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Bad Fall – Part 59

Bad FallFrank and Marka finally made it! HOORAY! His life is falling apart in other ways, but his relationship with Marka is going well.

Frank wanted to laugh at the release. He felt free for the first time in years.

“Oh, God! I feel so unbelievably good!” He flopped on his back, laughing with relief.

Marka rolled over, folding her arms on his chest. “That was amazing! I feel like I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.”

Frank chuckled, brushing his fingers up and down her spine. “I know what you mean. Damn!”

“Every first time should be like that.”

“We have only one first time,” he said quietly. “I want every time from now on to feel like that. You set me free.”

“By giving you sex?” She sounded skeptical.

“No. I mean, that and everything else. I haven’t been really, truly happy, in so long, I can’t remember. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt like this. You make me forget everything but you. I concentrate on you and the pain goes away.”

Marka smiled, followed by a loud yawn.

“Sorry to bore you, Dr. Ventimiglia,” he teased.

“It’s three o’clock. We were busy nearly two hours.”

“Cool.” He inhaled deeply. His brow wrinkled. “Ugh, now I do need a shower.”

“Me too. Just a quick one, then I need some sleep.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He got up and gave her a hand. He pulled her close, kissing her. “You’re amazing. Damn.”


“I must be more tired than I thought. I have a beautiful, naked woman next to me and all I can think of is getting a shower and going to sleep.”

“I’ll set the alarm early.”

“Sounds like a great idea.”

“We can’t go as long, though. I can’t get up at five o’clock just for sex.”

“Why not?” He seemed genuinely surprised.

She wanted to smack him until she saw the twinkle in his eyes. “Smart ass!”

She set the alarm and they got a quick shower.

Once that was accomplished, they cuddled up in the bed and fell almost immediately asleep. Frank slept deeply and well with Marka in his arms.
The alarm rang and Marka turned it off. Frank yawned and stretched, smiling at her. They each made a quick run to the bathroom and met back in the bed. Marka laughed when she saw that Frank had already put on the condom.

“I was a Boy Scout,” he replied as he rolled over to face her. “Always be prepared.”

“Good motto.”

Their love making was faster, but as spirited, as the night before. Afterward, they got a quick shower and dressed.

Marka sang as she did her hair and makeup. She had a beautiful voice that made Frank feel good just hearing it. By some random chance, she picked songs he loved. Back in his younger days, he’d been a real metal head. Now, he found that music disturbing for reasons he couldn’t place. Instead, he listened to a lot of 70s and 80s rock as well as current softer tunes. Her song choices were like listening to his iPod.

When she started singing Kandi by One Eskimo, he joined her, taking over the lead. Swinging her into his arms, he danced with her to the soft, plaintive tune. When the song was over, he dipped her, bringing her up slowly. They kissed lingeringly, with longing, both wanting to go back to bed. Instead, they went to breakfast.

The gossiping was worse that morning. Much as Frank anticipated, they were the talk of the town. Nurses from night shift, whom they’d seen at the nurses’ station, came over and huddled around them. Some sat, the others stood around with their arms crossed, staring at Frank. The women ranged in age from his contemporaries to women older than his mother. Suddenly paranoid, he flinched as one of them leaned forward to speak.

“Oh, stop that,” she said, smacking playfully at his arm. “We’ve got a few questions for the good doctor. Just pretend we’re not here.” She and the others directed their attention to Marka.

Marka glanced at them all furtively. “Okay. What do you want to know?”
Janine, the woman who’d spoken first, had made herself spokeswoman by virtue of the fact she was old enough to be their mother and then some. She leaned closer to Marka.

“We want to know how it was,” she said in a matter of fact tone.

“How what was?” Marka wasn’t trying to evade, she really didn’t know what Janine was talking about.


© Dellani Oakes

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It’s a Blog Thing!

Robin Cain photorobin cainI was asked recently, to participate in The Writing Process World Blog Tour by author Robin Cain. Among other things, Robin posts interviews with other authors and offers advice. Whether you’re experienced or brand new, there’s advice to be had! Thank you, Robin, for thinking of me!






And Now About Me!

What am I working on?lone wolf cover scanned 500 x 750

I write a variety of books and usually have at least 3 projects in the air at any one time. Recently, however, I’ve been busy editing The Maker, the third book in my Lone Wolf sci-fi series. I’m also working on a project that I hope to self-publish soon. More on that another time!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I write in several different genres—well, sub-genres of Romance. I have an historical romance, Indian Summer, a contemporary romantic suspense, The Ninja Tattoo, a retro-romantic suspense, Under the Western Sky and two sci-fi (futuristic) romance novels Lone Wolf and Shakazhan.

Under the Western Sky by Dellani Oakes - 200My work differs from many other romance authors in that I don’t write to a formula. I let the characters take the lead and follow them. Readers won’t find the tired old pattern of the couple fighting until the end of the book. My characters work together to overcome an outside problem that brings them closer together. They find out they are stronger as a unit, not two separate entities.

Why do I write what I do?

I’m not sure. The genre chose me, not the other way around. I started writing Indian Summer and the pieces for a romance fell into place. From there, I made the transition to contemporary romance, but I wanted more conflict, so the move to romantic suspense seemed a good one. The venture into sci-fi reflects my lifelong love of the genre. The romantic elements made it more fun

How does my writing process work?The Ninja Tattoo by Dellani Oakes - 200

I’m not sure that well oiled chaos is a writing process, but it seems to work okay for me. I get an idea for a story, usually with a first line and a name. It nags at me until I get it written out. If I don’t, it’s gone pretty much for good. I follow the voice of my muse until she clams up, then I switch to something else. I go back and forth until I finally finish something.



My guest bloggers will be:

kristen duvallKristen Duvall

Who am I? I often tell people that I’m a writer of tales both real and make believe. Born and raised in the Midwest, I currently live in Southern California with my boyfriend, a Great Dane, and a rescued calico kitty. I’ve been writing and sharing my work online for several years now, and I’ve decided to take the plunge into publishing my work for the world to read. I dabble in horror, science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction. I enjoy both Adult and Young Adult fiction and love to write strong female characters.

Sherrie HansenSherrie Hansen

Twenty-three years ago, Sherrie Hansen rescued a dilapidated Victorian house in northern Iowa from the bulldozer’s grips and turned it into a bed and breakfast and tea house, the Blue Belle Inn. Sherrie grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota and has lived in Bar Harbor, Maine, Colorado Springs, CO, and Augsburg, Germany. She attended Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. After 12 years of writing romance novels late at night when she couldn’t sleep (mostly because she was so keyed up from working 12 hour days at the B&B), she met and married her real-life hero, Mark Decker, a pastor. Sherrie lives in 2 different houses, 85 miles apart, and writes on the run whenever she has a spare minute. With her Wildflowers of Scotland novels, “Wild Rose” and “Blue Belle”, she has seven books in print. Sherrie enjoys playing the piano with the worship team at church, needlepointing, photography, decorating historic homes, traveling, and going on weekly adventures with her nieces and nephew.

tc millerT.C. Miller

T. C. Miller’s twenty-four year Air Force career gave him the opportunity to live from coast-to-coast. It was during his assignment at Mather Air Force Base, California that he formulated the basic plot for his debut novel, BlackJack Bomber.
He is also an accomplished martial artist, and has studied Hakkoryu Jujitsu, since 1976. He operated Kiyoshi Dojo, his school, for over twenty five years.
T.C. started writing as a pre-teen, and has authored newspaper and magazine articles, lesson plans, and advertising copy. BlackStar Bay, the sequel to BlackJack Bomber, is scheduled for release in May, 2014.
He is the founder of Coffee With the Author, a twice-weekly book-signing at Shawnee Mall, Shawnee, OK that does not charge local authors to access mall patrons and sell their books. He was also instrumental in helping The Bean and Berry coffee shop establish The Book Nook within their store to sell books about Oklahoma, and by Oklahoma authors.

Bad Fall – Part 58

Bad Fall**CAUTION – HEAT INDEX HIGH May not be suitable for readers 17 and under.**

Shay and the others are gone. Frank gathers some belongings and heads to Marka’s room with her. Will Marka and Frank finally consummate their relationship? Having been interrupted more than once, they’re feeling frustrated. 

Frank stopped what he was doing, examining her closely. His hand dropped between her legs.

Marka lunged upward, biting her lip as his hand caressed her inside. Gasping, she relaxed a moment, then shivered around his hand once more.

“Yeah. . . .”

His breath was hot and sensuous on her skin. She shivered.


“No. . . .” The last was a gasp as his mouth dropped lower, feasting on her breasts.

Marka moved against him urgently, wanting him to enter her. He played longer, kissing and licking her all over. She tried to pull him on top of her, begging him with her actions to take the next step. Her body tingled from his ministrations. She wanted more, wanted it all, and he wasn’t doing it. Finally annoyed, she smacked his ass.

“What?” He looked down at her, grinning.

“Get on with it!”

“You don’t like this?” He nibbled her ear.

“Yes, you know I do!” she gasped.

“Then what’s wrong?”

She glared at him. “Like you don’t know.”

“This is the first time in months I’ve had sex. It’s our first time together. I

want to enjoy it.”

“I do too!” She tugged at him once more. “I’m ready—more than ready. . . .”

He laughed again, kissing her. Marka shoved hard against his shoulders, pushing him onto his back. Pinning him to the bed, she straddled his hips, lowering herself over him as she let gravity take over. Both of them gasped as he filled her. Laughing throatily, she lunged against him. He paid attention to her breasts as she rode him.

Marka felt the orgasms building the moment he was inside her. By sheer willpower, she contained it until she couldn’t stand it anymore. Unable to keep up the pace, she slowed.

Taking that as his cue, Frank repositioned them on the bed so he was on top. He knew she was almost there and he knew he could hardly control himself much longer. Driving hard and fast, he brought them to climax.

Marka’s gasps and sighs rose in pitch as she neared her peak. The sounds excited him further, making him work even harder to thrill her. She couldn’t decode the sensations filling her. Her entire body felt electrified as he thrust into her again. With a shuddering sigh, the orgasms that had been building, released. Marka shivered, gasping his name as they came together.

© Dellani Oakes

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I Call Him Brady – a New Release by K.S. Thomas

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I Call Him Brady
A New Contemporary Romance by K.S. Thomas
Born the only son to one of Hollywood’s most prominent power couples, Jack Cole’s life is damn near perfect. With women lining up to be with him, movie parts most seasoned actors would die for and the freedom to live above the rules, Jack’s life is going completely according to plan.

Until Embers…

Embers doesn’t have time to waste on any more dirt-bags. Too busy trying to take care of herself and her daughter to take any more chances on romance, she’s limiting her love life to daydreaming about one hot and sexy, Jack Cole.

Except her surefire way to keep her heart safe goes completely awry when her dream guy and her reality suddenly collide.

A master of recreating the human emotions he’s never allowed himself to feel, Jack must now deal with the consequences of offering his heart to someone who may be too scared to keep it.


Holy Shit. That’s freaking Jack Cole! What do I do? Nothing. I do nothing. Shit. Am I blushing? Don’t blush. Do NOT blush. What am I talking about?! Forget blushing! Don’t faint! I could already feel the telltale signs of a full blown anxiety attack announcing themselves via the heart pounding out of my chest like a sledgehammer and the cold numbness setting in around my ankles.
My first instinct was to shut my eyes and take several deep breaths, but then I realized how insane I’d look and squashed that plan immediately. Instead, I focused all of my attention on the silver metal doors ahead. Still slightly maniacal, but then Mr. Cole seemed too wrapped up in his own problems to take notice of mine.
With my eyes steadily staring straight ahead, my ears were free to drop in on his conversation with unconscionable ease. My frantic heart froze the moment my brain registered what my wandering ears had heard. Jack Cole had dropped his model of the month girlfriend. He was single! I had to remind myself that in all reality, this information – however exciting it seemed – actually would have no bearing on me or my relationship status.
In the midst of forcefully hiding all of my Jack Cole madness, I had forgotten one minor detail. The tiny person to my left, who at any given moment could glance up and recognize the man of my every fantasy and sell me out faster than a girl scout peddling cookies to a pothead.
My daughter was no evil genius, but she was five with no inhibitions and a knack for listening in on my grown up conversations. She wouldn’t think twice before blurting out his name and asking him to marry me. In fact, I’d once had a daydream just like that, only in my warped and lonely mind, he had found her so adorable he had said yes on the spot. To be fair, my daughter didn’t hear ‘no’ from people often, something I hoped would work in my favor one day, but I digress.
I carefully lowered my gaze from the safety of the elevator doors to take a peek at Jessa. Much to my relief she was far too involved in chatting with Mermella the mermaid to pay attention to anything else.
Just as my eyes re-centered themselves on the shiny metal ahead, the door slid open revealing a large group of people eager to board the elevator. This was my floor. I had two choices. Either stay on and ride the elevator aimlessly in hopes of basking in Jack Cole’s presence a moment longer like a stalker, or get off.
Before my head had a chance to decide, my body took over, moving on autopilot and taking me onward as I had originally programmed it to do when I first boarded the moving metal box.
I said a silent goodbye to my once in a lifetime opportunity with each painful step I took. It wasn’t until I had safely removed myself from what had been loaded with potential for the most humiliating scene of my life, that I finally turned around to look at Jack full on.
I was still mesmerized by the sight of him when I watched as one of the new passengers opened his mouth, about to talk to Jack.
“Hey, aren’t you Ja-” the words never fully formed before I interrupted him.
“Brady, are you coming?”
Unaware that he was being spoken to, Jack maintained his iron clad focus on the screen of his cell phone, while I began to panic. What the hell was I doing? This was insane. Not only that, but if I wanted to avoid looking like a complete ass at this point, I would have no choice but to fully commit and hope it didn’t end with me being hauled off in cuffs by airport security.
“Brady!” I repeated, this time more sternly.
At last he looked up. Still not entirely sure what was going on, his eyes darted back and forth between myself and the strangers beside him.
“Come on, this is us.” I was looking directly at him. Jack was about to say something when I gestured for him to follow me, now with a slightly annoyed expression to go with it. I watched as he took one more look at the guy who had been about to chat him up and then quickly fell into step behind me just in time to avoid the elevator doors closing in on him.
“Thanks. I really appreciate that.” He was looking around like a nervous animal trying to figure out his next move.
Enter to win a signed paperback of I Call Him Brady HERE  
About the Author
K.S. Thomas
Dog Lover who likes her pastries full of cream and sugar…oh…and I write some 😉
Aside from being an author, I am also a mom to a beautiful little girl. I tell everyone I named her after my great-grandmother (because that’s the mature answer), but really, I named her after my favorite princess – just so happens I got lucky and they had the same name…If I wasn’t a writer, I would work on a horse ranch – I’m an animal lover (in addition to dogs, horses are at the top of my list). I wear flip-flops pretty much everywhere I go. I would rather stay awake until 5 am than get up at 5 am (years of bar tending have left their mark), if I can, I’m going to the beach AND I will always be nice to people who bring me chocolate…or coffee…if you bring me both, I’ll probably love you forever.
A gypsy at heart, I write the way I live, following the story wherever it may lead, always ready to start the next one. This is clearly reflected in my body of work which to date includes everything from Children’s Lit to Thrillers.I happily reside in sunny Florida (for now) and can be contacted via my blog, my website or the following social media sites ~




JK Accinni Announces Free Anthology

Winner of Book Junkie’s Choice Awards 2013 for Best New Series Fiction

Winner of Book Junkie’s Choice Awards 2013 for Best SciFi

Winner of Awesome Trilogy/Series of The Year 2013

jkaccinni banner

Voted #1 on 14 Goodreads lists!!

#1 – Just Plain Awesome Books, #1 – Books That Are Worth Your Time, #1- Fantasy and SciFi to Read Before You Die, #1 – Books I stayed Up All Night Reading, #1 – Awsome Action, #1 – Science Fiction, Fantasy Books For Summer Reading, #1 – Books You’ll Never Put Away, #1- Best Fantasy and Sci fi books, #1-Great Books Not Nearly Enough People Read, #1-Indie Authors To Watch

#1- Page Turners, #1- Indie Writers Unite, #1- Books I Own , #1-What I Want To Read This Summer, #1- Eye Catching Titles

Warning*** This series honestly reflects the brutality of our world. If you are a sensitive reader, this is NOT for you.*** Contains violence.***

This series is a work of fiction and as such, controversial points of view may be written to enhance the readers experience. The author’s goal has been to make the reader think critically and the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the author. The author would like, however, to help readers realize what detrimental effects we have created for our wildlife.

A gripping psychological thriller on the inherent greed and evil of man, dooming the planet.

Two hundred years of  tender love between man and alien, political downfalls, wanton violence of unspeakable order tempered with laughter, family loyalty and hope is the thrilling vehicle by which Ms. Accinni conveys her cautionary tale of the merciless disrespect man gives his planet and the vulnerable creatures entrusted to him.

“Baby” introduces Netty, a naive teenage farm girl given in marriage to an older brutal opportunist disguised as a successful citizen during the years of Prohibition in Sussex County, New Jersey. After years of enslavement, Netty flees into the night from her rapist and bootlegger husband, traveling back to the farm worked by her parents, where she rescues an unfamiliar damaged creature she finds in a cave in the woods of her childhood, falling in love with the enigmatic alien she names Baby. Together they find happiness and fulfillment despite the changes to Netty’s body wrought by the proximity of the unusual creature.

Damaged by entry into our atmosphere while pregnant, the confused creature forgets the purpose of his mission, appearing unconcerned with the disappearance of his offspring and savoring the unexpected joy of the love he shares with young Netty.

When a handsome Italian stranger comes into Netty’s life, complications ensue as she falls in love while trying to hide the bizarre and wondrous changes to her farm and her body. Netty, Baby and Wil strive to conquer obstacles thrown in their path by life, succeeding wildly until the heart-rending and astonishingly brutal climax to their story.

This charming, yet brutal story is the prologue to a series that will chill and surprise you as it foretells the selfishly destructive path man has followed since his species evolved. It pulls no punches while allowing Netty and Baby’s influence to transcend mortal life as the world dances toward depraved indifference, introducing other characters along the ride that readers will laugh,shed tears with and learn to despise.

What lengths will Baby and his offspring go to complete their mission? Will it spell Armageddon for the beleaguered planet with its vulnerable and exploited creatures or will man tip the scales himself, leaving those that love the creatures to salvage the pitiful ruins?

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JK AccinniTo get in touch with JK Accinni:

Bad Fall – Part 57

Bad FallShay and the others finally leave. Frank is full of battling emotions. He’s not only discovered that he’s a father, but that someone very well placed, is after him and he doesn’t understand why. The only bright spot in all this chaos, is Marka.

Frank threw clothing into a bag, grabbed his shaving kit and other items he’d need in the morning, and accompanied her to her room. It was nearly 1:00 in the morning. They were only a couple hours into the night shift, so the nursing staff was highly visible.

A clutch of nurses and aids were standing at the nurses’ station by the sitting room between Marka’s building and his. They saw Frank with a suit and overnight bag. All talk ceased as the staff watched them walk past. As soon as they got to Marka’s door, the talk started up again. Frank smiled, waving at them as he waited for Marka to unlock the door.

“We’re going to have an audience,” he said when the door was shut. “They’ll patrol the hall and lurk in shadows to see if they can hear us.”

“Do they really not have anything else to do?”

“They’ve got plenty to do. But that won’t stop them.” He yawned, putting his hand over his mouth. “Sorry. I didn’t realize how tired I was.”

“You need a shower or anything?”

“I don’t know. Do I?” He sniffed his armpit while Marka laughed. “I can’t tell. Do I stink?” He took a step toward her.

He didn’t stink, he smelled fantastic. Marka’s lips tingled at the memory of his kisses. Her nipples fought the confines of her bra as the tingling dropped lower. She leaned forward, meeting his mouth with hers.

Their embrace was awkward because he still held his suit and shaving kit. There was a hook on the back of the door. Clumsily, he hung up his suit, dropping the shaving kit on the floor. The suit swung precariously on the hook as he took her in his arms.

Their kiss lasted a long time. Frank finally broke away long enough to take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. Marka followed. He undressed as he walked and was down to his boxers by the time he got to the bedroom. Her clothing followed, though he was more careful with her things.

“I thought you were tired,” Marka whispered.

“I’m exhausted. But I’m also horny. . . .” His mouth on hers stopped conversation. His firm body pressed against hers made his desire obvious.
Their other almost sessions had stoked his passion, making it very nearly unbearable. If he didn’t get release soon, he knew he’d be miserable. A silent mantra ran through his mind as he kissed and fondled Marka. Please, let it be now! Please, please, please!

“Condom,” she mumbled against his lips.

He dashed to the foyer, retrieved the shaving kit, extracted a condom and had it open in record time. Marka laughed through the entire proceeding. She sobered enough to help him with it. He enjoyed the touch of her hands on him as she rolled it down. That accomplished, he kissed her deeply, his hands fondling all the soft parts.

“You’re sure?” He murmured, kissing her neck.

“Do I seem ready?” © Dellani Oakes


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Bad Fall – Part 56

Bad FallDuring the visit from Colonel Shay, they view a video showing the woman who trashed Frank’s car. He recognizes her as the woman he calls the Prom Date from Hell. What he didn’t know was that during their time together, she got pregnant and had his son. Shay and the others contend that they don’t believe that the vandalizing of his office and home are related.

“That makes them all the more fun to play with,” Frank mused, pulling on his lip. “So. . . .”

“What’s the plan?” Marka asked calmly, gazing at each of the men in turn.

“I’d like to find out why Britt was trashing my car. Get that out of the way, I can concentrate on the rest,” Frank said quietly. “I’d like to know what makes her go nuts on me now. I’d love to put the bitch in jail, but she’s got a kid—my kid. You’re sure he’s mine?” He appealed to Clark.

The older man nodded, hands deep in his pockets.

“Do I want to know how you know?”

“Not really. Suffice to say you’re due a few Father’s Day cards.”

“How does that make you feel, Frank?” Marka asked, touching his arm gently.

“Don’t know. How should it make me feel?”

“Confused. Angry. Sad?” she suggested.

He shrugged. “Numb. That’s all. I can’t think about this right now. I need. . . I need to find her, find out. . . .” He headed for the door.

Shay’s voice stopped him. “Frank. It’s nearly midnight. You can’t go hammering on that girl’s door in the middle of the night.”

Frank sat heavily on the floor, his legs giving out on him completely. His strength and energy were gone. Overwhelmed by foreign emotions, he sat with his head on his hands, trying not to cry.

“Why is this happening? What did I do?” He sighed heavily, shaking his head. “Aside from killing people. . . .”

“You were in a war, Frank,” Marka said.

“I still killed them. I have their blood on my hands.”

“A soldier follows orders,” Shay began.

“That only goes so far, Arnold. I can try to sooth my conscience with that platitude all I want. The fact is, I broke God’s law. Were it not wartime, I’d be a mass murderer.”

No one pointed out the obvious. If it hadn’t been a war, Frank wouldn’t have killed anyone.

“Damn near every soldier is,” Shay replied, lips pinched. “We don’t like it, but that’s the nature of what we do. We’re trained to kill.”

“And some of us are better at it than others. That’s where this is heading, right?”

“You’re one of the best,” Shay replied rather harshly.

“Is it okay if I don’t take that as a compliment?”

“Statement of fact. You’re damn good at what you do. . . .”

Did. I was good at killing. And I’m not proud of it. Now, I’m good at this.”

“Son, you’ve been good at anything you ever turned your hand to.”

“Save the fatherly tone, Colonel. I’m not your son. . . .”

“I’d be mighty proud to have a son like you.” Shay paused, exhaling slowly. “I think we’d better be going.”

The men filed past Frank. Clark was last, he stopped to help Frank stand.

“We’ll figure this out,” he said. It was the kindest thing he’d said and he sounded like he meant it. “Dr. Ventimiglia, despite all this. . . . Well, it’s been a pleasure meeting you, ma’am. I apologize.” He took her hand, bringing it to his lips.

“Tomorrow will be better, ” Marka said. “We’ll be seeing you, I take it?”

The men nodded.

“We’ll keep it on the down low,” Phil said with a sly wink.

Marka saw them out. The room seemed empty and quiet without them. Frank stood in the middle of the room, unmoving. He hardly blinked and his breathing was shallow. Marka did a quick assessment. Deciding he was fine, just preoccupied, she took his hand and led him to the couch. Instead of sitting down, he took her in his arms, kissing her deeply. After many minutes, he sighed.

“God, I want you! And I’m suddenly so tired, I can hardly keep my eyes open.”

“Then you need to go to bed.”

“I don’t want to. I want to make love to you all night. I want to dive into you repeatedly until you scream my name, I want to. . . .”

“Shh,” Marka whispered. “I know. I want that too.”

“I was hoping. . . .”

“I know. It hasn’t been the right time yet. It will be. I need to go. . . .”

“Stay with me. Even if we don’t make love, just stay.”

“Frank. . . .”

“Please. I feel like I’m falling into this endless pit. The only light I see at the top is your smile. I can’t do this without you.”

He looked and sounded so desperate, she relented.

“I do need to get some things.”

“I’ve got a better idea. I’ll bring some things and we’ll go to your place.”

“You’re sure? You don’t care what people think?”

“Baby, they all ready think we’re fooling around. If bothers you. . . .”

“No. What bothers me is they think we’re having a lot more fun than we’re actually having.”

He laughed softly. “Yeah, well. . . .”

“Soon,” she promised, touching his cheek. “Get your stuff.”

© Dellani Oakes

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Sea of Destiny – Part 22 by Dellani Oakes

Sea of Destiny – Part 22 by Dellani Oakes.

Kyle feels foolish after Carmelita teases him about being a lustful male. He endures a lot of ribbing from her, but it’s a bit much on his male ego at the moment. Fortunately, Emily understands and isn’t deterred by his behavior.

Bad Fall – Part 55

Bad FallShay, Clark and Phillip come to visit. Clark shows them a video of the car being vandalized. Frank sees the woman who trashed his car and has a flash of recognition.

“Oh, my God,” he gasped. “It can’t be! Why would she trash my car now? Shit!”

He nearly dropped the computer. Clark grabbed it before it fell. Frank paced, running his hand through his hair. He mumbled a few moments.

“Make her a brunette, take fifteen years off. . . . But why now? That’s what I can’t figure.”

“Who is she?” Marka pressed, halting him mid-pace. “Talk to me, Frank. Who is that woman?”

“You remember. The one I told you about? Prom Date from Hell? That’s her!”

“Really?” Marka studied the picture. “That’s what you were into? Cheap blondes?”

“She was a brunette naturally,” he said quietly. “And she was hot as hell!”

“Not bad looking now,” Phil interjected.

Clark glared at him. “How would she know where you work?”

“It’s a small town. We grew up here. She left shortly after graduation, but I guess she came back. By that time, I would’ve been in college. Haven’t seen her since.”

“What’d she do to you, Frank?” Shay asked.

Frank’s eyes widened. It had been hard enough telling Marka that story. Could he tell these men too? The fear when it happened, the residual effects that put him in the hospital. The concern he had that he’d never again be a normal man, be able to perform, father a child. . . . It had taken years to put that behind him. Suddenly, here it was again.

“You don’t have to talk about it,” Marka said, putting a calming hand on his arm. “They can read about it in your dossier.”

Clark cleared his throat. They looked at him.

“Some of them already have,” Marka replied, pursing her lips. “Do you know everything about us?”

“Just about. Don’t know your favorite movie, book or song,” he told Marka in all seriousness.

“Because I don’t have one. But I bet you know what kind of music I like and my idea of the perfect date?”

Clark chuckled, the first sign of a sense of humor they’d seen. “Long walk on the beach, drinks at sunset, making love under the stars. . . ..” he teased.

Marka laughed, shoving him. “Maybe when I was fifteen!”

“I can be relied on not to tell. Arnold, I don’t think there’s any need for Frank to go into this. The question is, as he says, why now?”

“Could she want something from you? Money, maybe? But why?” Phil asked.

Clark cleared his throat, holding up a finger. “I think I can answer that one.”He stared at the floor, thinking before he spoke. “You’re right about her leaving town after she graduated,” he said to Frank. “Did you ever suspect why?”

“Not really. Lots of people do. Hell, I did myself.”

“She left to go live with her aunt in Cleveland. She was pregnant—with your child, Frank.”

“What?” He yelled far louder than he intended. Fortunately, most of the rooms around them were empty. “What are you talking about?”

“That little debacle she put you through. . . . She got pregnant. She gave birth to your son January 25 the following year. She moved back here last year to live with her parents after she lost her job. She’s been working at a car rental place at the airport for the last few months.”

“I’ve got a son?” His knees buckled. Fortunately, he was near the TV and fell back into it. “I’ve got a son. . . .” He rubbed his face with his hands, trying to force reality to sink in. “This is unbelievable. So, why’s she suddenly trashing my car? If I’d known about him, I could have helped. I would have stepped up. God, this adds a whole new level to dead beat dads, huh? So, is he okay? Did she keep him?”

Clark nodded. “He goes to the high school. Smart kid. Doesn’t favor you much, except the eyes.”

“I suppose you’ve got a whole dossier on the two of them,” Frank said with certainty.

Clark didn’t deny or confirm anything.

“So, we may not know what her problem is, but at least we know the car isn’t related to this other stuff,” Marka said calmly, taking Frank’s hand.

“The idea of an angry stalker isn’t too comforting, but at least we know about her,” Frank mused. “But figuring out her motive isn’t really as important as this other stuff.”

“What if there are three different story lines,” Marka said, nibbling her lower lip.

The men looked skeptical.

“Look.” She ticked off the points on her fingers. “We have Psycho-Barbie doing a Carrie Underwood. You know that’s what she planned,” she said as an aside. “Only the sirens stopped her. Second, we have a trashed office and house with a dead guy at the bottom of the ravine. Last, we have Ralph and the Tiffany ring. Yes, they might be related, but something other than Penwarren brought this to us.

“We don’t know that the house and office are connected. They could be separate incidents as well,” Clark postulated.

“That’s not comforting,” Frank said bitterly. “That means there’s one more psycho out to get me.”

“Make no mistake, the people who broke into your house aren’t psycho,” Phil said.

© Dellani Oakes

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Bad Fall – Part 54

Bad FallMore surprises await Frank once Shay arrives. Not only has he found out that he’s Mable’s great-grandson, he also discovers that Shay’s team has had him under surveillance. Not only that, their cameras recorded the vandalizing of his car. Not Ralph Penwarren or some unnamed, faceless “spook”, but a tall, attractive, very angry blonde.

“And you know this why?”

“I’ve been watching you,” Clark replied defiantly. “I’m head of the surveillance team.”

“And you didn’t catch the guy at my house?”

“Our job was to watch you, not your house. My team and I have been keeping an eye on you for the last three years.”

“How did I not know that?”

“We’re very good, Frank. We blend,” Phil said with a smirk.

“Right. . . .”

“If I told you who my people are, you’d be stunned. I’m the silent, unknown watcher who sits outside in all kinds of weather. Rain or shine, snow, sleet or fog. . . .” Clark continued.

Frank laughed, shaking his head. “You’d be noticed.”

“True, so mostly I sit in the blue house on the edge of the property and watch from there.”

“Wait a second. What?” His laughter increased. “I had this flash of that little, modular home chock full of super spy equipment.”

Clark didn’t laugh, neither did the others. Frank sobered, suspecting he’d hit the truth.

“Why move now?” He asked quietly.

“Because you were starting to remember bits and pieces. And you’ve done some research. Why do you think your passwords still work? Not cause we’re careless,” Phil said in a smug tone.

“I’ll be going now,” Marka said from the foyer.

Frank leaped across the room, taking her gently by the arms. “Please stay. I’m so sorry. I overreacted. That’s the problem with doing what we do.” He gestured to include the other men. “You get so paranoid, you see conspiracy everywhere. I believe you. Can you forgive me?” He took her hands, gazing deeply into her eyes.

“Can you trust me, Frank?”

“Yes. Completely.”

“Because I have to know you’ll trust me, or I can’t help you.”

“I don’t just want your help,” he whispered. “Surely you know that?”

“If you don’t trust me—completely—just like you say, this can’t go any further.”

Frank sighed, nodding. Forgetting that they had an audience, he took her face in his hands, kissing her compellingly.

“I trust you, Marka. And I’m wild about you. That’s all I’ve got. . . .”

“That’s enough.”

Their kiss lasted longer this time. A soft clearing of the throat caused them to break apart. Frank to turn around. Shay stood by the chair.

“One or two more things, Frank. First, we’re continuing our surveillance. If nothing else, we can keep an eye on you both. Second, the woman.”

“What woman?” Marka asked.

“The blonde who trashed his car,” Phil replied.

“What are you talking about? I thought that was Ralph?” she appealed to Frank for clarification.

“Clark saw some woman trash it,” he explained, shrugging.

“Know any stunning, tall, blonde women about your age who hold a grudge?”

“Not really. I mean, I know some attractive blonde women about my age, but not any that hold a particular grudge. I’m a pretty nice guy. I don’t go out of my way to piss people off.”

“No disgruntled employees? Ex-lovers? Old girlfriends?” Clark continued.

“My ex-lovers were rarely violent,” Frank said. “Amicable breakups. Maybe a little disappointed. . . .” He shrugged, grinning when Marka poked him.

“Being honest. I aim to please.”

“Otherwise we don’t get laid,” Phil, who was only a little older than he, intoned, offering his knuckles.

“Damn Skippy.” Frank tapped knuckles with the Major.

Shay and Clark, both of whom wore wedding bands, looked at the antics of the younger men with amused smiles.

“I did get a couple pictures,” Clark said in a more sober voice. “Can I borrow your laptop?”

“Sure. Knock yourself out.” Frank gestured toward the computer which was on the floor beside Shay.

Shay handed the computer to Clark. The Major whipped out a flashdrive and plugged it in after the computer booted. The shots he showed Frank were of a woman about 5’9″ dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt who was swinging a hammer at his headlights. Her blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail. Some pictures were from a distance, the others were up close with a very sophisticated telephoto lens.

“You couldn’t go out and stop the bitch?” He complained. “Shit, Clark! That’s my ride, man.”

“There was a lot going on, Frank. You noticed the date/ time stamp. It was around the time all hell was breaking loose inside. She heard the ambulance coming and took off.”

“Does she look familiar?” Shay asked.

Frank squinted at a closeup, frowning as he concentrated. There was something familiar about her features. He couldn’t place it. Suddenly,

recognition dawned. © Dellani Oakes


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