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Bad Fall – Part 33

Bad FallFrank knows it’s too soon for Marka to go to bed with him, but he can’t help wanting it to happen — soon. Over dinner, he tells her about the death of his best friend, his sister’s husband. Marka counters with a story of her own.

He nodded, conceding her point.

“The guy I told you about. . . .”

“The jerk who dumped you for some dumb, redneck bitch.”

“How did you even get that idea? I never told you.”

“Only a dumb redneck bitch would do something like that. What I can’t figure, is why a man who had you would want anyone else.”

Marka looked like she was going to cry. Instead, she forced a smile, thanking him. “She was. I guess he was pretty much trash too. But I was young and thought I was in love. So, a few months later, I met this other guy. Rock star wanna be.”

He rolled his eyes, rocking back on the couch. “Oh, I know where this is going.”

“I agreed to be the manager of the band. I was smart, a good talker, excellent organizer—I said yes.”

“Let me guess, they skyrocketed to fame and he dumped you?”

“You’re half right. He dumped me for a groupie. I don’t think they’ll ever be really famous, but they’re pretty popular in Florida.”

“My turn again?” He nodded, answering his own question. “When I was in school, there was this girl. . . .”

“Isn’t there always?”

He made a rude noise. “Yeah, well. . . . This one was different. She was a senior and I was a sophomore. She asked me to prom.”

“Wow, does that actually happen?”

“Not often, but I guess I caught her eye. I was a jock, like I said. Filled out by that time, looked pretty good. You know how lots of kids spend the time after prom.”

“Getting laid.” She nodded. “Yeah, lots of babies are born nine months after.”

“Every guy hopes he’ll get lucky. Every girl’s deciding if she’s gonna give it up. So, I was hoping like the rest.”

“Especially since she was older.”

“And experienced. Only we get to the hotel and I find out this chick’s way kinky. She was wacko. Wanted it rough. Keep in mind, homeboy never done nothin’ before. I was ready to give up and go home, but she drugged me. Gave me something like a Viagra cocktail. Did me for hours on end. I finally crashed. She had the decency to call 911, then ran away.”

“How horrible!”

“Of course, no one believed me when I said I’d been assaulted. Rape is something that happens to girls.”

“Evil bitch.”

“Yeah. I lived like a monk for over a year. Finally, got drunk at a party and a very sweet, soft and alluring girl convinced me to take her to bed. Much better experience.”

“That was nice of her.”

“I thought so.”

“That’s not the one that broke your heart.”

“No. Neither of them.” His lips snapped shut and he looked ready to run. “Your turn.”

“Are you ever going to tell me about her?”

His eyes flooded with tears. “Maybe. But it’s the kind of thing I have to build up to. Tequila would help.” He tried to laugh, but it was a raw, painful sound.

“My first guy, he really tried to make it nice. We’d dated awhile and I finally decided to give it up.”

“Prom night?”

She laughed, nodding. “Exactly. I was a junior, he was a senior. . . . I liked to fool myself into thinking I was his first too, but I know I wasn’t. It was okay. He lacked imagination and he was a lot more interested in his needs than he was mine.”

“Lots of guys are. Selfish pricks.”

“Exactly. The rock star was much better. Had my first orgasm with him at the wheel.”

“Prom king didn’t give you orgasms?”


“Damn. I guarantee, that won’t be a problem. Unlimited supply, all you have to do is ask.”

She giggled, tossing her hair over her shoulder. “Thank you. I’ll be sure to let you know when I’m ready for delivery.”

“Did you ever pick a good guy?”

“Almost. I came very close. Unfortunately, I dragged my feet long enough, he wasn’t interested.”

“That bites. I like to hope no one ever thought that about me.”

“I can’t imagine anyone thinking you were a loser. You’ve got so much going for you. Great body, good looking, intelligent, capable, impeccable fashion sense. . . . How did you get so good at that? You always look like you walked off the page of a magazine.”

“In this?”

His feet were still bare. His jeans were frayed at the bottom, faded in all the right places. His T-shirt showed off his physique to perfection. His brown hair was tousled, his long black lashes gave him a sleepy look.

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