of attorney, that hope faded.”

“How much money we talking?” Shay asked.

Everyone stared at Frank. He glanced around nervously.

“What?” He shoved his hands in his pockets.

“How much?” Shay repeated.

“No clue. Seriously.”

Shay pointed at the computer. Frank dutifully worked his magic and the account opened. The five of them stared at the zeros. They seemed to go on forever.

“There’s like a billion dollars there,” Brad said, his voice cracking on billion as if he were a teenager again.

Frank stared at the screen, his mouth hanging open. It was slightly over a billion dollars. All he could think of was “That’s my money. That’s my fucking money!” He’d certainly never have to work again if he accepted it. He couldn’t believe his father and uncle turned it down.

“Frank?” Marka touched his arm. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” He gulped, blinking hard. He was too stunned to say anything more.

“What I want to know is why Ralph wanted that ring,” Marka said.

That required another explanation. Marka gave it that time. Frank was still too much in shock over the bank account.

“You’re sure that’s what he was after?” Cherry asked.

“Had to be. That’s the only thing of worth that Mabel had lying around. She’s got more jewelry,” Frank finally answered. “But he can’t get at that unless she’s dead. Even so, the bank box would be frozen and held until the estate was settled.”

“It’s just a ring,” Brad said.

“Worth more money than most of us will see in a lifetime,” Cherry reminded him. “It cost Tom over half a million dollars in 1938. Can you even imagine how much it would be worth now?”

“No, not a clue,” he replied.

“Like I said, more money than you’d see in a lifetime.”

“So, we know what Ralph and Jeff were after. I guess the trashing of the office was mere pique?” Marka said.

“Very likely,” Shay replied. “There was no real reason for it except he was pissed at Frank.”

“That reminds me,” Frank said. “I need to schedule that random drug screening. I’ll include myself and back date it so it doesn’t look as suspicious.”

He sat back down at the computer and accessed his work files. He had everything he didn’t want messed with saved in a Carbonite account. His password was the longest they allowed. A few minutes later, looking satisfied with himself, he exited the program.

“That will give us something to compare to the urine in my office.”

“Excellent. Now, you two need to go get some dinner and go back to your apartments.”

“I’m not leaving Marka on her own,” Frank stated. “We haven’t solved all this yet and she’s got a known tie to me.”

“Which is why we’re beefing up security in and around the facility. I’m just as glad you aren’t home,” Shay commented. “Easier to keep an eye on you here.”

“I like my privacy,” Frank said with a sigh. “It’s nice and secluded. I could see trouble coming. . . .”

“Speaking of which,” Marka said. “What did Phil and Clark find out?”

Shay shook his head. The gesture could have meant anything, but Frank took it to mean that he didn’t intend to talk in front of Cherry and Brad. Nodding almost imperceptibly, he agreed. He had no idea the clearance of the two young agents and he didn’t intend to find out they weren’t in the right pay grade by saying something out of turn.

“I suggest eating in the cafeteria or dining room,” Shay said. “Then head to a room—any room. I’d prefer Frank’s. His location is more defensible.”

“You’d make the lady move?” Frank said with a sarcastic smirk. “Nice.”

“I gave the lady a choice.”

“I’ve got a lot more crap to move, Frank. Sorry, Colonel. I know it would be better. . . .”

“Not enough to trouble over,” he replied. “We’ll manage. But I’d like you in a centralized location together. Can we manage that?”

“Everyone knows we’re together. Might as well make it official,”Marka said. “Feel like being roommates?”

Frank snuggled close, nose tickling her ear. “Mates, for sure,” he replied.

Marka giggled, not just because it tickled, but because she could feel his excitement as he held her close. His fingers brushed the outer aspect of her breast, making her shiver.

“I’m gonna run out of clothing,” Frank said absently.

“Take your stuff to the cleaner’s,” Shay remarked unsympathetically.

“Did the guy who trashed my place mess up my suits?”

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Fair Warning: Next installment, part 71 is going to be hot. Don’t read this one at work, folks! 

Bad Fall – Part 69

Bad FallFrank and Marka are at the small blue house on the corner of the Sheltering Oaks property. They have managed to tie Jeff to the office break-in. They have also figured out who destroyed Frank’s car–The Prom Date from Hell who drugged Frank on prom night and forced him to have sex with her. Shay still wants Marka to regress Frank to see what he can remember. She refuses. Since they have no idea how this was accomplished, the process could kill him.

“Oh, this keeps getting better! What do we do?”

“See if he remembers on his own.”

“I don’t have time for that, Doctor. . . .”

“I found something!” Frank called from the living room. “Whoot!”

Marka and Shay ran in from the kitchen. Frank stood by the computers, doing a sexy happy dance. When Marka joined him, he spun her around before lowering her into a deep dip. Running his fingers down her chest, he whispered huskily.

“Tell me how good I am.”

“How good are you?” Cherry asked instead.

It was just as well she spoke. Marka was struck dumb by his actions. He raised her slowly, dark eyes glittering in the light of the screens.

So, good,” he replied, his voice dropping an octave as it caressed the words.

Marka shivered delightedly, her body tingling where it touched his. Their moment was broken by Shay’s loud voice.

“What did you find, kid?”

Frank blinked slowly, his attention drawn quickly from Marka and back to his work. Only something significant would have taken him away.

“Better than tying him to the office, his motive.” He sat at the computer, inviting them all to sit and gather around. “If I hadn’t been so distracted by this other shit, I would’ve seen it before.”

He tapped a few keys and a ledger came up. On another screen, another set of ledger pages appeared. The Sheltering Oaks logo graced the upper right corner. On a third screen, he opened another page. This was a bank statement. On a split screen, another statement came up. No one said anything as a fourth screen warmed to life and a third bank statement opened. On this one, there were a lot of numbers in red.

“What are we looking at?”

Frank leaned back, hands clasped behind his head. “We’ve had several long time residents meet with financial problems. People who have no family to watch after their finances. They didn’t have any surrogates either. They were mentally competent, handled their own affairs. However. . . .”

He tapped a few more commands. A split screen display came up. Jeff’s name was clearly visible.

“At some point before I started working here, Jeff got them to sign a power of attorney for him.”

“Isn’t that illegal?” Marka asked.

“Not exactly, but it’s shady. Of course, they’d have no reason to suspect him of malfeasance. But you can see by their bank statements that they should have.” He shook his head sadly. “Taking advantage of the elderly. I’d like to shoot him myself.”

“He slowly bled them dry,” Marka said after looking over the files.

“So, why suddenly escalate? Why all this vandalism?”

“When I took over as assistant, I took over doing the books. The other guy was incompetent—or at least I thought so. Based on this, I’d say Jeff was making him look bad to use him as a fall guy. Or maybe he figured out what Jeff was doing.”

“Why not report him?” Cherry asked.

“Jeff’s pretty well connected around here. It would take more than suspicions to get him arrested.”

Marka clicked an advance arrow and it switched to another file. She kept clicking until she came to Penwarren, Mabel. The columns weren’t red, but there was a decidedly downward trend which ended abruptly.

“He was doing the same to Mabel. But once Rachel took over, that stopped. He no longer had access to her lucrative account.”

He closed out some of the windows and did another search. This time, they saw Ralph Penwarren’s bank accounts. Each of the losses in Mabel’s account coincided with deposits in his. Exactly half of what was taken from Mabel. Jeff’s bank accounts came up next and the same trend was obvious there.

“They were working together to rob Mabel? Why would Ralph rob his own mother?” Marka asked.

“She’s not really his mother, remember? There’s bound to be some resentment for the woman who took his mother’s place, tried to rein him in, and supplanted him by having another son. His father was a cold fish, but you can bet he was proud of that boy. Everyone thought Frankie was his, remember?”

Shay and the others stared at him in confusion. Frank explained very briefly about his connection to the Frank Penwarren and Thomas Cortland.

“Did Jeff know any of this?” Shay asked.

“No idea. Not the kind of thing Mabel was likely to talk to him about. Based on his ramblings at the hospital, Ralph must have.”

“So, Jeff and Ralph were in cahoots,” Shay said calmly. “Why trash your office? Why involve you at all?”

“The Cortland fortune,” Marka said. “The Majority of the money is in trust for Tom’s heirs. Frank died long ago, so the money was set in trust for his sons. They declined it, so it would then go to Frank and Jennifer and their cousins.”

“And if they decline?” Shay asked.

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