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Bad Fall – Part 50

Bad Fall

Heat Warning – Steamy. Scene may not be appropriate for readers under 17.

Marka decides to take Frank home. She senses he’s increasingly uncomfortable around his parents. They will push for answers where she won’t. Once they get back to Sheltering Oaks, he opens up a little more. They try to make sense of the incidents – especially the break-in at his house. That was the main thing concerning Colonel Shay.

“What are they after?”

“I really can’t discuss this. If Shay wants you to know, he’ll tell you.”

“You know what I think?”

“That I’m dead sexy?” His eyes softened, the worry lines disappearing.

She smacked him playfully. “Besides that. I don’t think that the car and the office thing are related. I mean, you’ve tossed some guy’s office, why trash his car? Isn’t it more important to go search his home? And they didn’t come up to your room.”

“Maybe they didn’t know I was there.”

“If someone is well enough connected to gain access here after hours, how would they not be able to find that out? I think Ralph did your car.”

“He was in the hospital.”

“He could have done it the night before. We didn’t leave again after dinner. We were inside the whole time. He could have snuck out, done that and gone back in.”

“We still don’t know who he met or why.” Frank frowned, pinching his lower lip with his index finger and thumb.

“Maybe he encountered someone snooping around. That stairway leads to his room, but yours isn’t far away. Someone not fully familiar with the layout could mix up his hallway for yours,” Marka speculated.

“So, you don’t think Ralph was after Mabel’s ring?”

“No, I fully believe the fat bastard wanted her ring. I did a quick search earlier today. A ring like that, new, from Tiffany’s, is $710,000! Can you imagine how much more that’s worth now that it’s over seventy years old and one of its kind? A substantial fortune.”

“How could you fence a stone like that?”

“You take it to a very good gem cutter and have it cut into smaller stones. I bet if we checked with Jerry’s father, he could tell us more.”

“Could be right. Wow, some uncle, huh?” Frank sighed.

“He’s no kin to you. He’s your great-grandmother’s stepson. There’s no tie unless you want it.” Her tone was nearly as sharp as his mother’s.

“Good point.”

“Do you think that the dead man trashed your office and searched your house? Or do you think the office was Ralph?”

He brushed her hair from her face with the tips of his fingers. Leaning forward, he kissed her.

“I guess it doesn’t matter,” she mumbled against his lips. “It doesn’t have to be related. . . .”

“Marka,” he whispered. “Shh. . . .”

“We need to figure. . . .”

“It’ll keep,” he whispered huskily.

“But. . . .”



“Shut up and kiss me.”

Kissing Frank was the easiest thing she’d ever done. His mouth covered hers, his lips warm and soft. His cologne blended with cigarette smoke, beer and desire, making her dizzy. Strong arms held her close as he made love to her with his mouth. Weak, trembling, Marka sighed as his hands removed her jacket and slid under the edge of her blouse.

Frank inhaled slowly, savoring her scent as his hands moved to her breast. Encased in satin and lace, the nipple stood out, waiting for him. His thumb brushed it gently. It firmed under his touch. He unbuttoned her blouse slowly, fumbling slightly with the small, slick buttons.

Marka swatted his clumsy hand aside, laughing as she took over. “It isn’t that hard,” she mumbled against his lips.

“Yes it is. See?” He took her hand, massaging his groin.

Not only was it hard, Marka discovered, it pulsed under her fingers, inviting her to partake of all he had to offer. She gasped with delight. Frank chuckled, redoubling his efforts to get her blouse off.

Marka undid the last button and placed his fingers on her left breast. Moaning in chorus, they moved closer, kissing passionately.

“Is this really gonna happen?” Frank asked, his voice a low growl.

“It better,” Marka countered. “Oh, God!”

His hot lips moved to her throat, nipping and kissing. His tongue joined the fun, licking the indentation beneath her ear as his fingers fumbled against the bra catch.

“Do I have to do everything for you?” She giggled, undoing the hook for him.

“Cut me some slack, it’s been awhile. And women’s clothing has always been confusing.”

“Please tell me you don’t have that much trouble with everything, or I’m gonna regret this.”

“I promise, I’ve got the moves where it counts.”

Frank slipped off the bra, following the downward movement with his lips.

“Remember those multiple orgasms you promised?”

“Mm hmm. . . . Unlimited supply. All you have to do is ask.”

 “I’m asking,” she whispered.

“Cool. . . .”

© Dellani Oakes